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Chapter 1523: Request

There were so many students from the student council around.

Would no one else know about it

Other people knew.

They just did not say it!

But she had to come out and say it, huh!

Turning to glance at her made Dean He even more angry.

This female student was the Vice President of the student council.

He had an impression of her.

She was called Chen Jingying.

When he glanced at her again, he saw that this Chen Jingying was clearly trying to curry favor with Shana and Howard.

What good is there in sucking up to these two people

Do you think they will bring you to Hollywood to advance your career

Utterly brainless!

Did she not see how these exchange students all had their eyes above their heads and were completely looking down on the students at the National Film Academy

This was not the way to go, even in front of your idol.

Thankfully, the President of the student council was a clear-minded person and quickly pulled Chen Jingying behind.

The few students beside them tacitly understood and stepped forward, squeezing Chen Jingying to the back, not giving her a chance to “present” herself again.

Chen Jingyings face changed.

As the Vice President, she had naturally lost to the President during the voting.

She had always been especially upset over it, so she never stopped thinking about dragging down the President, Li Shiyu.

Now that this had happened, her first reaction was to think that Li Shiyu was discriminating against her and did not want her to have a chance to present herself on such an important occasion.

People who were already famous before entering the school, such as Lu Man and Zhang Xiaoying, would all not join the student council.

Thats because they did not want to be tied down by the work in the student council.

If they had the time, they might as well take on more jobs.

Only people like them who had not acted in productions before, or acted but did not leave a deep impression on the audiences and did not have many job opportunities, would seize the chance to join the student council to increase their competitive edge.

Some jobs, after all, would directly liaise with the school.

They would have to go through another layer of processes at the student council.

This would be a good chance for them.

Just like today.

The first to welcome the exchange students were also the students from the student council.

Chen Jingying did not really know what she was thinking either.

Anyway, she just saw that they looked very incredible, so she wanted to present herself a little more.

What if she could really gain some benefits from it

Hence, shed just said what she did out loud.

“What are you guys doing” At least Chen Jingying knew not to let the people from the exchange team hear her and knew to speak in a small voice.

But Dean He heard it.

He did not wait for Li Shiyu to explain and just turned around and said in a low voice, “You should go and look for your counselor first and help her out.”

Chen Jingying was stunned.

She reflexively asked, “What would our counselor need help with”

“You will know once you go.” Dean Hes expression turned colder as he gave her a warning look.

Chen Jingying could not take it lying down.

She did not want to miss this chance, but it was clear that Dean He did not want her to stay.

What did he mean, go to help the counselor That was just an excuse.

In the end, she could only leave reluctantly.

A mocking look flashed across Howards face.

Afraid that Dean He would just gloss over things, he quickly said, “Then lets just go to that acting practice class to take a look.”

Luzern was still putting on a front and said, “Its better not to disturb the students during class.”

“We will just stand at the side to watch, we wont disturb them,” the slightly fat young man in the car previously said.

“Leo is right.” Howard nodded.

“We will just watch from the side.”

Luzern then glanced apologetically at Dean He and said, “Im sorry, my students are too willful.

They actually made such a selfish request.

But they will just watch quietly from the side.

Furthermore, they already said when they came here that they wanted to experience how classes are conducted here, and how different it is from our school.

They want to learn from your acting classes here and study some different performing styles.”

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