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Chapter 1690: Dont You Feel Embarrassed Enough

Shana pursed her lips.

Even she could not help but be angry.

Previously, when Lu Man and that bunch were on stage, the judges had had so much to say.

The emcee even had so many things to ask.

All of them let Lu Mans team stay on the stage for so long.

But when it came to them, each of the judges only said a few lines, and they were asked to leave.

As if they had nothing else to say.

The others had thought all along that Shana had been decently polite to Lu Man.

Although she was not friendly or passionate, she did not behave like Howard.

Actually, this was how it appeared because Howard served as the comparison.

Without Howard as a comparison, Shanas attitude had not been so obvious.

One would eventually realize that her attitude was not that polite, after all.

That kind of aloofness was more like a belittlement.

It was actually even more arrogant than Howards boastfulness.

As they performed badly, they got unanimous criticism from the judges.

Everyone was in a bad mood and returned to the dressing room with sullen faces.

The moment they went in, everyone else exploded.

“The performance this time was so bad.

I never expected that we would flop because of Shana and Howard.”

“We already expected that Howard would not be in a good condition.

After all, something like that happened to him right before the competition, so we were all prepared.

But Shana, youre really such a disappointment!”

“I just dont understand.

Howard, if you dislike Lu Man, use your skill to thrash her.

In the end, youre all talk and nothing else.

You provoked her but ended up with nothing to show at all, and you even looked so scared.

When you really go up on stage, youre nothing at all.”

Howard had been pent up with enough anger and frustration, yet now, he was still being mocked and blamed by everyone else.

“Enough, you guys! As if Im the only one to blame for losing the competition!” Howard shouted angrily.

“Why dont you guys think about how you guys are not that good at all If you guys were of high caliber, you wont need to push the blame on me and Shana alone.

Even if both of us have times when we were out of it, wouldnt it be fine if you guys could prop us up But you guys couldnt do it! And you still have the cheek to talk about me!”

“As if before the competition, you guys never looked down on Lu Man and the others.

Now that you lost the competition, you guys act as if you never said those words before, as if I said all of them Didnt you guys say any of those things” Howard retorted angrily.

Shana, who had been silent all along, said in a somber voice, “I had indeed performed badly this time.

Im sorry.”

Shanas attitude was much better than Howards.

The others did not cling on to her faults and refuse to let go as they said, “Everyone makes mistakes.

Anyway, youre not the only one at fault this time around.”

“So you mean its all my fault” Howard got angry the moment he heard that.

“Enough!” Luzern rushed backstage and said.

“I heard you guys arguing when I was outside just now.

When you came here, you were all complacent and did not respect anyone.

Now that you lost, you start quarreling here, as if other people cannot hear you guys.

Dont you feel embarrassed enough”

Luzerns face fell as he walked in.

“What did I tell you guys before the competition started No matter how weak the opponent is, you have to give your all.

Dont think that just because you have no rivals on par with you, you can underestimate your opponents.

Look what happened now Not only is your opponent not weak, they are actually very strong.

And you guys, you lost so disgracefully.

From your pride to your guts, its a complete disgrace!”

Luzern took a deep breath and exhaled heavily.

Seeing that they finally became silent, he then said, “Alright.

Things have already happened.

At this point, its quite certain that you guys lost the competition.

The only thing we can do now is to present ourselves well.

Dont lose your manners on top of losing the competition.”

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