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“Are you sure about this, sir”


With how we approach our fight now, Im the only one dealing the finishing blows to the enemy monsters.

That wouldnt get you any EXP, you see.

I havent done this before since your level was alreadymaxed out, but now… I say we must.”

“Whatever works to get your level catch up to mine, Master.”

Pochi said, arrogantly snickering up her nose to emphasize her point.

Normally shed come off as sarcastic, but right now she was totally serious, and talked like that only to try and make things less awkward.

Its been about half a day since wed left Sodom together with Giorno and Lylia.

On the way, wed discovered a Wyvern nest, and decided to take a break here since it provided good shelter and concealment from other enemies.

Behind us was a cliff, while in front of us was all forest, save for a single narrow animal trail.

Not many people used this path originally, but it seemed to have caught on with the adventurers as a shortcut to Brunnera.

Although the individual Wyverns here were C-ranked, their threat was comparable to Rank S when they formed a group, so the Adventurers Guild naturally classified their hunt requests accordingly.

I wasnt so reckless as to take a break in such a dangerous place, of course, but just now, the original inhabitants had been instantly wiped out by Giorno, using his special skill, the Brave Blade.

Sword wave techniques werent anything out of the ordinary, but Id never seen one so powerful and with a range so wide.

Traditionally… by which I mean in the future, one would gather arcane energy on the blade, and then release it by swinging extremely quickly.

Thegathering step was absolutely necessary.

However, I hadnt even seen Giorno gathering the energy; only him unleashing the waves at blinding speed.

Hed been using that super-powerful technique of his like it was nothing, making short work of everything in his way.

Hed told me that he had used this skill to take down the Kiryu as well, so now it makes sense how he was able to keep up with that Dragon, I suppose.

If I had to identify the major difference between this eras melee combatants and my eras warriors, aside from power levels, then it would be how arcane energy manipulation was incorporated into the combat form.

Warriors had low arcane energy stock, so they generally tried not to needlessly expend them throughout their fights.

Essentially, fighters like Bruce expended their arcane energy to invoke their special abilities, while Giorno expended hisduring the abilities actions, ticking down with every movement while they were active.

The arcane energy manipulation methods in this time period were even more advanced than what mages in my time were capable of.

It was quite understandable that the people here may have a far easier time in battle.

The latter method required one to have a high amount of arcane energy, of course.

One of the many perks of being in a time when Limit Breakthrough was readily available, I suppose.

As she was now, Pochi could hold her own against an S-ranked monster.

However, it came down to my magical attacks to sweep down hordes of monsters and finish off powerful ones.

Seeking more flexibility, I took this occasion to discuss with Pochi, and in the end, decided to override the Familiar Contract.

The process entailed adding a clause that equally distributed EXP gained in battle between us.

With it in effect, both Pochi and I would gain EXP regardless of who dealt the finishing blow to a monster.

When wed departed from the Dungeon three years ago, Id suggested implementing this at one point, with the intention to take advantage of Pochis level, but shed naturally shot it down.

Her reasoning was that it wouldnt be good for me to gain levels without actual combat experience.

But that was no longer the case now.

Both Pochi and I understood that, so when she asked if I was sure, I could say without a doubt that I was.

“-and thats a wrap.”

“Oh That didnt take as long as I expected.”

“Hey, you fool over there.”

Yes, fool here.

“What is it, Lylia”

“Unless you lack common sense, you ought to remember not to release your arcane energy whenever not necessary.

If there are monsters nearby, they may attack you, thinking you to be a weak power source.”

“H-huh Do the monsters in this area have a higher sensitivity to arcane energy, or something”

“They all do.

Did you not hear the Nations announcement when the Devil King entered his Fetal Stage”

“Ah, oh… right… hahaha…”

Seeing how clueless I was, Lylia heaved a sigh out of exasperation.

Strange – hers was clearly different from how Irene sighed at everything; her eyes and face were practically warped in disgust.

Quite a surprise how such a beautiful Elf could emote this… prominently.

“Hahaha, dont you be silly, Lylia.

Were doing this because you lost the eating contest, remember.

We get them to our destination, we get paid.

I thought you were happy to take this job, saying its killing two birds with one stone… or did I remember wrong, hmm”

Giorno grinned sarcastically, further fueling Lylias frustration.

The latter seemed to be reliving her bitter memories of when she had been bested in competition.

So that was their reason…

Giorno and Lylias money had been used up – in good part forfeited to us – which we were now using to pay for their services.

I see, I see… Money sure makes the world go round, no matter how small ones world may be.

Ooh, that was good.

Lets write that down in the Principles of a Philosopher.

One thing I failed to understand, though, was how Lylia was constantly glaring at me.

Why Shouldnt she be doing that to Pochi instead, what with her having beaten her at the contest

“But it is true that having Poer with us slows down our progress.”

Hello Could you at least wait for your client to leave your presence before badmouthing him, Giorno

“Which brings me to my idea, Poer.

If you arent too tired, Id like you to follow me.”

I left Pochi behind with Lylia and went for a walk with Giorno.

Once we were at the cliff side, Giorno hopped down to a ledge below, while I slowly descended using Whirlwind.

For a moment there, Id thought he was trying to commit suicide or something… howd he even land safely from that height

Was it his level Or did he just use the Fortify Resilience skill

While I pondered it over, Giorno stopped to point at a certain location at the bottom of the cliff.

What I saw there was a sprawling forest.

Its center was an open area, not unlike a plaza, in which grain-sized figures could be seen moving about.

Thats… a pack – no, an army of Master Goblins

I turned to Giorno.

He was grinning quite mischievously while holding up his index fingers.

“One: Master Goblins cant fly.

Two: They have no means to climb up this cliff.

Three: They dont have the means for their attacks to reach this high, and-“

“Now you stop right there-“

He sounded like he was having quite a lot of fun saying that.

So… he was suggesting that I terminate the army of A-ranked Master Goblins with long-range magical attacks.

Again, they were practically an army, their numbers most likely totaling over two hundred.

Id already noticed in earlier battles, but the Fetal Stage sure has strengthened the monsters quite a great deal.

The Divine Messenger had said that all of them would have their powers elevated to a higher rank of strength, and now I understood what that entailed.

Though it wasnt necessarily a letter ranks worth, they were indeed quite a bit more powerful.

But that also meant an increase of EXP I could gain.

If I could defeat all these Master Goblins, each of which now possesses strength close to Rank S, Pochi and I would gain at least a few levels.

That was probably what Giorno had in mind.

“Are you sure I should be doing this Leveling myself up without getting combat experience, I mean… And Lylia just told me that I shouldnt be releasing my arcane energy too much-“

“Poer, youre on a level such that youre not even supposed to be in battle at all.

Think of it like your mother having to feed you when you were but a toddler.”

Now Im feeling quite pathetic, having my power level analogized to a toddlers incapability.

“You have to hold up a spoon before you can eat by yourself.

Nothing wrong to start with that… dont you think”

Hmm… I have mixed feelings about this, but he did make a valid point there.

Wed probably part ways again once we reach Brunnera, so I suppose I should try to learn as much as I can until then.

So what I must pay attention to is the number level Ill gain once I apply my points at Brunnera… huh.

“Ill be keeping watch over the whole area, so if theres something too dangerous for you, Ill take care of it.

Well be getting paid quite handsomely, after all.

Consider this as a little bonus from us.”

“Hahaha, thanks for the help.”

I reply to Girono with a wry smile; he then urges me to do my thing.

Considering how the monsters were grouped together, it might be optimal to use the Pochi Pad Breath, but that will also cause a great deal of collateral damage.

It looks like Ill have to focus on precision after all.

“Here goes nothing! …Rise, A-rise, All Up!”

Having first used one of my favorite ability augmentation spells, and with Giorno watching over the process, I pointed my staff at the group of Master Goblins.



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