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“Gah, howd you even get so insanely strong…!”


“Hah… hah… whew… didnt you know This whole world… is made of macho…!”


“Yeah, no, its not.

Youre a real pain in the a.s.s, you know that”


Thats a compliment… right Hey, I mean, even if its conveyed through sarcasm, I always appreciated being appreciated.

Also, this is just a sample of a Holy Warriors power… The boost that just this one title can give truly is terrifying.

Still, stronger as I may have become, Ill inevitably struggle whenever the Cobalt Dragon joins the fight for real.

I kept my hand behind me, drawing up a Teleportation Spell Circle.

It should be done by the time Dīnō fixed his stance and got back into position.

“Ill leave this to you, Blue! The rest of you, get away!”



Thats the Cobalt Dragons name.

It nodded quietly to Chiquiatas instruction.

Not exactly a talkative one, unlike Dīnō, huh

…Anyway, now Ive got my Circle drawn.

Just gotta control it and deploy it behind me…




Man, Blue really is staring hard at me.


“Rise, Ground Spell Delivery!”


Seeing how Chiquiata was caught by surprise by my magecraft again, I couldnt help but grin.


“…What are you trying to pull this time”


“Its a trap.”



“More like an annoying MANCHILD! Oh, what I wouldnt do to tear you apart…”


Welp, now Dīnōs rejoined the action.

A Kaiser Dyno and a Cobalt Dragon, both fearsome monsters out to kill me, both pairs of eyes locked on to me…

Why must you contain so many scary things, world Hurry up and become peaceful already, damn it.


“Now youre laughing at me, huh!”



…Huh Why do I feel like Ive been through this before, but on a different side

Ngh, Dīnō and Blue are opening their mouths.

Probably gonna use the Zenith Breath attack.

Works for me.

I can let the impact push me into the Teleportation spell circle-





I jumped backward, and the blast sent me over the hillside, after which I twisted my body into a suitable landing position.

Just as I was about to land, my eyes caught sight of Blue flying high in the sky.

Damn it, so this ones got Chiquiatas cool-headedness as well!

Its trying to catch me the exact moment I land!

Blues mouth opened wide, and from it came a Zenith Breath that was definitely more powerful than Dīnōs.

With no way to deal with the incoming attack, all I could do was stick my hands out in front of me.

Damn it, what am I even thinking!

Theres no way in hell I can stop THAT with my b.a.r.e hands…!

Not that I could do anything else.

At least Im charging up my hands with a bit of arcane energy, I guess.

As the Zenith Breath made its impact, I started seeing flashes of memories from last year – like a random selection, but not really.

That one time, Giorno showed me one of his special moves,Brave Blade, and made short work of a wave of monsters.

I was quite amazed and awed by his method of detailed arcane energy manipulation.

I had given up on trying it back then, knowing that it was impossible then… but what about now

Its kind of the same as the Zenith Breath – a powerful special technique involving a monster or beast gathering its arcane energy into a concentrated mass, then unleashing it from its mouth.

How it works, for Pochi as well, is that either a part of the creatures body or mind first forms a Spell Circle, and the opening of its mouth triggers the energy release – thats what makes the technique special.

Many years of research have shown that the sword techniques used by warriors also run off this set of general principles.

Which means-


“Youre through!”


By the time Chiquiatas voice reached my ears, Id already adjusted the arcane energy in my hands to equal the amount contained in the incoming Zenith Breath.

As the incoming impact made contact with my body, I sent my arcane energy flowing through to my muscles, letting it form a swirl in my being without resisting nor holding it together.

Through that process, and also years of knowledge and experience, I got a grasp on Blues arcane energy signature.

Okay, I DONT actually know how I understood it.

But what I do know is that I couldnt have done it without seeing Giornos technique and if I hadnt done my silly and-or apparently nonsensical researches.

Those and the experience Ive gained in this era, the training Ive received from Tūs… and above all, the fact that Imisolated and helpless, facing the danger alone.

All those factors have helped and-or forced me to understand Blues Zenith Breath as if it was a spell I had invoked myself.

So much so that I could just… hold it in my hands.

…And yes, I meant that in a literal sense.


“-! Hah-hah! RIGHT BACK AT YA!!”




Holding the Zenith Breath in my hands, I used a special arcane energy manipulation technique to pour more power into it before throwing it back.

Faced with a larger and more powerful Zenith Breath, Chiquiata and Dīnōs faces cramped up.

To them, all that was detailed in the previous paragraph had happened in but an instant, so they probably didnt know how to react.

The only action they took was a defensive posture.

Except for one – the only one who acted differently… Blue.

Blue grabbed Dīnō by its tail and threw it backward, then turned to Chiquiata and charged at her, pinning her down.


“Ngh- damn you-! Blue!”


The Dragon coiled its long body around her, protecting her just as it had done during our first encounter.


“”No… no! Blue!”


The huge impact shook the earth… and made a direct hit on Blue.

A whole lot of dust scattered and rained down like actual water.

An unpleasant sound lingers in my ears.

In the aftermath of the blast, lying in the smoke is the body of a Cobalt Dragon… Blue.


“Blue! Blue!”


Chiquiatas trembling voice overrode the unpleasant sound, and…


“Damn it, you flying lizard! Answer me!”


Dīnōs voice, a mixture of anger and resentment, caused a nasty lump to form in my heart.




Chiquiatas trembling voice turned into a cry, and Dīnōs rage turned my way.

I approached them, scratching my head with my free hand.

Now I wonder why I still havent used the Teleportation spell to get myself back to Kugg Village… its like my feet just moved on their own, before I could think of what to do next.


“…I hope youre ready to die, you little **.”


“Shut up.”


“What! Youre the one who killed Blue, damn it! I know Myans wouldnt like this, but Ill have you dead, even if it costs me my life!”


“The Dragon isnt dead yet!”


I tried my best to control my emotions and tone when confronted with Dīnōs bloodshot eyes, while Chiquiata looked at me with tears welling up in her eyes.

The latters look was loaded with anticipation and hope… and disgust toward me.


“Blues heart isnt beating anymore……! Theres nothing you can do now!”


Chiquiata insisted to me, her voice strained.

I pointed my staff at Chiuiata, calmed my mind, and said to her,


“But I can.

Heres the deal…”




Dīnō blurted out, while Chiquiata gave me no reply.


“If I save this Cobalt Dragon, the Douglas household will… no, just you is fine.

You wont take any action against the Traditionalist Faction, ever again.

Just promise me that.”


“You little **, Blue is already-“


“-Theres not much time.

Deal or no deal”


I interrupted Dīnō, I asked Chiquiata again.


“…If you CAN do that…”


As soon as I heard Chiquiatas reply, I started looking for the fatal wounds on Blues body.

…Four on the torso.

One on the face.

One on the tail.

A total of six.


“Rise, A-rise, A-rise, High Cure Adjust: Count 6 & Remote Control.”


The spell is usually cast on the whole target for general recovery, but naturally, targeting specific injuries will speed up the healing of those spots.


“Six large-scale spells, cast instantly… The hell are you, a monster But using magic on a dead body wont-“


“Shut up, Dīnō!”


I raised my voice to keep Dīnō in line, then sat down on top of Blue, around the seventh section of its torso where its heart should be located.


“Tch-! If you cant actually do it, Ill rip you apart, dammit!”


Dīnō WAS right – now that Blues heart has stopped, recovery magic wont work on it.

It is for use on still-living bodies, after all.

All mages… and anyone who has ever been in combat, for that matter, know that it does not apply to the dead.

And so I figured out an idea – why not apply the principles of recovery magic against it

Back when Billy taught me recovery magic at the Magic University, he had told me thatone whose heart beats is the only target recovery magic spells worked on.

Even I hadnt known that particular point up until then.

Thinking about it now, Billy must have been doing some dangerous experiments to be able to pin down such a definition at that time.

But no, now isnt the time to dwell on that.

Whats important is that, basically, it should work if the targets heart is made to beat, for example, with another individuals hand.

Of course, no one can actually do that.

Simply making the heart beat with external force wont be enough to trick the recovery magic spells mechanisms.

But with the arcane energy manipulation technique I just used… I can make the heart beat realistically enough!

Modern wisdom, ancient technology!

After Remote Control got all of the High Cure Adjust Circles into position, I invoked the recovery spells.

A hefty supply of arcane energy is being used to force the heart to beat.

Having experienced the manipulation of Blues arcane energy with my own skin, Ive understood even the Dragons breathing pattern.

One, two, one, two… All right, thats the rhythm.

At that exact same moment, all six High Cure Adjust Spell Circles rang out, signaling their activation.


“No way…”


Once that was over, Blues fatal wounds were closed completely.


“Next up… Rise! Holy V.i.r.g.i.ns Boundary!”


A magecraft for healing internal wounds – Ive used it on Pochi before.

The Dragon took one hell of an impact, so its wounds will take some time to heal… hopefully its archetypes innately high life force will help it pull through!

Suddenly, the supply of Arcane Energy that I had been sending was momentarily pushed back.

Chiquiata, crouching down to hold a part of Blue in her arms, noticed that something was different.


“Just now… Blue moved.”


“All right…!”


I clenched my fists tightly, quietly rejoicing in the resurrection of Blue – one of my enemies.



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