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Chapter 5 - The Conflict

“Waiter, my lady is just resting here.

A small rural shop, we don’t suppose there would be any good tea, so we brought our own… ”

The beautiful maidservant stubbornly obscured the shop against those bystanders who were curious about the commotion.

She impolitely instructed: “Also… please use the ‘Clear Spring pot’ which I have brought from home to boil the tea.

The water must also… ”

Judging from the looks of it, she had everything she needed, but she just wanted to take a rest in the shade of this tea shed.

“Haiz… ”

The store owner agreed bitterly, clearly business was slow.

But in the next moment, the maidservant offered a silver piece for payment and immediately made him smile as he thanked her profusely.

The young lady didn’t say much and sat on the silk-padded bench, her eyes swept across the shed with her eyes which seemed to be speaking.

First, she looked at the table of people from the underworld, and then scanned the old man and his grandson, and finally, her gaze stopped on Fangxian.

She let out a soft sigh.

“Miss, do you think it’s too noisy here”

The maidservant rolled her eyes, she looked like she was about to call the bigger servants who followed along in the carriage to chase people away.

“Haha… what a spicy lass!”

The masked woman frowned and as she was about to speak, the sitting junior female apprentice finally couldn’t bear it, she sneered in disdain: “Does your family own this place”

While she was speaking, her figure flashed.

To everyone’s surprise, she left her seat, came forward reaching out to grab the veil on the masked lady’s face.

Firstly, this was to teach the other party a lesson; secondly, she was a little curious about how the masked woman looked under the veil.

“The audacity!”

Upon witnessing the turn of events, the maidservant glared furiously, jumped up like a cat with hairs standing, and defended against the junior female apprentice’s attack.


When the two were exchanging blows, the junior female apprentice’s martial arts skills were actually above that of the maidservant’s, but she was suppressing her strength and she immediately suffered a big loss.

With an exclamation, she furiously retreated a few steps, and there were several bloodstains on the back of her right hand.

“Junior Sister”

The brothers from the same table were shocked, some even directly unsheathed their weapons: “The audacity, you dare to trifle with the people of the Qingyu sect!”

The maidservant still maintained her composure: “It was your people who initiated the fight.

We are the people of the Yaofeng’s Liu Household!”

Seeing her posture, this Liu family should be very famous throughout the Yaofeng provincial city.

Those few Qingyu sect disciples suddenly hesitated upon hearing this.

“Senior brother, avenge me!”

The Junior sister was infuriated and bellowed: “No matter how influential the Liu household is, do you have powers over other provinces”

“Protect missus!”

Witnessing what had happened, the coachman guards of the Liu household rushed in.

A big battle was about to unfold.

“Do it!”

The eldest senior brother only glanced once at his junior sister, seeing her bloodshot eyes, and she had already exchanged blows with the enemy.

He uncontrollably heaved a sigh and also flew forward.

The light reflected by the swords and knives unsheathed flicked within the tiny tea shed.

The store owner was so scared that he could only crawl under the stove, curled up shivering.

Fangxian sat in one corner as he continues to observe intriguingly.

In his eyes, a strange color flashed from time to time.

‘Well… that maidservant walked like a feline, her toes inched inwards, landing silently, and was vicious with her moves.

She seemed to have cultivated a variant of the Five styled Tiger fists - Cat fists! Yaofeng provincial city’s Liu household’

Five-styled fists!

The fist’s techniques take the essence of the five beats: ‘tiger, crane, dragon, viper, monkey’; a total of five paths, each fist had many variants under it, and was the most common external skills.

Even the ‘Fierce Tiger fists’ that he had secretly learned before also originated from the evolution of the ‘Tiger styled fists’ evolution mong the Five styled fists.

Seeing that maidservant strike her moves, he instantly secretly took down notes of a few techniques from these ‘Cat fists’.

He was hoping that it could be integrated into his own fist’s techniques.

To be able to master any sect’s techniques with just a single look, was already the level of an incredibly gifted genius.

Fangxian originally possessed no such natural talent but under the blessing of【Eye of the Mysterious Caverns】, their every move seemed to be slowed down a thousand times, it was as easy as a flip of a hand, as clear as day.

‘Hmm, there is also this Qingwu sect, I can learn how to wield a weapon properly with technique… ’

Fangxian was watching the commotion feeling overjoyed.

Maybe with his natural talent, he only needs to read more to ascend upwards.

But even if he had observed many martial arts, he may not be able to form his own sect and develop the most suitable set of martial arts for himself.

“Haiz… It’s a pity that once martial arts has reached its peak, it seems to lose its prowess… Why am I thinking so much Just finish this lifetime first… ”

Thinking about the horrors of the past life, Fangxian sighed and lamented himself for not seizing any opportunities.

Right at this very moment, his complexion changed.

Only hearing a slamming sound.

A wooden table was smashed during the commotion, splinters flew in all directions.

One of the wooden pieces just happened to fly towards the grandfather and child, who were both instantly scared silly.

“Ugh… ”

Fangxian sighed softly, his body slowly hummed with energy, and suddenly got up.


Like a tiger roaring in the mountains and forests, it had a pressing aura.

Everyone who was fighting couldn’t help but cease their movements and stared at the figure in unison.

Although he was still the ordinary boy from before, it was unclear why everyone felt disheartened.

Fangxian stood right in front of the old man and his grandson, grabbing the renegade flying wood chips in his hands, exerting strength in all five fingers on his right hand.


The wood piece splintered into many small fragments, sliding past the surface of his fingers.

I thought that in the underworld, we stand up for the unjust, with whatever means available… I didn’t expect no matter the location, it was all the same… The ants on the roadside can be stepped on at will, their lives were not worth a cent… ”

Fangxian sighed lowly, waved his hands to the rear: “Hurry up and leave!”

“Much… much thanks, hero!”

The scared silly grandfather and his grandson finally came round and ran out of the tea shed like they were fleeing for their lives.

“A master who cultivates tiger-styled fists”

From the corner of the eldest senior brother’s eye, when Fangxian struck his move, he thought an actual tiger had leaped forward.

Only at this point of cultivation can one be considered a true master of the skill.

“What this young man said was true, it’s not a good thing to accidentally hurt the bystanders during the fight between both parties.”

At this time, the masked lady also began to speak.

As Fangxian listened, his heart was only filled with sorrow.

If he hadn’t mastered ‘strength’, he would likely follow suit and hide timidly like the old man, his grandson, and the store owner.

Would people even hear what he had said

‘It seems that no matter which world you live in, the prevailing truth was the same.

Power was absolute.’

He subtly laughed at himself.

“Are you going to stand up for them”

The junior sister’s face flushed with anger: “Who even are you, do you even have the guts to stay here”

She fired a hidden weapon, streamlining the projectile directly towards Fangxian’s direction.

At this moment, Fangxian finally reacted!

He stepped forward, like a tiger prowling down the mountain, directly grabbing the spotlight!

Tiger-styled fists were extremely fierce and seemed remarkably brave!

The junior sister was stunned for a moment, her movements were half a beat slower.

At this moment, Fangxian clawed with his tiger paws, channeling his strength into his sharp fingertips.

Hearing a crisp sound, the junior sister tossed the long sword in her hand, her wrist was fractured and her face ashen.

“Junior sister, you can’t do that!”

Only then did the eldest senior brother’s exclamation followed.


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