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It didnt take long for Blue to regain consciousness – probably thanks to the strong Dragon life force.

The warriors and Dīnō, though not attacking me anymore, are still on their guard.

Chiquiata, whose face showed great joy and relief at Blues revival, finally came to her senses and wiped her teary eyes.



Hope youre proud of yourself, reviving someone you just killed…”

“Whatever… I just hope youll make good on your promise.”


“Promise Whatever are you talking about, hmm”


Even Dīnō showed a blatant sign of doubt toward Chiuatas words, but the next sentences out of her mouth reminded me just how this person named Chiquiata operated.


“Ive been forgetting a lot of things lately, you see.

Dont even remember what I was supposed to do for House Douglas anymore…”


Looks like she just doesnt want to come off as being in debt.

Not that Id blame them.

The person whos supposed to be in charge of them just essentially made the declaration to split from the Douglas household, their current employer.

Dīnō g.r.o.a.n.e.d up its nose, but made no further comment.


“You guys… Say whatever you want toLouie.

But if youre gonna hunt me down, I wont show you any mercy.”


With Blue fully recovered now, Chiquiata stroked its neck, then climbed onto its back.





“You take good care of Myans.”


“Heh, dont even need to tell me.

Shes my Master, yknow.”


Huh… so shes actually separating from the rest of them.

Not doing that would be setting a bad example for the others, I suppose.

I chuckled as I turned around, then began to walk towards the Teleportation Spell Circle.

From behind, an unfamiliar voice entered my ears.

“Poer, I offer you words of appreciation in my Masters stead.

Thank you.”


A high-pitched… yet soft, motherly voice.

A female Dragon… So thats what Blue sounds like.

Unsure whether or not to reply, I did not turn around and only raised my hand to wave at them… okay, being awkward mightve compelled me to do that last bit.

Well, Chiquiata seems to be okay with this, and I doubt shell be bothering us again.

Besides, I would consider this fight ending in our favor, what with it costing the enemy a skilled mage of her level.


“Oh, here it is.

As expected of a Philosopher – landed the Spell Circle exactly where I wanted it!”

I stroked my chin, singing myself praises, and was just about to step into the Spell Circle when I heard a voice in my head.


[“Now, heres a piece of advice for you, boy.”]


Its the voice of… Blues Master, whose thanks I just received via proxy from the Dragon.


[“…What is it”]


[“The faster you get back to Kugg Village, the better.

You see, the Reformist Faction has been in a hurry as of late.

I came to this town because Id been told totarget Bright while hes here – you know what that means, dont you”]

[“…! Thanks! I appreciate that!”]


[“Hmph, just do your best back there.”]


And so she cut off the Telepathic Call, her attitude unchanging to the last moment.

Anyway, I better hurry.

‘Target Bright while hes here, she said… Bright.


So the enemy must be targeting someone else over there.

But of course.

The Adams house, with Polco being absent from it until moments ago, only had Guiles security team as its defense.

Well, them and the tomboy princess, who had returned to the village yesterday.

Their target must be Ferris.

And even now that the battle has ended on this side, there has been no Telepathic Call from Pochi.

Something must have happened back in Kugg!

I got on the Teleportation Spell Circle and watched my body faded away, a myriad of thoughts spinning around in my head.


“Let us hurry, Master Leon.”






Once I arrived at my room in the Adams house, I was welcomed by my wolf companion…




…With a voice so loud and sharp that blocking my ears did nothing to help.


“Were in trouble, Master! Oh, and welcome back! Ferris been kidnapped! And here I thought wed all come back safely, but you just HAD to mess something up, Master! Wait, now isnt the time! Master Polco got super angry and ran out of the house with a scary face, like hes a monster! By the way, are you hurt Oh, no! You look even more stupid than usual, Master! Oh, wait, but you ALWAYS look like that! Thank goodness! Right now Bright is riding on Chappie and searching from the sky, but theyve found nothing so far! You know, its impressive how big Chappie has grown, Master! He isnt scared to be separated from us anymore! Its nice and all to see a child grow up so fast, but its also a bit sad, you know Oh, no! Now isnt the time for that, Master! Can you not interrupt the important talk, sir! The kidnapper is Jetta – you know, that one maid from the Fulbright household who came along with us! Shes been working with us for so long, too… even Bright couldnt hide his shock! Really, you can never be too careful, sir! Oh, by the way, Im starving! But I know its not the time for eating! At first I considered going out to search for Ferris with everyone else, but then I figured itd be more efficient to wait for you first! Well Isnt that great! Feel free to praise me, sir! And what in the world happened over there, anyway! Oh, wait, you can just tell me on the way! Also, Bright has apparently contacted Lady June already! Really! Why are you just standing there Lets get a move on, Master! We need to find food and get some Ferris to eat! Oh, wait, no! I mean find FERRIS and get some FOOD to eat! Master! Are you even listening to me! Were in big trouble here, so lets get it done as soon as we can!”


“Ferris kidnapped.

We chase.

You tried.

After this, food.

Lets go.”


“Thats right, sir! FOOD!”


Pochi raised her front legs up in joy.

I, without stopping to wonder where all the Sushi shed gobbled down had disappeared to, jumped out the window and landed onto the back of the gigantified Pochi.

Then I made Telepathic Calls to various people, and eventually found Guile and his security team, all out of breath.

I could not connect a Call to Polco, Bright, and Chappie.

Could those three have gotten themselves into a battle

Well, maybe not – according to Pochi, Polcos lost his cool so badly that he turned into pretty much a monster, so its no wonder he didnt pick up.


“…Heh, hah – whew! Hey… good to see you back, Poer!”


“Whats the situation, Guile!”


“Master Polcos found a trail! Theyre heading straight to Regalia! Sorry, but please go help him! And take Young Master Bright with you!”


“Got it!”


Everyones drenched in sweat – Polco mustve been going pretty damn fast.

Although hes a mage, hes still got powers almost on the level of the Holy Warriors, so itd gotta be hard for the guards to try and catch up.

We headed in the direction Guile pointed at, eventually catching sight of Chappie flying above us.


“Man, hes flapping his wings like crazy!”


“Which means… Master Polco must be just up ahead, sir!”


“Cmon, Pochi!”




Pochis howl notified Bright, who was still riding on Chappies back, of our arrival.

Bright pointed in the direction he was going.

Looks like those two arent going to catch up.

Not that Id blame them – theyre up against Polco, after all.

We passed underneath Chappie and Bright, chasing after Polco, who were currently seeing as a pea-sized silhouette.

He looks so damn menacing.

Even from behind, from this far a distance.


“Look, Master! Hes so… scary!”


“I can feel the rage in his arcane energy… a whole lot of it!”


“Well, his daughters been kidnapped! Of course hed get like that!”


“Ngh-! Past Master Polco, theres Jetta! Can you see her!”


“Yes, I can! Shes carrying Ferris over her shoulder!”


Jetta, head maid of the Fulbright household, working alongside the audacious old Alfred as the leader of the households servants.

June trusted her a great deal, too – why would she do this Or has she been brainwashed Or has she been replaced by someone else in disguise

I looked at Jetta as she ran away, wondering for what reason she could be pulling this stunt.


“Master Polco!”


Pochi shouted as she caught up and ran alongside Polco.




Polco shouted, his voice quite eccentric, while constantly facing ahead.




Pochi slowed down slightly and turned her head towards me.


“I-I thought he was a monster for a second there…!”


“Man, that was scary.

Its like… hes lost all rational thought.

We shouldnt disturb him-“




“Hey, be quiet- ngh-!”


I was about to poke Pochi in the head when I noticed a pair of red eyes, full of arcane energy, glaring at me.




“…Hes DEFINITELY out for blood, sir.”







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