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Secretary Baek was taken aback when he heard that Kwon Taejung wanted to greet him and waited until he finished his sentence.

“You know, since I have to keep an eye on him and get used to him.

Talk to him sometimes.

Wouldn’t that be better or am I overreacting” 

“Not at all.

I didn’t think that far…I’ll escort you there.”

Secretary Baek wringed the door open, and Kwon Taejung stepped outside.

He took a cigarette and plunged it into his mouth before recommending one to Secretary Baek.



“I’m fine.”

“Ah, Jinwoo.

Let’s speak without formalites now.

There’s no one here.

Now that I think of it, we are not at the office as well so there is no for sir and secretary honorifics.

We can do it in front of others but let’s be comfortable among ourselves.

You won’t smoke, really” 

“I’ll puff one later.

I heard you stopped by your folk’s this morning Is the chairman still mad”


“He is not mad but rather has mixed feelings of expectations and worries.”

“Some are expecting that I would be able to proceed with the demolition and return like an undefeated hero while some are worried that I’ll be appearing on the news again and mess everything up.”

Secretary Baek chuckled at Kwon Taejung’s remark of his father having mixed emotions of expectations and worries.

Baek Jinwoo confirmed the address on the screen of his tablet and walked along the narrow alley.

Kwon Taejung followed suit, inhaling his cigarette while surveying the broken windows and crooked doors and judging the houses, with a strange expression.

It wouldn’t be bizarre if a ghost popped up from there.


“We came empty handed, without minding any manners.

They will think I didn’t receive any etiquette lessons at home.”

Kwon Taejung who continued devouring his cigarette, took another deep breath of it before looking for the bell (or lack thereof) to press.

Kwon Taejung, short of options, coiled his hands into a fist and knocked on the door politely.



Since he couldn’t comprehend if the people inside the door were being knocked, he thumped the door harder.

When the sound against the door got louder, he heard some shuffling inside.

When he heard the footsteps get closer, he took out his half-smoked cigarette and tossed it on the floor, trampling on it to crush the flicker. 

Since he couldn’t comprehend if the people inside the door were being knocked, he thumped the door harder.

When the sound against the door got louder, he heard some shuffling inside.

When he heard the footsteps get closer, he took out his half-smoked cigarette and tossed it on the floor, trampling on it to crush the flicker.

“…Who is it”

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I really wanted to greet you.”

There was a rattling sound coming from inside, after being served silence.

The front door was opened slightly, accompanied by an annoying creaking sound.

Possessing a sense of warinnes he could see the boy’s eyes peek among the gap of the opened door, resembling the one he saw in the picture.

He bent down to match the boy’s eye levels and inched his face towards the gap.

The smell of iron and the moss plastered on the wall, along with the musty smell of alleys and old houses made a concoction of a slightly sweet and sour smell. 




“I am the resident of the red container.”



Red container.

You know it right It’s the landmark of this place.”

Kwon Taejung, who was looking at the bewildered and embarrassed boy, grabbed the door and forced it open towards him.

The boy took a step back and looked at Kwon Taejung, warily.

“The picture couldn’t capture you properly.”



Do excuse me.”

After closing the exchange of mannered greetings, he pushed himself inside without hesitation, carrying a polite attitude and expression.

There was no difference in the houses he caught the sight of while he walked down the alley before.

It was the same old and small spaciousness and he wanted to ask them how they lived there.

Of course, he wasn’t bothered because he wouldn’t be living there but still it was too much.

“Right now…what are you trying to do Who are you to mindlessly intrude…in my house”

“I told you I am a new resident.” 

“…Get-get out.

If you don’t…I’ll rep-report you…”

Hearing the word report, before stomping his feet outside he carefully opened the door and stood in front of Yigyeom.

“I apologize.

You must be surprised.

He moved in here recently to work on the redevelopment plan.

He’s the executive.

He wanted a friendly way to greet the residents face to face, and came here but I think he caught you off guard.

So sorry.”


As he watched Secretary baek handle the situation inside, in between the door gap, Kwon Taejung relieved a small sigh.

Inside the small room, his grandfather was lying on his bed whilst rice and side dishes were presented on a small dining table.

“…Still barging in like this is a bit…”

Closing the door behind him, Kwon Taejung strode close to Yigyeom and yet again bent his body to meet Yigyeom’s eyes.

That whiff of that same sweet and sour smell brushed the tip of his nose.

Even though he thought he was mistaken earlier, he unconsciously released his pheromones as the same exact smell surrounded him.

In the information column yesterday,, he was for sure identified as a beta.

Kwon Taejungr remembered being relieved at the fact that Yigyeom was a beta not an omega.

But if he really was as said, he wouldn’t be affected by pheromones that he was releasing like Secretary Baek wasn’t. 

“…I have to head out now…so…”

The sweet and sour smell was more concentrated now and Kwon Taejung flickered his eyes at the reddened ear tips and fingertips of Yigyeom.

He always appeared weak but seeing how he crumbled down while facing Kwon Taejung’s pheromones, he laughed thinking it was funny.


What is this He is an omega.

Of course, his response differed from other normal omegas.

That being said, if it was any other omega being exposed to a dominant alpha’s pheromones, firstly they wouldn’t have been so calm.

His bottom would begin to get wet and his reasoning would feeble.

He would have clung on to him while his head would flush. 

Since Kwon Taejung’s pheromone exhibition was not that strong, so was the reciprocation of it.

Of course, if it was any other alpha, they wouldn’t have been able to sense he was an omega at all.

But of course, a dominant alpha like Kwon Taejung was different from others.

Kwon Taejung wasn’t sure about the other alpha, but it wasn’t possible to deceive him.

As Yigyeom mumbled something, Kwon Taejung straightened his body and tilted his head.

“Are you hot”


Even though Yigyeom denied it, his cheeks were burning up.

Kwon Taejung on the other hand was going crazy with curiosity.

Why was an omega bluffing as a beta, and even if he wasn’t attempting to keep up the act from the beginning, what made him sought out to do so.

But to know that, kwon Taejung had to touch his hand and release more pheromones, but if he did it might result in something unwanted so for now, he would keep him under his surveillance.

What irked Kwon Taejung was the prospect of a new title appearing, “Taesun Group’s third son now invading private lives,” and it gave him a headache.

Kwon Taejung who retracted his pheromones now looked at Yigyeom, whose smell along with his pheromones dissipated and withered out.

However, his cheeks and ears were still blushing red.

The crude thought of wanting to check if his bottom was drenched caught Kwom Taejung off-guard.

It was a given that alphas would be influenced by omega’s pheromones and often foul thoughts like that would cloud their mind.

But from when they were young, they were given strict training under his father’s instructions, so that Kwon taejung along with Kwon Yoojung and Kwon Kijung won’t be easily swayed by Omega’s pheromones.

It was because of the accidents that frequently broke out and they wouldn’t be forgiven if they got wrapped in something similar.

His patience hence, was not weak and wouldn’t jump at the mere sight of an omega. 

Living as a dominant alphas, he came across several omegas.

They were persistent, constantly releasing their pheromones and chasing down dominant alphas recognizing their distinct smell.

There were some who expressed frankly that they wanted to have sex, throwing away their honor and self-respect out the window.

They drooled and begged alphas to ** them once.

Kwon Tajeung who valued self-respect and honor could not bear to become the object of Omega’s excitement.

At best, to become uncontrollable and throwing himself at the sight of pheromones, was filthy and disgusting.

He wouldn’t be able to face the ugly side of himself, that he couldn’t see but he could become.

However, Yigyeom who was standing in front of him was different.

He was swayed let alone his reddened cheeks, by his pheromones.

Thus, Kwon Taejung was curious about Yigyeom.

Omegas, he could care less about, Yigyeom was different from them. 

“Sorry, sorry.

I didn’t mean to surprise you.”

Kwon Taejung tried to suppress the sudden curiosity and impure thoughts, meaning to calm himself down.

Even though he said that, he could sense  putting his guard down.

Kwon Taejung smiled and climbed out of the front gate.

He waved farewell to Yigyeom who was still standing inside, as if Yigyeom was someone he was close to.

“See you next time.”

Yigyeom , who followed Kwon Taejung with helpless eyes, met the latter’s gaze but Kwon Taejung continued walking down the path without hesitance.

Kwon Taejung could feel a weak gaze stuck on his back but he didn’t spare him a look. 

Kwon Taejung was careful because if he made eye contact with Yigyeom he would run back to act on his impure thought of checking his bottom.

Those thoughts that never infiltrated his mind before with other Omegas, persisted then.




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