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Chapter 1712: Caught in the Act

They just came for a meal and did not drink.

As it was quite late, they could only eat until they were 70% full, lest they got indigestion at night.

This meal was mainly focused on Shi Xiaoya, to ask her some questions and get to know her a little more.

After dinner, they all left directly.

Without Old Mrs.

Han saying so, it was definitely for Han Zhuoling to send Shi Xiaoya home.

The whole family came out from the room and were about to reach the entrance to the hotel when Shi Xiaoya received a call from Shi Nancang.

“Are you guys done eating dinner”

“We just finished and are preparing to go home,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Thats great.

Im preparing to leave as well, so I can drive you home,” Shi Nancang said.

“You… you finished eating so fast” Shi Xiaoya asked in surprise.


The bunch of us didnt really drink, we just sat around and chatted for a while.

Its not anything big, so we decided to go home earlier,” Shi Nancang said.

“Im already at the door, I think—”

Shi Nancang suddenly fell silent.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Great, she saw Shi Nancang too.

Shi Nancang was utterly dumbstruck at this moment.

Why did he seem to have seen Shi Xiaoya walking together with Han Zhuoling

Isnt that person near Han Zhuoling, Han Zhuoli

The one beside Han Zhuoli should be Lu Man, right

The people walking behind them must be Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei, right

As for the remaining four people, although Shi Nancang had never seen them before, judging from their ages, they should be the two elder Hans.

This guess made Shi Nancang almost stagger backwards.

Luckily, he steadied himself and did not make a fool of himself in front of others.

As for Shen Nuo and Lin Liye, he had not seen them before, but he had some guesses about who they were.

No, that was not the main point now.

The main point was, didnt Shi Xiaoya say that she was eating with friends just now

Why was she together with the Han Family

She was friends with the Han Family

It was also his fault for not asking properly.

Hearing Shi Xiaoya say that, hed just assumed that she was eating with her colleagues from her work studio.

“Big Brother.” Shi Xiaoya smiled guiltily and smiled even sweeter.

“Old Mr.

Han, Old Mrs.

Han,” Shi Nancang greeted the two elderly people politely.

Shi Xiaoya quickly introduced him to them and introduced Shi Nancang to Lin Liye and Shen Nuo.

Afterward, Shi Nancang greeted them all one by one.

How tiring for him.

“You came to fetch Xiaoya” Old Mrs.

Han asked.

She felt it a pity in her heart.

Han Zhuoling could have just sent Shi Xiaoya home.

“Yeah.” Shi Nancang smiled and explained, “I happened to be eating with friends here as well, so Ill send her home on the way.”


Her big brother was here already.

What could they say

Han Zhuoling did not reveal any expression on his face and still looked so stern and proper.

“Young Master Ling.” Shi Nancang smiled and said, “I didnt know you and Xiaoya knew each other.”

Han Zhuoling recalled the words hed said to Shi Nancang previously and said, “We just know each other.”

Shi Nancang had a nagging feeling that something was off, but seeing Han Zhuolings “no matter if its a man or a woman, just go far far away” face, he really could not bring himself to pin this suspicion on Han Zhuoling.

“Old Mr.

Han, Old Mrs.

Han, Auntie, Young Master Ling, Young Master Han, Lu Man, Young Master Feng, Ill take my leave first,” Shi Xiaoya bade goodbye to them one by one.

After saying goodbye to all of them, Shi Xiaoya followed Shi Nancang into the car.

Shi Nancang drank, but not a lot, though he still called his chauffeur to come and fetch him.

Once theyd driven out of the main entrance to Sheng Yue, Shi Nancang asked, “Didnt you say you were eating with friends Why were you with the Han Family members”

“Today at the National Film Academy, there was a friendly exchange competition between the exchange team from New York and the four schools here, including the NFA.

I went to help Lu Man do her makeup,” Shi Xiaoya explained.

“Shes my friend, and she saved a ticket for me to let me watch the performance.

We didnt have time to eat because of work earlier on, so after the performance ended, she invited me to come along with them for dinner.”

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