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Pochi let out a threatening howl.

Now that she had become a Heavenly Beast, her arcane energy surpassed that of a wolf Beast.

The Blazing Dragons flinched, overwhelmed by the intimidating magical property of her howl.

The enemies were still of the Dragon Archetype, however.

Although their bodies reacted appropriately, their pride would never allow a retreat.

Their crimson breaths were locked on to the gigantified Pochi.



All Purgatory Breaths were unleashed at once, drawing in on Pochi.




Asley shouted as if to hype himself up.

He held out both his hands; at the same time and a wall of arcane energy appeared, keeping the Blazing Dragons streaming flames at bay.



“Cmon, Master! Lets get going!”


Pochi picked Asley up by the collar of his shirt.

Seeing the Breath Attacks finally subside, Asley heaved a sigh.


“And… there!”


Pochi raised her head with all her might, throwing Asley high into the sky.



The paw-shaped water bomb engulfed two of the Blazing Dragons.

The other Dragons, seeing two of their kind fall to the ground, further intensified their roars.




But at the same time, as if to jump the gun on those Dragons, Pochi hit those Dragons with her Freeze Breath.

The stream of cold air whirled around several Blazing Dragons, freezing them solid.



“Got it-! Wait, no, get to those five Blazing Dragons first! Guiles almost out of energy now!”


“Yes, sir!”


Pochi ran off toward Guile, with Asley hopping on her back mid-run.

Asley, gritting through the impact of Pochis abnormal acceleration, aimed at the Blazing Dragon directly above Guile.


“Rise, Cross Wind!”

Since Guile was right underneath the area of effect, Asley had chosen to limit the power of his spell to that of the intermediate level.

The other Dragons around Guile, noticing Asley and Pochis approach, turned to glare at them instead.

But by then, Pochi had already slipped past the Dragons feet, reaching Guile just as he was about to be exhausted.


“Great work, you two!”


“Thank you!”


The Blazing Dragons, reacting to Guiles voice, directed their sights back at him; but Guile already reached Asley and Pochi, while also managing to lop off the head of the nearest Dragon on his way.

Using the headless Blazing Dragons body as a springboard, Pochi leaped up and blasted one of the airborne Dragons with a Freeze Breath.

Asley didnt lose this opportunity to launch another Pochi Pad Bomb at the middle of the Dragons cl.u.s.ter.

All that happened in mere seconds; those five Blazing Dragons were no more.


“Gah! Hah… hah… Hey, long time… no see…”


“High Cure Adjust!”


Although Guile had in fact not sustained any major injuries, Asley used his large-scale restoration spell to heal him; it happened to be the one he had set as Swift Magic.

That, and he had considered the possibility of Guiles overexertion resulting in severe internal wounds.

Asley himself had no suitable verbal reply to Guiles forced banter – he only held the man up by his back and gave him the look of respect.


“Master, give him the thing!”


Realizing what Pochi was referring to, Asley reached for a vial of Pochi Bitanded in his c.h.e.s.t pocket and passed it to Guile.


“Hah hah… what The hells this, orange juice”


“Poison, I guess! Just hurry and drink it!”


Asley replied to Guiles banter this time; the latter, relaxed upon hearing so, chugged down the vials contents in one go.

Pochi landed softly, mindful of her riders; feeling all the hostile intent in the word from behind, she immediately proceeded to rush off to the side.

This was to make sure that Asley could see what was coming at them.


“Forty incoming!”


“A hundred meters away, sir!”


“No need to aim! Zenith Breath at the middle of the flock!”


In response to that instruction, Pochi briefly stopped.


“Huuuuu… GAAAHHHH!!”


A curtain of blue light spread forth, engulfing ten of the Blazing Dragons; the monsters were obliterated, while Guile was utterly dazzled by the sight.

Pochi, her mouth still smoking, ran off again immediately, shocking Guile with the impact on his body.

Guile grabbed on to Pochis back, his exhausted body whipping around in the wind – but then he felt something change.


[…Im not… tired anymore What the-!]


Now Guile realized what thejuice in that vial did; he turned to Asley, only to see him doing something… incomprehensible.


“Rise! Rise, A-rise! Rise! Rise, Arise, A-rise… Rise!”


Incomprehensible to Guile, indeed.

Asley, using the time Pochi had bought for him, was reconfiguring his Swift Magic.

Pochi, realizing what her Master was doing, kept on shooting down the Blazing Dragons to buy Asley more time.

And then-


“Oh cmon… really”


Guiles words, upon him seeing the mountain, suggested a great deal of surprise and despair – where the latter comprised a considerably larger part of it.

A black, cloud-like clump was writhing on the mountains summit.

But that was indeed no cloud; each moving part was its own individual.


“They really dont wanna let us go, huh…”


What Guile was looking at was a flock of Blazing Dragons – at least a hundred of them.

Asleys spells and Pochis breath attacks had slain over fifty of them in total.

However, there were still more than ten-fold of that amount chasing them.

And at least a hundred of them left on the mountains summit…

Guile caught the sound of Pochis rough breathing in his ears.

The reality here was that if Pochi stopped moving, it would be all over for the three of them.


“H-hey! You have any more of that juice!”


Guile now realized the weight of the situation, but what he heard next was not at all what he had expected.


“You need a break, Shiro!”


“Hah hah… this is… nothing…!”


Asley had no more of the Pochi Bitanded left on hand.

Pochi already knew that.

If he hadnt given that last vial to Guile, the latter would have been thrown off to his death by now.

Realizing what was up, Guile promptly closed his mouth; he could now only bite his lower lip down in regret.


“Weve got to gather them around somehow!”


“I would already have if I could!”


“I know! Lets give this a try! Gravity Road & Remote Control!”


Asley drew a circle on the fly and invoked the gravity spell.


“Ngh! W-what made you think its a good idea to joke around NOW!”


It did hold down the flock of Blazing Dragons – but Asley, Pochi, and Guile as well.


“Gah! …T-the hell is this spell!”


Guile tried to keep himself up, fighting the increased weight of his own body.

Although Pochi was chucking profanities at Asley, she knew that Asley wasnt joking around.

She still didnt understand his intentions, however, and could only tread carefully as the Blazing Dragons slowly approached them.


“Ngh… and… here! Rise! Magic Colors!”


This time, Asley cast a spell into the sky; the Spell Circle expanded, and proceeded to rain down rainbow-colored light particles.

Pochis eyes widened; now she understood what her Master was going for.

Asleys latter spell highlighted the arcane energy with its different colors, in turn identifying the Gravity Roads exact areas of effect.

The paths with increased gravitational pull restricted the movements of the Blazing Dragons in their effect areas; the plan was for Pochi to lure them around, eventually gathering them in a single location.

All that needed to be done now was to carry the plan out.

Pochi proceeded to run ahead with the fastest speed she could manage – dodging past, leaping over, and slipping under the enemies Purgatory Breaths like a thread through a needle hole.

The Blazing Dragons, agitated by the abnormal gravity, fell right into Pochis trick.

The paths led to one center point… the dead center of a vortex, completely surrounded by a wall of increased gravity; Pochi reached here first.

The Blazing Dragons glided right into it, falling down mid-way; there were approximately eighty of them here.

The monsters roared in unison, the sheer magnitude of their voices and the wideness of each of their mouths shaking Guile to his core.






Asley unleashed one of his newly-set Swift Magic spells.

Pochi leapt up, letting the wind below her feet carry her.

It got her high enough in the air to cross over the gravity spells areas of effect.

As one would expect, the Blazing Dragons tried to give chase; they spread their wings, blowing up dust clouds with each flap.

At this moment, Asley invoked a spell from another one of his new Swift Magic slots.


“Gravity Stamp!”


Pochi, with Asley and Guile on her back, was the first and only to escape from the gravity vortex.

The Blazing Dragons were blocked from further progress by the latest spells invisible ceiling, as if they had a lid to seal them in a pot.

They had only one way to get out now: the sides, which had pinned down countless others of their own kind.


“Earth Control!”


Asley invoked the third Swift Magic spell, calling up strong earthen walls – a countless amount of them.

Now the Blazing Dragons were completely trapped; still, they unleashed their Purgatory Breaths, with Pochi spinning around to dodge them all in mid-air.

On Pochis back, Asley readied his staff – a staff made from the fangs of Torrent Dragons, the Blazing Dragons greatest rival.


“Pochi Pad Breath!!”


What he aimed at was the vortexs center.

What he shouted out was a gigantic, paw-shaped ball of water; its size was that of a small mountain.

Pochi subsequently landed, and immediately laid flat on the ground, her body shrinking down.


“Ack… ack…!”


“Hey… are you al- whoa!”


Guile had no time to worry about Pochi now.

Pochis gigantification had disengaged; Asley carried her on his shoulder, while also helping Guile up.

As he got up, Asley immediately screamed,




The Pochi Pad Breath was about to explode.

Asley was the only one present who knew of the spells destructive power; his face warped into a spectrum of emotions: panic, regret, more panic… and tears of fear.




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