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Chapter 1574: Boyfriend

She then sent the message.

Afterward, Shi Xiaoya scrutinized it.

She didnt feel anything was wrong when she typed it just now.

But looking at it again, she felt the words were somewhat ambiguous.

Like Han Zhuoling had spent the night in her home.

And like when he woke, hed left his tie in her house.

Someone who didnt know the truth would probably assume this if they saw the text.

Shi Xiaoyas fingertips trembled, and Han Zhuoling replied not long after.


I took it off and forgot about it.”

Shi Xiaoya never expected Han Zhuoling to reply this quickly, just as she never expected him to add her as a friend.

Shi Xiaoya instantly answered, “Its fine.

Ill deliver it to your office on Monday, alright Or I can send it by post, thats fine too.”

Shi Xiaoya quickly added the last, worried that Han Zhuoling might be inconvenienced by her appearance at the Han Corporation.

Who could say what others would think when she, a woman, delivered Han Zhuoling his tie

Shi Xiaoya wasnt in a hurry to return it to him, feeling that Han Zhuoling didnt lack this one tie.

Otherwise, meeting him on a Saturday or Sunday would be weird.

Han Zhuoling saw Shi Xiaoyas answer and considered for a moment before typing, “Do you have work tomorrow”

Shi Xiaoya was in the midst of typing when a notification for a video call popped out.

The caller was Han Zhuoling.

He was video calling with WeChat.

Shocked, Shi Xiaoyas palpitating heart rose to her throat.

Though she had met him and spoke to him often…

It felt different now.

Video-calling him was strange and she was nervous.

As Shi Xiaoya was about to sleep, she had taken off her makeup and was bare-faced.

She dashed to the mirror and found herself acceptable.

Then she immediately became annoyed.

Wasnt it just Han Zhuoling video-calling

Did she have to be this worried

Worried that Han Zhuoling would think she looked ugly

What was there to be nervous about

Han Zhuolings not even her boyfriend.

Han Zhuoling probably couldnt tell the difference no matter what she looked like.

So what if shes ugly

But thinking of the word “boyfriend” made her blush.

Her phone was still ringing at the side, and Shi Xiaoya finally came back to her senses.

Afraid that the call would end if she didnt pick up after a long time, or that Han Zhuoling would hang up thinking she was reluctant to pick up…

Shi Xiaoya quickly answered, “Young Master Ling”

In the video, Han Zhuoling wore deep blue pajamas.

His hair was dried, and his fringe covered his forehead, hanging just above his brows.

It was completely different from how he usually fixed his hair.

The him now was more relaxed, looking younger than before.

But his good looks ensured that he could hold any hairstyles without looking unsightly.

He now appeared younger and more approachable.

But Shi Xiaoya didnt expect that he would be in his sleepwear and so relaxed.

Catching sight of this other, private sight of him made Shi Xiaoya slightly dazed, and she blushed unconsciously.

“What took you so long” Han Zhuoling frowned.

They were texting previously, meaning that her phone was in her hand.

He almost hung up when she hadnt answered after a long time, assuming that she didnt wish to talk.

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