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Basically, Lu Qiyuan just liked the type of people who were like little white rabbits.

Timid little innocent lilies who especially needed to rely on him.

Lu Qiyuan stared at Jiang Yujies youthful and fresh look.

Looking at that youthful and beautiful face every day put him in a good mood, as if he too became a little younger.

It made the stress he felt from work a little less difficult to endure.

Lu Qiyuans heart skipped a beat as he asked, “Why havent you left The company has already started the leave period from today, right”

Jiang Yujie gave a gentle smile and blushed as she said, “I looked at your schedule yesterday and knew that you will be working overtime at the office today.

As your assistant, how can I be on leave So I came over.”

“Theres nothing much left.

Lets go.” Lu Qiyuan stood up.

Jiang Yujie asked, “Youre planning to leave as well”


Today is Chinese New Years Eve, I cant keep staying in the office.” Lu Qiyuan smiled and said, “Wheres your house Ill send you back.”

Jiang Yujie was flattered by the sudden offer and quickly waved him off.

“How can I trouble you for this I can just take the train back home.”

“Its fine, I dont have anything on anyway.” Lu Qiyuan lifted his wrist to check the time.

He was wearing a renowned luxury brand watch on his wrist, and it was a limited edition one.

Even at his age, Lu Qiyuan still maintained his looks quite well.

On top of donning exquisite brands from head to toe, he still had some of his charm in him.

His act of lifting his hand brought with it the charm of a mature man, and it could very likely captivate some young girls.

Jiang Yujie left the office together with Lu Qiyuan and hesitated before saying, “Its New Years Eve today.

You have to go back home early too, right”

“Its fine.

I can just go back before the reunion dinner starts.” At the mention of home, Lu Qiyuans voice sounded very tired.

Jiang Yujie fell silent.

She did not feel it was appropriate to talk about it further.

After entering the lift, Lu Qiyuan sighed.

“Its out of responsibility.

Otherwise, I really dont want to go back to that home.

After going back, we will just keep quarreling.

Its a festive New Year, but I would rather spend it alone.”

After Lu Qiyuan said that, he smiled awkwardly and said, “My apologies, I told you all these unhappy things.

Do you usually live with your parents I saw your profile before, so I remember your family lives in B City.”

“They are in B City, but for greater convenience in getting to work, I rented an apartment near the company, so I only go back home during the holidays,” Jiang Yujie said.

“This can save quite a lot of time.

Then should I send you back to your parents house” Lu Qiyuan said.

“Dont reject me, I definitely have to send you back.

You didnt need to work overtime today, yet you specifically came to keep me company.

I have to be responsible for you too.”

Lu Qiyuans words were so ambiguous that it made Jiang Yujie blush.

“Then I will have to trouble you to send me back to my rented apartment first.

I bought some New Year goodies to bring back home.

Because I came to work today, I left my things at home for now.

I was intending to come back first.”


Lu Qiyuan sent Jiang Yujie to her rented apartment.

Of course, Jiang Yujie would not feel good making Lu Qiyuan wait for her downstairs, so she invited him to go upstairs together with her.

Jiang Yujies apartment was not big.

It was a small, one-room apartment, which was very suitable for her living alone.

“I didnt co-rent with anyone because I feel like this would reduce a lot of trouble, though the rent is pricier.

But the cost is still within my acceptable range,” Jiang Yujie explained.

“My parents wanted to pay the rent for me at first, but I didnt agree to it.

I am already so big, I can manage on my own.

I dont want to live off my parents even at this age.”

Lu Qiyuan did not hide his admiration for her, which fixed intensely on Jiang Yujie.

“I didnt understand you enough in the past.

Girls like you are really quite rare nowadays.”


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