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“Eh-hem! 132! Hundred and thirty-two, Master!”

“…Yeah, good for you.”

“And whats your level, hmm~~”

I feel I must do something about this grinning Familiar at my side, but I have so many other things I must think about right now.

Having asked the receptionist guy for a detailed explanation of over-leveling, it seemed that ones acc.u.mulated EXP wont be released until one hovers their hand over the Craft Circle.

What that meant for us was that, unless we somehow acquired that Circles formula for ourselves, there would yet be no point in returning to our present time.

With that said, Im not seeing any way for us to reveal that secret right now, nor do I think the people of this Adventurers Guild would be willing to teach us.

All this new information also brought me to another mystery.

His level was 274, or so he claimed.

Thats a bit too low for someone whos 5,000 years old, but then again, hes a total hermit… Well, not that Im one to talk.

He seemed to be at that wasteland the whole time, too, so he probably wasnt in that much of a hurry to level up.

From our discovery here, its entirely possible that the Limit Breakthrough he was talking about and the Limit Breakthrough magecraft of this era were versions of the same idea.

Id like to uncover the secrets behind both of them, if possible.

“One-o-one, One-o-one!”

“Who are you calling One-o-one!”

“One-three-two has been wondering, One-o-one… What are we even doing around here”

So here we were, suddenly in an unfamiliar place, suddenly with new identities.

Sitting in front of the Adventurers Guild, me with my knees in my arms, we were facing a roadblock of the greatest difficulty.

“Hey, I wouldve gone somewhere else if I could.

But we dont have any gold, so yeah…”

“Cant we just go earn some”

“If only.

From what Ive heard, this town is in the Front-Front Lines of the war against the Devil Kings army.

And if were gonna head to another town, well need to hire us some bodyguards.”

“Thats true, but…”

“Yeah, no money.

Be it love or friendship or anything else, they all need money to go around! Damn it, at least Ill write that down in the Principles of a Philosopher…”

As I took out my pen and the book from my purse, I felt a light knock on the back of my head.

“Ow – Hey, what gives!”

“Take a seat.”


Well then, it seems that Pochi is angry about something.

Itd be wise not to oppose her at times like this.

If things get too far, then she might even stop talking to me for a whole year, like that one time in my past.

So I did as Id been told, sitting down on my knees… on the ground.

“My knees are kinda hurting here, Shiro.”

“Bear with it.”

“Okay… so, what is it”

“Listen up, Master.

We may be adventurers, but when there isnt a quest that we can take, we must do something! Anything!”


“No buts! This is not the time to worry about appearances! We need to find ourselves a job as soon as possible!”

…Oh, I see.


(Xemul: And so the difficult life of gastarbeiter begins…)

“Welcome, welcome!”

“Oh, youre new here, boy Hang in there – lots of waiters come and go round this place… Oh, Ill have one pumpkin and two plates of onions.”

“Coming right up, maam! Ah, how would you like some lettuce to go with them Freshly picked, real juicy! Good for your skin, too! Theyll make you even more healthy and beautiful, Im sure! Well Would you like some”

“Oh, my… youre good at this! Tell you what, Ill take two plates.”

“Hehe, thank you very much!”

“Hey, look over there! Glutton Masaki just lost the eating contest! Man, dude couldve used that money, too!”

“For real! THE Masaki! Who the hell did that!”

“D-damn… I gotta see this!”

“Lets go!”



“Pretty young for a shopkeeper, aint ya Sure you can lift the gear round here”

“…The Boss Man handles everything himself, so…”

“Hmm,least you act like a decent a.d.u.l.t.

Cmon, lets see what the places got for sale.”

“…Do you have any exchange tickets, sir”

“Sure do.


“Hey, its the dog that beat Masaki! Now shes gone and beat Glutton King Randolph in another contest!”

“For real! THE Randolph! Well, hes the weakest of the four Glutton Kings, though… No way shes gonna beat Cammy, Fudo, and Jumbo, Im sure.”

“See, I heard shes gonna be up against Jumbo next! You know, the strongest Glutton King!”

“D-damn… I gotta see this!”

“Lets go!”


“Hey there, mister!”

“The hell, kid Youre givin me the creeps…”

“Havent things been so hectic lately With the Devil Kings army advancing and all that, you mustve been soooo tired from your job, am I right!”

“Aha~~ you from that shop! Must be hard work, coming out advertisin your place.

Hardly anyones wanna do that.”

“Our place is popular with big, strong guys like you, yknow!”

“HAHAHA! I like the way you talk, kid!”

“And you know how weve got some real nice girls with us Cmon, why not come wind down and have some fun Weve got some time slots open now, so you can even get yourself two at once!”

“Well well, cant say no to that! Ill stop by for a bit.


“Aye-yup, you can count on us!”

“Hey, now that supernova Familiar Shiro is up against the Devourer Queen Lylia!”

“For real! THE Lylia! Cant she, like, eat twice as much as Jumbo! The hell is up with that Shiro


“Looks like theyre starting soon, so lets go see them!”

“Hell yeah! Sorry, kid.

Ill come again, so save a seat for me then!”

“Hehehe, of course! Well be waiting!”


“Damn it, Pochi! You took away my customer!”

Now back at the Inn, I swing the door open, voicing my complaint at Pochi as she drummed her inflated belly.

I feel like Ive been getting used to calling her different names in different places, too.

Im sure I wont be having a problem with that.

“Urp… now thats what I call a meal! Besides, its not like I could help it, sir! The spectator crowd just got bigger and bigger… oof-“

“So, howd the match against Lylia go”

“I won it big time!”

If her win was sobig time, she probably would have plenty of room left in her stomach, though…

“To be honest, sir, I never expected my reunion with a Holy Warrior Candidate to be like – oof…”

From how her belly looked, if I were to push it, she might get even more junk out than the volume of her whole body.

“And here I am, working literally nonstop… I didnt invent the Pochi Bitanded for this, damn it…”

“But you did make good money with it, right”

“All the prizes you won added up to quite a lot, too.

The total number between us must be around 30,000 – in this eras value, anyway.

We should be able to hire some bodyguards to bring us to a relatively peaceful region now.”

“Ohh, thats good to hear, sir! Now then… let us be off after Im done with this last gig!”

“Huh… youll be out eating again”

“The ultimate enemy awaits!”

For some reason, Pochis silhouette looked so imposing and huge… and so was her inflated belly, naturally.

How in the world did she never get fat

And more importantly, whos that ultimate enemy she referred to


Pochi claimed that she had emerged victorious from a fierce battle, but never spoke of her opponent.

Wonder who that was.

Thanks to her additional winnings, we were able to save up more gold than wed needed, so we recruited us better bodyguards, one rank higher than wed initially planned to.

Weve got to be as safe as possible, after all.

I had almost no attachment to Sodom, but I couldnt deny feeling that Id learned so much this past week.

And now, we were in front of Sodoms north gate, waiting for the bodyguards that the Adventurers Guild had arranged for us.

“Theyre pretty late, arent they”

“Did we get scammed”

“I dont think the Adventurers Guild is one to run scams, sir, no matter what ancient era this is…


Pochi reacted to something coming from the sky above; I looked up as well, and saw two people leaping over the wall, then over our heads, landing behind us.




“…Its these two”

Why them

Oh, God… Why THEM

The people who had appeared before us… were the same bodyguards wed had a week ago.



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