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“Senior, where are we going”

In the wilderness, Fang Xian performed ‘qin gong’ and followed closely behind Zhou Xuan, for fear that this senior would accidentally go crazy again.

“We’ll be arriving soon.”

Zhou Xuan kept walking and came to the outside of a wooden house.

This seems to be where the hunters rest in the mountains, and they always keep some firewood, rice, oil, and salt as a temporary resting point.

At this moment, Fang Xian suddenly stopped, with a hint of surprise in his eyes.

On the edge of the wooden house, a big man was chopping wood.


He dropped an axe, and the firewood was divided into two, giving Fang Xian a very harmonious feeling.

It was as if the firewood was actively splitting along the grain itself.

Wooden house, wood stack, axe, big man…

Everything is natural, giving Fang Xian a sense of integration with the environment that cannot be shaken.

‘This…is this the supreme realm of martial arts The unity of heaven and man’

Fang Xian’s heart trembled.

”Senior Chu, I’m here.”

Zhou Xuan went up and saluted respectfully.

”Well…you came at the right time.

I just beat the head deer, and I’ll have a drink later.”

The big man put down his axe, and a smile appeared on his ordinary-looking face, just like an ordinary farmer’s rough man.

No one can associate him with the supreme master of the sword, who is almost invincible in the world, Chu Kuangren!

”This one is called Fang Xian, I have seen my senior!”

Fang Xian stepped forward to offer his salutations and was very grateful to Zhou Xuan.

Just by seeing him once, he was able to see the road ahead clearly in the fog, and know how to go next.

”You don’t need to be too polite, little brother.”

Chu Kuangren touched the back of his head, looking rather simple and honest.

Into the night.

The prey was grilled on the bonfire, and the three of them sat around, drinking hard liquor from time to time.

”Senior Chu, what you entrusted me with has changed now… This little brother, as well as the Golden Wind Drizzle Building, are interested in looking for Nie Yinlong!”

Zhou Xuan tore off a deer’s leg, took a bite, and said immediately.

”So Senior Chu also came here for Nie Yinlong”

Fang Xian mourned for Nie Yinlong for a few seconds.

Although he was one of the two dragons, he would risk his life if he provokes the great master.

As a killer, the ability to pull hatred is really strong!

At the same time, he also understood why Zhou Xuan brought himself here.

As long as he and Yu Longjiao can determine where Nie Yinlong is hiding and bring Chu Kuangren with him, the original battle will become as easy as an outing.

”That’s right… I got a letter from an old friend, his son was killed by the assassins of Star Picking Building…”

Madman Chu’s expression darkened.

”Nie Yinlong is so daring” Fang Xian was very surprised, it looks like he doesn’t treasure his life.

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Chu Kuangren had a bitter look on his face: “I have too many enemies in jianghu.

Although I am close friends with that old friend, very few people know about it.

The Star Picking Tower just dispatched a simple killer and treated it as an ordinary task… It’s just… …I had to avenge the son of an old friend.”

’This sounds…a bit familiar…’

Fang Xian’s heart moved: ‘Wait… Chu Kuangren is from Yuanwu Kingdom, his old friend should also be here, and Star Picking Tower has assassinated not many people in Yuanwu Kingdom recently, shouldn’t there be such a coincidence ‘

He thought of the scene he witnessed, the scene where ‘Sky Saber Star’ Lu Yong was assassinated!

His father seems to be called ‘Golden Sabre’ Lu Kunwu, although he is also in the innate realm, but the Fang Xian at this time no longer considers him that much.

Unexpectedly, this person hides so deeply!

’Sure enough, he is very acquainted with the ways of the world, and he knows how to save his life.

Otherwise, if he is known to be a friend of Chu Kuangren, the Yuanwu Kingdom would have killed him long ago…’

Fang Xian’s heart was moved, and it happened that Zhou Xuan’s eyes also swept past him.

The two of them looked at each other, both knowingly.

”Come on, drink and drink!”

After three rounds of drinking,

Chu Kuangren’s expression remained unchanged, and his eyes became more energetic.

”I heard that Senior Chu’s heroic appearance back then made people yearn for…”

Fang Xian complimented casually.

”Haha…” Chu Kuangren laughed loudly when he heard it, “You also heard that I was angry with the crown back then for love, and killed through Yuanwu Palace with one sword”

”Yes, it is said that the senior seemed to be in love with the emperor’s princess at that time, but the emperor decided to lay a trap to kill because of this…” Fang Xian told the news he heard.

”That is fake, how can there be so much drama in the world” Chu Kuangren shook his head.

”Then why” Fang Xian’s expression changed.

”It’s because…a cake…” Chu Kuangren revealed a look of reminiscence.

”A…cake” Fang Xian felt like he was about to hear a different story.

”Everyone always has a childish time, I was just how old back then.

I can’t remember.

At that time, there was a famine and I almost died of starvation.

I begged all the way.

And finally was given a cake by a certain family, that’s how managed to survive.”

Chu Kuangren looked calm: “Later I was going to look for that family to repay my kindness, but his family was already ruined.

The reason was that he was blackmailed and persecuted by the government.

I couldn’t let my anger go, so I went to the official for the reason.

But he instead said “all warriors use their martial art to get what they want”, and suddenly wanted to punish me, so I fought it out… Later, more and more people were chasing and killing me, and I became more and more powerful.

”So, the Yuanwu Kingdom was almost wiped out, and the cause is a cake”

Fang Xian nodded and concluded with a heavy expression.

”That’s right, it’s just a cake!” Zhou Xuan added beside him.

The next day, early in the morning.

Fang Xian and Zhou Xuan said goodbye to the Chu Madman and set out on their way home.

”How How do you feel”

Zhou Xuan asked.

”His dao is natural!”

Fang Xian pondered for a while and finally spoke.

”Good, it is exactly that four words his dao is natural!” Zhou Xuan praised: “I thought hard, and in the end, there are only these four characters… The way of the great master is all in it… Unfortunately, every move must be in harmony with nature, there can be no deliberate meaning, isn’t that very difficult”

”In this respect, Senior Chu Kuangren is a natural born great master…” Fang Xian exclaimed.

The way of the great master is inherently mysterious, and there really is no match for him.

Although the Chu Madman started weak, at the very end, he was victorious in a hundred battles, and he naturally understood the way of the unity of heaven and man during the battle.

Zhou Xuan brought him here, not only to repay Jade Dragon Beauty’s favor but also to let Fang Xian know the way forward.

”Haha… I have a limit in my life, but martial arts have no limit.

It’s a joy!”

Zhou Xuan laughed loudly, raised his head to the sky, and howled wildly, his voice shaking all over the world.

From the rear, there was a louder and clearer howling, as if to see off the two of them.

”Thank you, Senior Chu.”

Fang Xian rushed behind him, gave a sincere salute, and immediately looked at Zhou Xuan: “Senior Zhou, let’s go back… Huh”

I saw Zhou Xuan lying on the ground again at this time, pouting his butt and observing the ants, without the previous grandmaster’s demeanor at all.

“Really… Did you get sick again”

Fang Xian covered her forehead, his face full of helplessness.


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