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When we all reached the Adventurers Guild, we saw that Fuyu was already waiting for us in front of the building.

She wore a primarily black and white set of clothes with emerald green trimming… a uniform, perhaps And if I had to guess, I would say the uniform of the Magic Guardians.

Its size seemed a little too big, but the design fit her looks quite well.

I looked at Fuyu as she stood, and was promptly Betty knocked my side with her elbow.

Bah, she sure has a habit of nudging people this way.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting, Fuyu.

Asley was chatting some girl up, so we lost a bit of time, you see~~”

“Hey, stop saying things that can be misinterpreted in THAT way! Besides, you were the one who was late-“

“Now, let us be on our way, everyone!”

Betty shut out my retort and started walking up to Fuyu.

She dragged me by my mantle with one hand, lining up the three of us with Fuyu in the center, Betty in the left, and me in the right.

And then theres Pochi making weird noises as she climbed onto me and placed her front paws over my head, demanding a shoulder ride.

“H-hey, youre kinda heavy, you know.

Get off me!”

“Hmph, at least you could let me be the one sitting once in a while, sir!”

“Oh, Pochi… youre coming with us too”

Fuyu chuckled as she looked up and saw Pochi on my shoulders.

Oh, for the love of… I fail to understand whats so delightful about THIS…

“Say, Fuyu, is that the Royal Capital Magic Guardians uniform youre wearing”

Perhaps Fuyu had have been looking forward to showing this uniform to us.

“Of course – its a uniform anyone would want to wear, you know.

Theres no way it doesnt suit you.”

“Um, well… thank you very much.”

From saying that, Fuyus face flushed up faintly as she cast her eyes down.

Betty then reached for Fuyus head and brushed her hair.

Looking from my perspective, those two sure gave off the impression of being sisters.

Back at our agency, we also had Natsu giving off the impression of being Blazers daughter.

And Bruce being Bruce, he seemed to have hit it off real good with Lala.

Well, whenever they hung out, Tzar would be there as well, so theyd gotten in quite a few quarrels of words – but then again, that could be used as an indicator of friendship in a way, and Tzar himself seemed to be getting used to that as well.

“So… today well be looking for Bettys new equipment… and what else”

“Oh, dont be such a fool, Master.

A woman needs no objective when she goes out shopping!”


“First of all, were going to the central district!”

Betty ran off with Fuyu following close behind her.

I, on the other hand, totally missed the timing and ended up chasing after Fuyi instead… and then splendidly faceplanted onto the ground two steps in.

Further weighing me down was Pochi on my back… and she had the nerve to shout out her complaints – with that, I decided to deduct a side dish off her dinner tonight.

The central district of Royal Capital Regalia was filled with an outrageous degree of hustle and bustle.

People streaming by, the shops pitching their stuff to customers – all were so loud that Id thought there was a fight, but THIS was normal.

Stuck in such a crowd, I was spooked, shoved around, and pushed to the ground… again.

And once again, Pochi on my back had the nerve to shout her complaints – with that, I decided to slightly deduct the amount of food off her main dish tonight.

Once I readjusted my glasses and took a good look, I could see that people here were not at all having it hard with their lives.

I would never have expected this from a Devilkin-worshipping society.

Or rather, this could be a showcase of how well Grey and his subordinates had been running things.

According to what Id heard from Betty and Fuyu, the commercial district encompassed the main street that stretched from the southern section of this central district all the way to the south gate.

Although we still had no destination in particular, we did have a general direction now, that is to go along the street to the south gate, and then go along the wall toward the west gate.

With that place ultimately set as our destination, we headed due south along the commercial district.

…I mightve stated this before, but the Royal Capital sure is amazing.

Weapon shops lined one side of the main street, with armor shops lining the opposite side – the variety was all-encompassing, with one shop being surrounded by and competing heavily against the others of similar products.

But what surprised me the most was how everyone around greeted Fuyu as they noticed her pass by.

It seemed that she had become quite famous within the Royal Capital, perhaps because she had always accompanied Gaston on his work.

Anyways… I just cant say enough about how much Fuyu has grown.

Having entered the Royal Capital Magic Guardians – a position Hornel and many other Magic University students strove for – and having received training under Gaston, one might say that this rate of progression was a given, but when she had started out, she had worked as a general assistant more than anything.

It was almost unheard of for one to show this much of an improvement in such a short period of time.

A little before noon, Betty went into a shop, apparently having finally found some armor she might be satisfied with.

Id thought she would have us help her choose, but in the end, she said she would decide by herself.

While the rest of us sat in the store to wait for Betty, I sparked a conversation to ask Fuyu some things I had been wondering about.

One of which concerned Linas decision to enter the Royal Capital Magic Guardians.

“Say, Fuyu, how is Jeanne doing nowadays Last Ive heard, shed entered the Magic Guardians after graduating from the Magic University the year before last”

“Yeah, thats her.”

“If I remember correctly, she completed her troop training recently and was just officially installed as part of the brigade the other day.

Other than that… I dont think theres anything particularly noteworthy.”

“Jeanne… as an in-training troop.


And with nothing particularly noteworthy, huh… thats quite a way to show how impressive Gastons hand-picked elites are as a whole.

“In-training troops are overseen by the Brigadier, Miss Viola, you see.

After their official installation, they would be observed by Sir Gaston as well… But by that point, some may not be able to handle the regular troops training, which results in them resigning from the Brigade – because of that, havingnothing particularly noteworthy could be interpreted as a positive.”

Viola… Gastons right-hand officer as the Brigadier of the Magic Guardians.

With Gaston as the overall commander, this naturally meant she was the top of the troops.

And below her rank, I think there were Majors, Captains, and the like.

“That sounds… scary.

Are you an in-training troop as well, Fuyu”

“I was registered to the brigade under special terms, so all of my training is being overseen by Sir Gaston himself.”

Doesnt that also sound scary in its own way Still, I wonder what sort of training had they gone through.

For some of them to voluntarily relieve themselves of such a yearned-for profession, it must be quite dreadful…

“Hey~~ sorry to have kept you all waiting.”

“You sure about that set, Betty Wouldnt something a bit more weighty be a better fit”

“You remember that my speciality is speed, right If I reduce that too much, itll eat into my overall combat potential.”

“Well, I guess thats true.”

This just occurred to me – how about I affix a Spell Circle onto the equipment that nullifies its feeling of weight, turning it into an Artifact Could that be done Hmm, I ought to go forward with this research some time soon.

(Xemul: Yes, please do! I am dying to see Betty flying around as a butterfly in heavy plate Paladin body armor)

“Asley Cmon, lets go~~!”

“Y-yeah! Right behind you!”

It was after we left the shop and got back on the street that a growling – so loud that it would spook even the Devil King – came from Pochis stomach.

“Its about time we got something to eat, I say!”

“Oh, yeah… the crowd is getting thinner.

Must be lunch time now.”

Is THAT really a reliable indicator of time

“Im starting to feel hungry, too.”

Fuyu put her small, delicate hands over her abdomen.

It seemed that I was the only one who wasnt hungry, so… I suppose I wont be able to say no.

And so we went on our way, led by Pochis nose to a restaurant that she deemed to serve good food.

Her nose turned to be right – the ham-and-veggies stir fry dish was so delicious that I proceeded to order another.

And Pochi, true to her dislike of veggies, proceeded to pass her vegetables to me while she kept her ham.

Seriously, she would be better off ordering a different dish or something.

I wanted to continue talking with Fuyu, but thanks to my dear Familiar wanting to bask in the sun after the meal, I ended up accompanying the doggo outside instead.

Well, Betty at this time has got some things she would like to talk about with Fuyu too, so I suppose going the other way for now was fine as well.

We ended up sitting down on a nearby bench, with Pochi drumming her belly as we leaned against each others backs.

Then, suddenly, a boy appeared before me.

Whats with this kid He looks rather thin, like his limbs were almost twigs… and his clothes were slightly dirty.

Could he be from a financially-struggling family While I thought about it, the boy pulled on my mantle and spoke up,

“U-um, could you please buy some of our shops weapons”

You do realize that Im a mage, right



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