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Ch25 - Werewolf

(Special Prop and White Coat)

Edited by Sliver Wind 

The people in the office rushed out immediately.

However, they were too late because they only caught a glimpse of a black figure flashing past.



There were only two people remaining outside.

Crewcut had almost collapsed to the ground in fright, while Twin Ponytails had her mouth covered.

The scream they heard just now was made by her. 

Blueberry frowned: “What happened”


“Just, just now… a werewolf leapt, leapt out and took Skinny away.”

“Let’s chase after it and take a look,” said Blueberry.

When her words fell, Crewcut was the first to express his opposition.


They were strangers who met by chance like patches of drifting duckweed; it was impossible for them to risk their lives for someone they barely knew.

This was a fact that was tacitly acknowledged by everyone in every other game, so why was this woman being so ignorant

Crewcut cursed in his heart: A woman was a woman; they shouldn’t be allowed to make big decisions.

But he did not make his sentiments obvious on his face and he said nicely: “We should ask the others for their opinion first, look…” He turned towards Shen Dongqing.


Curiosity coloured Shen Dongqing’s expression: “Werewolf What does it look like” 

He had never seen a werewolf before!

Crewcut described some characteristics of the werewolf.

It was nothing more than having thick fur all over their body and having facial features that were more wolf than man, and he purposefully exaggerated the sharply-pointed teeth and the incisive claws that they had.

Unexpectedly, not only was Shen Dongqing not afraid, he was exhilarated from the description: “Let’s go take a look.” 

Crewcut’s expression stiffened: “But the most important thing we should do now is find the key.”

It could be discerned that the werewolf was very powerful at first sight, so he was not willing to put himself in danger.

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Shen Dongqing did not give him another glance.

Clinging onto his fascination for the werewolf, he made a beeline for the place the werewolf had disappeared to.

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Crewcut gritted his teeth.

With no viable allies left, he had no choice but to follow.

He comforted himself silently in his heart: Either way, he would just run faster when that time arrived. 

The werewolf had disappeared at the end of the corridor with Skinny.

The group ran down the entire stretch, only to see that both sides of the corridors were all wards with doors made of iron and welded shut as a preventive measure against the possibility of the patients acting up.

But it gave the impression that this was not a hospital but a prison instead.

At the end of the corridor was a strip of black, and not even a single bit of light was illuminating it.

It was not a room that they saw when they opened the door.

Rather, it was a fake wall designed to trap something in, and there were lines upon lines of bloody graffiti. 

Blueberry took out a flashlight and shone it on the wall, softly reading out the words: “It is impossible to escape; the director is a devil; dead, dead, corpses, food…”

As her words fell, she felt an inexplicable aversion to the cold, and she shivered lightly.

Shen Dongqing knocked on the wall.

It was solid.

“Not here.” 

He looked back and scanned the wards in the corridor: “It’s hiding in one of the rooms.”

“Who knows what monsters are hidden inside,” Crewcut muttered.

Twin Ponytails pushed at the door but it did not budge: “They must have been locked to death inside.”

Shen Dongqing: “Move away.” 

After the others stepped aside, Shen Dongqing directly kicked down one of the doors.


The heaven and earth shook as noise reverberated through the entire corridor.

It was as if they had awoken all the slumbering creatures as a wave of howls and roars rang out from the wards.

It was like the monster could break through the door in the next moment. 

Crewcut couldn’t help but say: “You’re harming us!”

His words were drowned out by the roar, and no one heard him.


Thankfully, the terrifying roars only lasted for a short while before quiet was soon restored in the corridor.

Shen Dongqing stood still and went forward to look at the iron door.

A deep dent had appeared in the metal, and after pushing at it a little, it gave way with a creak. 

At first glance, Shen Dongqing saw Skinny who was shrinking in the corner.

Terror had distorted his expression, and there were scratches that seemed inflicted by dogs all over his face.


Then, there was a howl from a wolf and a dark shadow pounced towards the door.

Blueberry blurted out, “Be careful!” 

The wolf claws glinted with a sharp light and grabbed onto Shen Dongqing’s throat right away.

There was no need to press down hard, even if it was the lightest touch, it could easily break that delicate white neck in half.

The others could not bear it.

They closed their eyes.


As soon as Crewcut saw the dark shadow jump out, Crewcut had fled. 

Under the impulse of adrenaline, his running speed was a little faster compared to the werewolf and he was out of the corridor in a blink of an eye, and he returned to the safety of the first floor.

Crewcut let out a sigh of relief.

After tiding through the disaster, his first reaction was to gloat at the misfortune of others.

“What of their pretending and forcing They still died here in the end.”

He had some pity for those two females but after thinking about it, those two women had looked down on him, and it was better for them to die earlier. 

“A bunch of idiots, serves them right for giving away their lives,” Crewcut scolded as he walked towards the first floor of the hall.

Crewcut had a special prop that removed him from the copy directly which  was extremely hard to obtain, and it was not his original intention to use it.

However, now that he encountered a group of idiotic and coercive teammates, he had no choice but to use it to save himself.

There were conditions to meet before he could use the special prop, which was that it had to be used at the entrance of the sanatorium.

The BOSS on the first floor, Chainsaw Bro, had been resolved a long time ago so he did not take precautions against anything as he swaggered down the corridor. 

Before he could make his exit, Crewcut saw the silhouette of a ghost walking over.

His heart had tightened but once he realised that it was Sister Axe, it settled down again.

Because Sister Axe had been easily subdued prior to this and adding on the fact that she had helped them, Crewcut did not put her in his mind.

He walked past her without care, and even failed to notice the axe that Sister Axe was holding onto.


Sister Axe held onto her axe with both hands, and as she looked at Crewcut, a dark and compassionate smile appeared on her face.


The axe fell, and blood blossomed.

Crewcut fell to the ground while the special prop slipped out of his hand and rolled into a corner.


“Squeak squeak—” 

A mutated little mouse darted into the corner and held the special prop in its mouth before it dived into the darkness again.

Running down a long pipe, the mouse left the inpatient section and entered another building.

It jumped down from the exhaust vent and landed in a room that was completely snow-white.

It lowered the item in its mouth and scuttled back to its corner very cautiously.

There was a man in a white coat sitting on the chair.

Owing to the fact that he was a little too tall, there was nowhere to rest his long legs and he could only place them on the table as he crossed them together.

He picked up the special prop that the little mouse had brought and fiddled with it before he raised his eyes to look at the screens in front of him. 

There were a total of six screens in front of him, and all of them were showing images of the sanatorium.

One of them was displaying Shen Dongqing and his group.



Twin Ponytails couldn’t help but close her eyes.

But the scene she had imagined – of blood and flesh – did not occur.

Before the werewolf’s paw could land, it had already been caught by Shen Dongqing.

“Hello,” Shen Dongqing squished the furry paw and squinted his eyes happily.

He gripped onto the werewolf’s paw and shook it vigorously, “This is my first time meeting a werewolf, and it’s quite cute.” 

Blueberry and Twin Ponytails’ mouths were slightly agape.

Looking at the two-meter-tall werewolf and its fierce and malicious vertical pupils, its monstrous features stained with blood and the minced meat and blood stuck between its teeth, both of them fell silent.


That’s… cute


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