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Seo Chan-young didn't seem to like Hyeon-woo and Hyeon-woo didn't feel the need to care about such a person, so he greeted him with only a nod.

At least he didn't say hello with his fist; that guy was fortunate enough.


“By the way, what is a guild”

‘Did he build something in my absence’


Seon-woo answered Hyeon-woo's question.

“It’s just a group of people.”


“But isn’t it great to be a Guild Leader”

At Hyeon-woo's words, Seon-woo smiled shyly.

Watching the situation in real-time, Chan-young flinched.




The Guild Leader had always had a cold aura wherever he went, and his speech had always been formal.

But now, he was smiling.


‘You never spoke to me that way!’


He wanted to ask Seon-woo why he didn't use his usual vocabulary when he saw this scene.

He had always spoken to anyone in his stern voice until he got to know them.

But to a person like his Hyung, he was naturally open with everything.


‘Wait, I know why.’


The story of how Seon-woo lost his older brother when he was 11, and how he struggled to establish a guild had been published in a documentary.

So, Chan-young knew the situation, but he was still not convinced.




‘But doesn’t he look really weak’

He must be a First-generation missing person but Chan-young didn't feel any power in him.


Remembering Hyeon-woo's position in the Seon-woo’s heart almost made Chan-young fall to the floor.

‘I wanted to be stronger, so I joined Seon-woo's guild and struggled to get up to this position.

But why are you standing next to him just because you are his older brother It's unfair.’


Chan-young frowned without realizing it.


“Is the car ready”


“Yes, I have it ready.” Chan-young replied to Seon-woo.


"Then let's go, Hyung."


Seon-woo tried to carry Hyeon-woo again.


"No, it's okay.

This time I want to walk.”


“But it would be hard for you to walk right now.”





‘It’s not hard at all.’ Next to Hyeon-woo, Kerberos was staring at Seon-woo as if he was talking nonsense.

Hyeon-woo lightly hit Kerberos’s head.

Then he rolled to the floor with a sound as if he was dying.


“Kaegaegae gaeng!”


‘It hurts severely.’

After rolling for a while, Hyeon-woo grabbed the neck of the drooping Kerberos.

He said, “It’s really okay.”


"Then let's walk slowly."



The two walked to the car while enjoying the warm breeze blowing at the beginning of summer.

The car was a large and luxurious car that he had never seen before.


“That’s my car.”


Seon-woo smiled shyly as he said that.


“That’s amazing!”





Hyeon-woo disappeared without doing anything, but Seon-woo had grown up so well.

For a moment, he was stunned by that fact.

‘I feel like all of this was my fault.

It must not have been easy to come this far, but how did you grow up so well I am really sorry.’




Seon-woo took the steering wheel, and Hyeon-woo got into the passenger seat next to him.


“Guild Leader, what about me!”


“Isn’t there something you can ride on”


“Yeah, but!”


“Go back on your own.”


So Seon-woo fiercely rejected Chan-young riding in the same car.





Chan-young, who was denied boarding, hurriedly got on his bike that had been placed in the corner.

He then started to follow Seon-woo's car, which had already departed and was far ahead.

Usually, Seon-woo was not kind to Chan-young.

‘Even though I knew about his relationship, strangely, my heart is tighter than usual.’ (Chan-young)


‘Oh, it’s a bike.’ (Hyeon-woo)

A distinctive black and sleek looking bike followed.

As Hyeon-woo was staring blankly at him, Seon-woo asked.


"Do you like it"


"Huh What"


"That bike."


‘You should like it.’ As he watched the bike, he remembered the dragon he used to ride in the Demon Realm.

Somehow, he missed it.

‘You'll be fine, my bike number one.’


‘Of course, there are bikes number 2 and 3 as well.’ Their bikes were fueled by the magic of the Demon Realm, and their fists were enough to start moving anytime.


But he couldn't tell Seon-woo right away, so he answered with a shy smile.


“It’s cool.”




At that, Seon-woo quietly shut his mouth.


‘If my brother wants a bike like that, I can get him some.

But there's only one thing I'm worried about.

I'm afraid that my brother, who still looks weak, would get hurt while riding the bike.

What if I wasn't able to save you’


Still, he thought about taking the bike from Chan-young.


‘It's no wonder that Hyung wants to ride it after seeing the bike.

I'll give Hyung another car instead.’


If Chan-young heard this, Seon-woo thought he would be startled.

Meanwhile, he gently turned the steering wheel.




Seeing his younger brother driving beside him, Hyeon-woo immersed in the scenery before him.

‘Straight roads, tall buildings, and people filling the streets.

They were all long forgotten things I have missed in the Demon Realm.

Is it because of this that everything I see seems amazing’ Finally, the car stopped in front of a building.


After stopping in front of the building, which was much larger and flashier than the other ones, Seon-woo first loosened Hyeon-woo's seat belt.



“Let’s get off, Hyung.”


“Where are we”


Seon-woo answered Hyeon-woo's question.


"Our house."



No, their house was a little smaller and more compact.

A small rented room in the corner of *Dal-dongne (*it’s a crowded place like a slum, combined town).

The room, which would leak in the summer when raining and feel cold in the winter, was their home.

But this was now their home.


He was led into the tall building by Seon-woo.


Upon entering, all the people’s eyes turned his way.

But for a moment it was as if everyone had felt something and they turned away.

He turned his gaze down to the floor.

Before Hyeon-woo could even feel a sense of wonder at what had happened, the two got on the elevator.


The elevator stopped at the top floor.

The door opened, and another door appeared.

A silvery thick door that looked different from the usual.

Hyeon-woo came closer and touched the door with his hand.


'I think I can break the door.'


Judging from the feeling, it seemed to be a door made using the bark of a beast.


“Let’s go in.”




Seon-woo scanned the card and the door swung open.

Then, seeing the exposed interior, Hyeon-woo widened his eyes.

The elegant and luxurious interior was something he had never seen before.

Well, he lived in a single room when he was young, and when he grew up, he stayed in the Demon Realm.

It was natural for him to be surprised.


“So, this is our house.”


Seon-woo spoke again as if emphasizing.


"There’s also a room for Hyung."


At those words, his heart ached again.

It was because he was touched by the intentions of his younger brother who had made a room for him, whose reappearance in this world would have been only a possibility.


“Okay, I want to see it.”




Hyeon-woo stepped in with Seon-woo.

He admired it again.

The room he showed to him was so big and beautiful.

He couldn't help but exclaim at how big and luxurious it was.




After admiring it for a while, he finally came to his senses and asked Seon-woo.


“Isn’t this expensive tho”


No matter how much he lived in the Demon Realm where price didn't exist, he knew this much.


"It's okay.

This whole building belongs to me."




However, Hyeon-woo opened his mouth again to Seon-woo's reply.

‘Does this building really belong to Seon-woo’ He thought about the size of the building he saw from the outside.

‘Wasn't it much bigger than the surrounding buildings And there were several similar buildings, although smaller than this one, in the surrounding area.

So, what the hell is the price for this building’


“There are other places.

If you don't like this place, just tell me."


But it’s not about liking this place.

What on earth did his younger brother do while he was away


“No, I like it!”


Hyeon-woo quickly shook his head.


“Keeing keeing”




Kero, whose presence had been long-forgotten, barked at this moment.

Then he stood in a stern pose and started looking around the room.

Now, this was the room where Hyeon-woo would live.

For Kero, he had no choice but to thoroughly check just in case.

If Kero bothered him with a trivial matter, he would be very angry.

So, he couldn’t neglect checking.


"By the way, pets are not allowed here."


When he saw Kero, Seon-woo smiled wildly.




‘Who said pets!’ The moment Kero was about to glow, Hyeon-woo looked up at Seon-woo and asked.




The words remain the same.


“No way.”


‘Hey, I just said no.’ (Seon-woo)


Kero looked at Seon-woo with cold eyes.


“There’s nothing I can do if you don’t want it.”


The brothers, who had not seen each other in a long time, looked at each other and smiled affectionately.

The atmosphere suddenly became cozy.

‘Oh, this is happiness.’ Hyeon-woo thought.




“A first-generation missing person.”


The man who spoke out had a unique appearance.

One of his eyes was white, and he had a cut across his eye.

Because of that, his expression that was cold originally was even more so.

His name was Do Ga-jun.

He was also the Guild Leader of the Baekho (백호) Guild, which was pushed to second place by the Seon-hyeon Guild.


“**Ji Seon-woo swallowed it alone.

(**He meant he took it for himself) He has too much greed.

He has to share that with others too.”


However, if he asked Ji Seon-woo to share the first-generation person.

Ji Seon-woo wouldn't hear it even with the back of his ear.

But he couldn't force him to listen to it.

‘So, what do you want to do'


“It will be okay if we meet him.”


Ga-jun chuckled.


“Spread the news to other guilds.”


“Are you really going to spread it” Deputy Guild Leader, Min-young asked with a worried expression, but his words remained unchanged.


Currently, the Awakenings in the country had slowed down.

The First Generation of missing persons had appeared in such a situation.

Wasn’t that a coveted material Of course, there was a possibility that it could be a disaster, but there was also a possibility that it wasn't.

It was also annoying to leave Ji Seon-woo alone with whatever it was.


“Good things should be shared.”


Ga-jun muttered with his poisoned eyes.


As Ga-jun made up his mind to move up with his plans, it was not long before the rumors about the first-generation missing person were circulating in each guild.


“So, where did the source of the information spread from, Do Ga-jun”


The gentle-looking young man had a troubled expression on his face.


“Besides, the person who once was with you was Ji Seon-woo.

So, there’s no need to worry.”


The young man (The Deputy Guild Leader) who knew the difference between the two, looked frustrated.


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