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Chapter 1403: Good That Youre Going

“I reckon its cause Nan Yin has a good relationship with Han Zhuoli so they were able to interview him.

Han Zhuoli also gave Nan Jingheng face by alighting for the interview after knowing its Nan Yin.

See how Han Zhuoli actually let someone else drive his car back to the garage If the reporters were others, Han Zhuoli wouldve ignored them for sure.”

“Haha, see, flamers Open your precious eyes and have a good look.

Han Zhuoli has spoken.”

“Just his words alone can be trusted There are so many who lie to cover up scandals nowadays; you all believe his words the moment he opens his mouth.

How naive can you all be”

“Some people just cant bear to see couples having a good relationship.

They insist on thinking the worst in every situation.

Such a mentality is disgusting and dark.

People live their own lives and you all are worrying for nothing.”

Though many still refused to admit the truth, maintaining their horrible thoughts despite the lack of evidence…

The majority of the netizens chose to believe Han Zhuolis words.

“CEO Hans really passionate about public displays of affection now, eh”

“Bullying (the singles) is a crime!”

Han Zhuoli read the comments and finally felt better.

Tilting his head, he pointed at his lower lip as he looked at Lu Man.

“Do you want to come again Let the teeth marks remain longer”

Lu Man huffed and pinched the area with the markings.

“Youre getting addicted to having teeth marks, huh!”

“Of course, this is proof of our love,” Han Zhuoli said gleefully.

Lu Man pinched him again, refusing to bite one more time.

She felt more embarrassed the longer he bore those marks.


In the blink of an eye, Lu Mans summer holidays came to an end.

Just before school reopened, she handed up the documents needed as an exchange student.

Teacher Liang also heard of the principals arrangement.

Though she felt that it was a pity Lu Man still refused to go to New York for lessons, she was glad that Lu Man was participating in the exchange competition.

“Good that youre going, good.” Teacher Liang nodded in happiness; she had lowered her expectations by now.

The end-of-year examination results were supposed to be released on the day of the announcement.

But due to the ruckus created by the netizens, the results got released early.

With the results out, many had a gauge as to whether they could make it into the team of exchange students.

Today was the day of announcement, and the class had full attendance.

With a whole summer of not meeting each other, they were not like other universities where students were glad to see one another and reminisce.

In fact, probably because of their major, they were chatting about what jobs theyd received during the break.

Such as who took on more advertisements, who had more opportunities working at exhibition platforms, who received work as a model at a fashion magazine.

After a round of comparisons, the jobs as exhibition models or as concierge turned out to be the lowest on the food chain.

Since it was the first day of reunion after the summer break, comparisons became the trend in class discussions.

Only Lu Man, Zheng Yuan, and the other two talked about nothing job-related.

The three of them thanked Lu Man at the beginning.

She had recommended three advertisements for them to do, and though Lu Man could not interfere with the end results, she did give the three of them a big opportunity.

Otherwise, they would still be stuck at exhibitions, having zero chance of attending such interviews.

Fortunately, the three of them all made it.

It might seem like a fair competition, but they knew in their hearts that the companies were giving them the chance because of Lu Man.

Honestly, their competitors were on par with them.

Especially Pan Xue—she felt that she was rather weak as compared to the others.

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