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Reincarnation formed into a core.

Fang Xian immediately changed his location and started his first practice after achieving golden elixir cultivation.

The most important thing among them is naturally to comprehend “Secret Records of the Mysterious Caverns” again after the realm breakthrough!

This time, facing all kinds of weird, distorted, confusing, and extremely heterogeneous information, he did not choose to accept it passively like in the past and comprehend the magical powers of the method.

Instead, take the initiative to choose a direction and start his enlightenment.


Zzzt! Zzt!

His eyes were colorful, and he seemed to see the truth of the world again.

Fragmentary and strange information poured in, making him dizzy and his consciousness pushing him to insanity.

In the cave, Fang Xian’s body began to melt slowly like a wax figure.

At the critical moment, a golden pill of black and white, which rotates endlessly, emerged, emitting a gray light.


Fang Xian seized the last bit of clarity in his mind and broke free from the comprehension of “Secret Records of the Mysterious Caverns”.

During the flow of mana, his body that was on the verge of collapse reassembled and returned to his original youthful appearance.

“That was close, if I hadn’t already achieved the Golden Core, I might have really gone crazy this time… What is the origin of this “Secret Records of the Mysterious Caverns I’m afraid it was the guy from the elite area who came to kill me, not for the sake of tracking and enforcing the law, but to silence me and take it for himself”

“This item, even in the interstellar world of my second life, is a very special thing”

He stopped thinking and completely let go of his body and mind.

It took a long time before he calmed down and took stock of his gains.

“I have comprehended some information, but there is no magical method that can be used… This is normal, after all, the same is true for me when I was still in the Fuzhong realm… But it seems feasible to grasp a key point and actively comprehend a certain method.

Once I had some foundations and fragments… next time I will try to comprehend again will be when I have achieved Faxiang Zhenjun.

Then, I will definitely be able to combine the supernatural powers I want!”

“However, just now, I used the Samsara Pill as a guide, and I seemed to see the location of the Mirror of Three Lives…”

The Mirror of Three Lives is transformed from the fragments of the reincarnation disk, which can make the reincarnated monks awaken the memory of their previous lives and get back their supernatural powers.

“This mirror also caused great chaos before.

A Yuanshen Daojun even took action for it, his whereabouts became unknown, but now it has become related to me!”

After achieving the Nine-Revolution Life-Death Reincarnation Pill, all the things that have a connection to reincarnation in this world already have a sliver of fate with Fang Xian.

If you get this rare treasure from the Immortal Mansion, it will almost be Fang Xian’s ‘Treasure of Enlightenment’!

Dharma Zhenjun refines Dharma with yin essence, and finally when there is only a little pure Yang left, he would need a support item to use to sustain himself, so that he can refine the immortal soul and live forever!

Although relying on just a primordial spirit is enough to suppress most of the monks in this world, the level of the support treasure will naturally affect the combat power of the Taoist Primordial Spirit.

Those who rely on ordinary magic weapons, even the magic weapons of the Dzogchen series, are the weakest type of Yuanshen Daojun.

For a true Ascension Immortal, the object of sustenance must be the first-class treasures of the Immortal Mansion!

For example, Master Tianhuo did not choose the Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror as his soul’s sustenance, because even if this magic weapon was at its peak, it was only the completion of the thirty-six heavenly dipper restrictions, and it was not as good as other immortal devices!

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In Fang Xian’s hand, there was only an invisible needle before, which was barely enough to be a rare treasure in the Immortal Mansion, and it could be used to entrust the primordial spirit.

But if this is the case, even though he is unparalleled in combat power among Yuanshen Daojun, he will lose his fate with reincarnation.

“In comparison, the Mirror of Three Lives is very suitable… If I got this thing, I really won’t ask for anything more…”

Fang Xian stepped on the fire dragon sword and traveled with the sword.

Achieving a golden core by oneself is different from relying on an outer elixir before.

When he released his divine sense, he saw a ray of light, and a white-haired casual cultivator inside, with only supernatural powers, chased after him and shouted: “Fellow Taoist, please stay!”

“Who is this senior”

The loose cultivator stopped his escape light and looked at Fang Xian.

He felt that this senior had a kind face, like an old friend he hadn’t seen for many years, and there was a sense of closeness in his heart.

“I’m a casual cultivator nearby, and fellow Taoists are in a hurry, so what’s the matter”

Fang Xian asked with a smile.

The nine-revolution life-death reincarnation pill is infinitely useful, and he just used a little trick and it already is more convenient and useful than the hundred-life reincarnation formula.

“It was before that there will be an anomaly that will originate from the east, or maybe a rare treasure will be born…” the old loose cultivator said shyly.

“So, fellow daoist is trying to see if he can have a fateful encounter”

Fang Xian nodded: “I have retreated for many years and just came out from my isolation.

I don’t know what’s going on in the world of cultivators”

“If you talk about the biggest thing, it’s naturally the Shushan Sword Sect and the side sect’s sword fight!” The old man Sanxian said without hesitation: “The disciples of the Shushan Sword Sect went to ** to test the sword, and the vitality of the two side sects was greatly injured.

How can this be tolerated It’s no secret that the Three Immortals and Two Heroes, the great prosperity of Shu Mountain, the real monarchs of the sect, don’t want to wait for these children of destiny to grow up…”

“Sure enough, no one in this world is a fool.

The side sects have already united and begun to fight against the enemy, and the Kunlun Demon Palace is also preparing for war… It is impossible to wait for the four little ones to attain the Zhenjun level before doing it…”

Fang Xian felt that he had a little more understanding of the general situation of the world here.

clasped his fists together, and disappeared without a trace.

Shushan Sword School’s sword fight, what does it matter to him

This kind of karmic retribution, which will involve too much, and it only delays practice.

Fang Xian’s sword light pierced through the sky, and followed the direction provided by the Samsara Pill, he wandered among the mountains and rivers.

No one knows how long it took when he came upon a small stream.

The stream is gurgling and crystal clear, with rocks and moss on both sides.

In the silence, several voices suddenly came.

“Sister Yingzi, I think this place is pretty good, and the scenery is quite beautiful…how about taking a rest here”


A sword light fell, and three figures appeared, they were actually Zhu Yingzi and Han Yingzhu.

These two girls also have supernatural powers and walk with swords, but they brought with them someone with a small tail.

That little tail is a young man in green robes, with sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes, with an extraordinary appearance, he flattered them and said: “The two elder sisters choosing this place then it must be very good, the younger brother was born in a water town, how about I go catch a fish for the elder sisters”


Zhu Yingzi was girly, she still had her wild disposition, she glanced around, suddenly let out a surprised cry, and shouted: “Which master is here”

‘Looks like these two girls came out to find a fateful encounter just like Zhuge Wenxian There must be some treasure on my body that they need, otherwise even if I didn’t make an effort to hide, they wouldn’t be able to find me.

Now that he was discovered, Fang Xian didn’t care, he stepped out and said, “It’s me!”

“Brother Fang Xian!”

Zhu Yingzi’s eyes lit up: “When we said goodbye last time, Yingzi was so worried about you…” 


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