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‘He’s really like an herbivore [1].’


Ga-jun tapped his chin with his finger.

Then, a low voice came from his mouth.




Hyeon-woo doubted his ears for a moment.

Then, just in case, he looked around.

There was only the one teleporter who had fainted, and two guild members who were guarding the door from a distance.

Other than that, the only people in this space were Ga-Jun and the First-Generation missing person.


“It’s me.”


The First-Generation missing person revealed himself by saying this while glaring at Ga-jun.

‘Yes, cute fangs.

He wasn’t a threat at all.’




‘Amazing.’ Ga-jun looked down at the First-Generation missing person with an absurd expression.

‘What did this little thing say now’


“Do you like being weak”


The First-Generation missing person smiled softly and said, “I think at least you like it Let me know if you don’t.”


The First-Generation missing person rolled up his sleeves and clenched his fists.

Then there was the sound of pounding like a beating heart.

At the same time, Do Ga-jun felt a burning pain in his stomach.




Ga-jun coughed and collapsed on the spot.

‘What What just happened It was a pain that seemed as if it was going to crush my organs.’ He endured the pain and looked up to see the gentle face he thought was like a deer.

Hyeon-woo was smiling.


‘What is this bastard talking about’ Hyeon-woo felt the heat rising in his head as he looked at the person, who had casually threatened him a while ago.

‘It’s been a long time since I’ve been this angry.

In the Demon Realm, there was no one who would attack me.

So, it is a fresh experience fighting someone after a long time.’


‘Maybe I should repay the person who gave me this new experience’ Hyeon-woo thought as he clenched his fists and hit his stomach vigorously.

Still, the thought that murder was not allowed in the modern world remained, so he only beat him to the point of near death.

The man’s tall body was lower than that of Hyeon-woo, and he coughed.


Hyeon-woo asked while growling.


“Does it hurt It hurts, doesn’t it”


The man immediately moved without an answer.

He was falling like water, until his collapsed body immediately stood up straight.

The man moved a safe distance from the First-Generation missing person and sprayed poison.

He was a skilled person, although it didn’t seem like it.


“You can use poison, bastard”


“What are you talking about! Who used poison!”



The poison became stronger.

Unfortunately for the man, Hyeon-woo had a body that was resistant to a lot of poison.

In addition, at the beginning of his trip to the Demon Realm, he suffered from so much poison that he hated it.

Suddenly, his fists were filled with emotion.


Swing! His fists swung with a terrifying sound, but the man escaped it!


“Wow, are you avoiding this”


‘Normally, it is right to avoid a hit after seeing it.

But why did you avoid it in advance It is as if I have met a guy with a taste to get hit.’ Hyeon-woo clenched his fists, and cracked his neck left and right.


Then, as soon as Hyeon-woo swung his leg through the air, the force of the blow struck the man.

The man was knocked onto the wall, and the impact broke the wall with him.

But leaving him as he was, would be no fun.

Hyeon-woo revealed his teeth and laughed like a bloodthirsty animal.


The man pulled himself out of the wall through which he had broken through, revealing an alleyway behind it.

Then he saw the man running out into the street where the light was pouring out.

Hyeon-woo quickly followed behind in flight and grabbed his back.






It sounded unbelievable that that weak person was crushing people.




Ga-jun was affected by the poison, so even if Ga-jun tried to counterattack, it wouldn’t be easy.

There was already a big difference in skill between Hyeon-woo and the man.



Just then, a passerby screamed.

Hyeon-woo woke up from his frenzy by the sound, although late, and lifted his head.

Meanwhile the man twisted his body and escaped.

Then he quickly kicked off the wall of a nearby building and climbed up.

But if he could do it, Hyeon-woo could too.


Hyeon-woo quickly pulled himself up and floated in the air.


“Why are you running away”


“Fuck, what are you!”



The man spat out blood.


“What do you know about me”


“The First-Generation missing person.”


“That’s right.”


“But how tall are you The second and third generations are not that different!”


‘How do I know’ Hyeon-woo tilted his head and rolled his eyes.


“Well, that’s not something I decided.

Let’s beat you a little bit more, what do you say”


As soon as the words were uttered, the man jumped to the next building.

There was quite a bit of distance, but he was not hesitant to move quickly.

Hyeon-woo felt his heart beating as he ran after him.

He remembered the excitement he felt when he first visited the department store.

But this feeling was a bit different from that.

It was the intense emotions he felt while hunting in the Demon Realm.




Laughter erupted from his throat.

Hyeon-woo moved quickly to catch that man again.



The man kicked Hyeon-woo and spoke.




He immediately rolled over and avoided Hyeon-woo.

He tried to grab Hyeon-woo’s foot, but it didn’t work.

Hyeon-woo made a loud sound as he kicked him again.

Hyeon-woo raised his finger and tapped his forehead.


“What did you say earlier Should I rip your nails or scrape your eyes with a needle”


Hyeon-woo pulled off the man’s leather gloves and threw them.


“Did you say that you want your cornea removed”


‘It seems that he is not scared.

Do you know who your opponent is before saying things like that’ Hyeon-woo decided to give a small lesson to this foolish man.


“Damn it! If it’s that difficult, I can choose for you too.”


His raised eyes were still fierce.

‘Oh, I might lose it.

There was a person like this in the Demon Realm.

He broke his body while I was attacking him, and he tried to attack me even by crawling.

I was annoyed by that, so I beat him a little more, but he didn’t give in.

So, what did I do I ended up putting my hands on the man’s neck.’


‘That’s right, I was going to kill you.’


‘But no.’

Small lessons should be limited to being small lessons.

He must not forget that this was not the Demon Realm.

Hyeon-woo withdrew his hand with a sad expression.

Then he slapped the man on the forehead with his palm.

The man he was holding onto fell on his back, and his nose bled.

His already blood-stained face became even more messed up.


“You, what’s your name”


The man, the poisoner, strained his voice and asked.

He asked very quickly.

Hyeon-woo wondered if he should let it go like this but scratched his head and answered.




“Are all of the first-generation people as strong as you”




Strong or whatever, the first generation was only left with Hyeon-woo.

So, there was no one to measure his strength.


“Damn it, thank god.”


“Stop cursing.”


When Hyeon-woo raised his hand again, Do Ga-jun’s mouth closed.

‘What do I do with this’ There was a commotion on the ground it seems.

Two people flew over the building and had been running around wildly.


Hyeon-woo scratched his head and looked back at the poison-man.


“What are you going to do about this”




As Hyeon-woo pointed down, the poison-man wrinkled his face.


“Can you fix it”


Then, as he waved his fist, he nodded his head.

It wasn’t even an exercising distance, but it was refreshing to move after a while.

Hyeon-woo wiped the sweat that hadn’t come out and stretched himself comfortably.


“It’s been awhile since I’ve loosened up my body.”


After hearing those words, the poison-man who was lying on his background gritted his teeth.

Hyeon-woo, who approached him and sat down right in front of him, said with a smirk.


“Oh, by the way, are you going to keep this secret until you go to the grave”


“Where is that” [2]


“It’s here.



Hyeon-woo clenched his fist and shook it.

He slashed people up like a dog, but there was not a drop of blood on his hands.

That was even more creepy.


‘What the hell is this.’ Ga-jun sighed deeply.

He came to catch the First-Generation returnee, and he was beaten.

His body was trembling so much that it was hard to get up.


“My name is Do Ga-jun.



“Why should I”


Ga-jun swallowed the curses that came up his throat.

It was because he had just been swearing and had gotten one hit from him in return.

Even though that fist was small, it was still dangerous.

That’s right, the goal was shaky.


After sitting idly for a while, Ga-jun struggled to get up.

His legs were trembling so much that unless he put his hands on the ground, he could barely get up.

Ga-jun slowly stood up with a blood-stained face and trembling hands.

‘So, this is what it feels like to taste death.’


‘It looks like my organs are a bit damaged.’


He felt like he was going to vomit blood even if he was vigilant then.


‘I didn’t get hit like this when I was fighting Ji Seon-woo.’


Ga-jun felt like a dog.

Ga-jun, who was tidying up his clothes, suddenly felt Hyeon-woo’s gaze and said sarcastically.


“Why, want more”




Hyeon-woo answered briefly.


“I’ve already beaten you to the brink of death.

If you want more I’ll give it to you.”


The innocent-looking face felt frightening again.

He might seem gentle, but with those deer antlers, if a deer had the urge to kill someone, the whole ecosystem would be destroyed.


Ga-jun looked around.

Then he found the locked door to the roof and ripped it off.

He had climbed up the wall when he came up, but he didn’t have the energy to go down the same way.

As he was going down the stairs helplessly, Hyeon-woo was next to him.






“Do you have any money with you”




“Then give it to me.”


‘Now, you are ripping me off’ Without a word, he handed the wallet to Hyeon-woo who returned it to Ga-jun after taking one bill worth 10,000 won.


“This doesn’t make much difference though.”


Hyeon-woo spoke calmly after folding the 10,000 won bill and putting it in his pocket.


“Do you know the way”


“Isn’t it enough to know the guild name The Seon-Hyeon Guild is far from here.”


At those words, Hyeon-woo scratched the back of his head and stood back.


“Does it take a lot of time”


“It’s really far away.”


“Then take me there.”


“What if you don’t like it there”


At those words, Hyeon-woo raised his fist.

‘I don’t know why saying even the little things gets me so violent.’

Ga-jun was not someone who used violence everywhere.

“I get it.

I’ll take you.”


It was Ga-jun who raised his hand first in surrender.

However, it was only an outward appearance.

He had lost to Hyeon-woo a while ago, but this was only a one-on-one situation.


Translator’s note:

[1] Do Ga-jun compares Hyeon-woo to an herbivore, which means that he is harmless.

[2] The grave.

He says, “Where is that” Unconsciously.



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