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“Excuse me!”


The door to the Adventurers Guild was swung open in a hurry – it was Haruhana.

Seeing how she obviously was acting different from the usual, Duncan was surprised.

He immediately stood up from the chair behind the counter.


“Haruhana Whats the matter”

“A monster invasion!”


Those three words prompted all of the adventurers present to stop whatever they were doing.

They understood from her words, actions, and expression of urgency that this situation was by no means normal.

Wasting no time to catch her breath, Haruhana proceeded to explain to them what was happening now.


“…All right.”


Betty, having also learned the Telepathic Call, was now using it to communicate with Natsu.

Natsu then contacted the members of The Silver as they went to each of their designated locations.

Finally, when all of the updated information was gathered up by Natsu, she relayed them to all the other members of The Silver again.


“Where are you going, Haruhana”


“Back to the Pochisley Agency.

I will be awaiting orders from Sir Ryan.”


Duncan nodded; Haruhana ran out of the Adventurers Guild.

Wasting no time to see Haruhana off, Duncan turned around to address the other adventurers.


“You guys heard her”

The adventurers silently nodded.

Although some among them were still young, none of them was disheartened; their determination was just as strong as the others.

Duncan stood with his eyes closed and his hands on his h.i.p.s.

Those unfit to be among Beilaneas adventurers would see this as him acting the same as usual.

But the difference was clear when Duncan opened his eyes again – that was when things got real.


“…Get ready for battle.”





“Rank A adventurers, divide and head to all city gates immediately.

Rank B, support them.

On the front lines, use your own judgment to choose the best course of action.

Ranks C and D, cooperate with the available Magic University mages.

Dont position yourselves in front of those with higher ranks than you.

Rank E or lower, work as communication personnel.

This establishment will act as our temporary headquarters.

Have the Warrior University students evacuate the residents.

The Magic University should serve well as the evacuation site.

Tell them that Duncan from the Adventurers Guild has sent you, and theyll listen.”


No replay came from the adventurers – only immediate action.

Adventurers were free spirits.

Freedom was their strength and greatest weapon.

Although that meant that they were naturally not fond of leadership and command, the issue did not surface here in Beilanea.

No one knew why that was the case – whether or not it was because of the absolute pillar that was Duncans presence, or thanks to the guidance of Beilaneas most powerful team, The Silver.

Duncan couldnt smile in the wake of this situation, but deep inside, he was relieved.

And as if to drive away that false sense of security, he slapped himself on both cheeks.

“Well all be busy here, you bastards!”




While the top-ranked adventurers were starting to set off from the Guild, Blazer also arrived at the Magic University; he was dripping wet.

Trace was walking down the corridor from the East Building to the North Building; noticing something strange about Blazer, she immediately called out to him,


“Sir Blazer!”



Blazer broke the news to her, keeping it as brief as he could.


“Wheres Miss Irene!”


“Right here.”


Unbeknown to Blazer, Irene was already standing behind him.

In fact, she had been the first to react to Blazers arrival, since his presence had disrupted the dense arcane energy in the air of the Magic University.

Lina quickly came to join up with Trace, and Hornel came running in from the Maginasium.

And from the window of the Headmasters office, Magic University Headmaster Tangalán was looking at Blazer.


“This is an emergency! Weve observed monsters approaching from all directions.

The Adventurers Guild has already been notified.

The Magic and Warrior Universities should-“


“We understand.

You must have something else you need to do – Hurry and go.”


“Thank you.”


After saying just that, Blazer ran off again, his silhouette fading into the pouring rain.

Irene looked at Tangalán on the other side of the office window.

Tangalán nodded once, prompting Irene to draw a gigantic Spell Circle right where she was.

It was none other than the amplification spell that would be used during the Friendly Matchs and other public events.

Tifa and Tarawo rushed to the groups location, having detected Blazers presence after he had already left the Magic University grounds.

It was right when the two arrived that things on this side began.

First, an order of evacuation from Irene.





Lina, Hornel, and Tifa were surprised by Irenes tone of voice.

Even amidst this emergency, Irene was calm and collected as she addressed the towns residents.

Then the three realized – it was right for Irene to take this tone.

The calmer her voice, the calmer the people would be, and in turn the more calmly they would react to the emergency.

Naturally, there would still be some who panicked.

What Irene was trying to do was to reduce that number as much as possible.

As the evacuation process to the Magic and Warrior Universities began, the group started hearing screaming coming from the Magic Universitys building.


“The freshmen… cant blame them, I suppose.”


As soon as Hornel grumbled his comment out, Lina rushed into the building.

Anxiety was spreading in the Magic University; she had to act quickly.

Tifa started in the same direction a few moments later, but was stopped by Hornel.


“Ngh – let me go.”


“Thats right! Let us go, Hornel!”


Tifa and Tarawo lashed out in unison at Hornel.


“Just Lina is enough.”


“Why! Im also the Student Councils-“


“And she was the President.

Youre needed elsewhere, Tifa.

Just leave this to her.”


Upon being semi-admonished by Hornel, Tifa quit insisting and looked down.


“Besides, what we need to do now is evacuate the townspeople.

Many among the juniors and seniors have real combat experience – Professor Trace and I will lead them and head out of town.

Is that all right, maam”


Given a silent nod by Irene as she continued to issue her evacuation orders, Hornel immediately got into action.


“The freshmen and sophomores are to help Claris and Anri provide back-line support to the adventurers.

Well be counting on your cooperation, too, Tifa.”


Tifa shook her head once, then looked on as Hornel ran off while also giving out orders to the other students.

She then ran out to meet up with Claris and Anri, who had already gotten to the courtyard.

In the midst of all that, Tarawo spoke up,


“Tifa, are you sure you dont need to go to the Pochisley Agency”




“There are a lot of children staying there.

Itsuki cant possibly guide them all by herself, dont you think”


“Itll be all right.

Chief said hell be going there today.

Miss Reyna and Adolf will be with him, too, and not to mention that Natsu has grown up over the past year.”


Tarawo, dejected, looked down as he ran on.


“I-If you say so… But Ive got somewhat of a bad feeling about something, you see…”




With his suggestion being replied to with silence, Tarawo had nothing more to say.

By the time most of the students were assembled in the courtyard and the maginasium, a resounding shout could be heard coming from the direction of the Warrior University.

The Warrior University, under the guidance of Six Braves Charlie and Dragan – Their morale was exceedingly high.

Due to the nature of the Universitys academic approach, many of the students had already gotten battle experience.

With Irene stuck directing the evacuation, the Warrior University and the adventurers were the ones needed to hold the front lines.

Irene, ever more annoyed by all the sweat on her face and the freezing rain, pushed the limit of her patience as she continued issuing evacuation orders.




A large crowd of adventurers had already gathered at the west gate.

Among them was Lala, standing arms-crossed on the high city wall.

Haruhana, unable to hide her nervousness, gripped the Kozakura tightly as she saw the advancing horde of monsters.


“”Hmm… Good to see them safe.””


Tzar, coiling around Lala, caught sight of Midors and the others running their way.


“”Invoke the Scarecrow Mode.””


“…Yes, Sir Instructor.”


Lalas eyes changed color into an inorganic green.

Those eyes of hers locked on to the monsters.


“”Status report.””


“Number of approaching monsters: approximately one thousand and five hundred.

Average rank C to B.

Rank S monsterOtyugh detected.

Beast rating two hundred and fifty.

Top priority target.”


Tzar looked in the direction Lala was staring at, and saw a brown, gigantic monster with the appearance of a ball of curled-up tree roots, running with its mouth wide open.


“”A corrosive monster with a fondness for corpse meat.

Very well – We shall take care of it Ourselves.””


Lala nodded in response; Tzar crawled down the outer side of the wall to the front of the west gate.


“”Lala, you stay here and intercept the airborne monsters.

Tell Idéa and Midors to do the same.

Do not let anyone die.””


“…Yes, sir.”


Lala said as she saw her mentor off on his way; Tzar, now down to the west gate, reverted to his gigantic form.

He coiled his long body; in this form, he was almost as tall as the city wall.

The sight reassured the adventurers that a powerful Kagachi was on their side.




Idéa shouted as she ran in the lead; in response, Tzar pointed his tail end forward, in Idéa and Midors direction.


“”Idéa, Midors… grab on!””


The two grabbed the tip of Tzars tail, and were instantly flung up onto the wall where Lala and Haruhana were.

Although they still struggled to catch their breath, upon seeing the adventurers on standby, the two understood that this was the place they needed to be.

The reason being that, while those in front of the west gate consisted of high-ranked adventurers, the top of the wall, from which attacks were difficult to launch, was lacking in high-ranked mages.

Lala and Haruhanas adventurer ranks were B, while Idéa and Midors were A.

The two Mages nodded to each other and pointed their staves at the monster.


“Hah… Whew… Lets do this, Idéa!”


“Bah… Bring it on!”


Egd, arriving at the west gate a few moments later, grabbed on to Tzars tail… and shouted in surprise,


“Huh! Why isnt your tail end moving, sir!”


As Egd panicked, Tzar looked down at him and grumbled,


“”Egd, you stay down here.””




The pupil of the Six Braves screamed out in grief.

Upon getting an intense glare from Tzar, he flinched, then produced a look of defiance.

But when the enemy presence behind him intensified, he hopped down from Tzars tail end, gripped the handle of his sword, and assumed the ready stance.


[He is the only one among the three who is not short of breath.

As expected of a personal student of one of the Six Braves, We suppose.]


Tzar stared at Egds back.




“Yes, sir!”


The west gate of Beilanea…

Amidst the sense of despair brought by the further intensifying rain, the large-scale battle against the horde of monsters began.




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