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Kunlun Magic Palace.

The shrill screams reverberated in the air, like a heavenly demon taking the soul, and the disciples and servants with lower cultivation bases had already died one after another.

In the end, a large formation of prohibition emerged, isolating the main hall where Yan Moluo lived.

Outside the main hall.

The magic dragon, Shura, Xiehai, and Wangu, these four demon Zhenjun, all appeared together, with extremely dignified expressions on their faces.

“Unfortunately, I thought that the Four Zhenjun of Kunlun Demon Palace would become the Big Five… Now, it seems that there are still four…” Asura Zhenjun laughed strangely.

“It’s just chasing a mere golden elixir, why is there so much fuss” Molong Zhenjun frowned.

The cause of this matter is still on him.

“This is an injury to a Dharma cultivator’s soul.

It should be an injury caused by the flying sword… but it is very vicious.

It seems to contain the supreme means of both righteousness and evil.

Ordinary methods of repairing the soul may not be effective.”

Wan Gu glanced at Xiehai Zhenjun next to him: “I heard that all the seven golden elixirs died this time, and only your female disciple survived”

“The one who made the move is obviously a spy of the righteous way, so what does it have to do with my apprentice” Xiehai Zhenjun said indifferently: “Even if there are some small secrets, it’s okay, when her blood shadow becomes perfect, the old man will personally take action and kill her.” Extract the soul and refine the soul…”

“Okay, you feel sorry for one blood god son, then we’ll wait a little longer…” Wangu  Zhenjun looked at Zhenjun Shura again: “What can you deduce”

“The image of the agent of the righteous who attacked is hazy.

He must be using some magic weapon secret to suppress his own secrets, but it has a lot to do with the person who let go of the dragon last time!”

Asura Zhenjun glanced at Demon Dragon Zhenjun, and said calmly.

“Shu Mountain! It’s Shu Mountain again!”

Demon Dragon Zhenjun roared immediately.

Zhuge Wenxian rode the dragon that day even though he wasn’t too flamboyant, he was recognized early on, and the news was on the desks of all the big bosses of the demon sect.

It’s just that he had no choice but to hide back in the Shushan Sword Sect.

At this time, only Yan Moluo’s wailing was heard in the hall, as his natal Dharma emerged.

Numerous granulated arms sprouted from the body of the god and demon, flying all around the hall, trying to make up for the cracks in itself, but to no avail.

“His spirit… is constantly weakening, and I’m afraid that once the seventh day is over, he will be completely destroyed! He won’t even be able to reincarnate!”

Asura Zhenjun exclaimed: “When did such a vicious flying sword come out between the heavens and the earth”

The other three Zhenjuns also made ugly faces, and said: “For the current plan, the only way is to invite our ancestors.”

Daoist Minghe has been cultivating in the Nine Nether Demon Spring, hoping to break through the last hurdle, cross the catastrophe and achieve the Tao of Heavenly Demons, which is the first of its kind in this world.

In this world, among the other sects, there has never been a Dharma Zhenjun who can achieve immortality and break through the primordial spirit.

The Demon Sect is slightly better than the other Sects, but they can only cultivate the Primordial Spirit, and cannot overcome tribulations and ascend.

Daoist Minghe is full of mana, in fact, even those immortals who are about to ascend to the righteous path are extremely afraid of him.

But there is no hope for Daoist Minghe to ascend using this way, and he has been wasting time in the mortal world.

No one knows when he will be able to step through the last stage.

After all, it is unacceptable in the world for the heavenly demon to ascend, and the doom that it will bring is terrifying!

Fang Xian didn’t know that Yan Moluo’s serious injury was hard to heal, and it had reached the point of alarming Yuanshen Daojun.

At this time, after he fled far away from the Kunlun Demon Palace area, he began to prepare for alchemy.

A barren hill.

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Fang Xian brings out his attribute bar:

[Talent: Eye of the Profound Cave]

[Boundary: Supernatural Powers]

[Nanming Lihuo Sword Art: Big Success]

[Taixu’s body-shattering invisible sword art: Big Success]

[Six Paths of Reincarnation: Big Success]

“No matter how he tries to deduce the Six Paths of Reincarnation,

They are all only at the level of spiritual formulas, at most, the alchemy can reach the middle and low grades, and the foundation must be supplemented by foreign objects…”

Fang Xian closed his eyes, his mana surged, and in the dantian, the magical talisman formed by the Six Paths of Reincarnation suddenly rose and began to form a pill.

Black and white two-color rays of light emerge, and there are six phantoms.

Suddenly, the six phantoms merged in the middle and turned into a somewhat complicated phantom pill.

The sky was full of wind and clouds, dark clouds were densely covered, and auras of aura swept across and turned into whirlpools.

Even if it’s just a magical power, the momentum for the formation of the core is not inferior to those of the upper three ranks!

If you condense the real pill in this way, you may have the hope of getting a fourth-rank pill.

Fang Xian took out the endless fire of creation and absorbed the fire into his inner core.

This fire has been burning for thousands of years, life and death are inexhaustible, and there seem to be two currents circulating in Yan’s heart.

Under the scorching fire of good fortune, the illusory core suddenly became smaller, and the impurities in the core suddenly decreased.

Seeing this, Fang Xian was similar to a dragon swallowing water and drinking the water of the Nine Nether Yellow Spring’s Styx River.

This true water of the Styx River is smelted by Daoist Minghe with great difficulty, which can refine the yin quality of the Dharma, and enhance the Taoism of a Dharma Zhenjun

Used here, under the attack of water and fire, the illusory core keeps shrinking, but the inside is gradually purified.


Seeing this, Fang Xian made another formula to completely absorb the good fortune fire and the Styx water into the illusory core, so that the dragon and the tiger can meet, and the golden core will be completed!

But the illusory core trembled and unexpectedly became unstable for a while.

The vortex of spiritual energy surging outside suddenly slowed down, and it seemed as though it will disintegrate!

“Reincarnation elixir, is it so difficult”

“However, my secret technique is based on the Turtle Lined Blood Trigram and comprehend it in conjunction with the attribute column.

It is definitely done to its very limits.

Why can’t I still seize the chance of grabbing fate from that day”

Fang Xian frowned.

If the core making is delayed for too long, the doom will become more intense and it will be easier to fail.

Among other things, with such a loud voice, monks who are thousands of miles away may be attracted to come here.

He looked at the illusory core in his body, and his mind was in a trance for a while, thinking of his past life, and the life before his past life…

“The first two lives were muddled, the third life overwhelms the present, but due to the limitations of that world, it cannot live forever…”

Those scenes of joy and sorrow emerged in Fang Xian’s heart.

His heart, however, has long been tempered and unmoved by external objects.

“I understand… to condense reincarnation into a pill, in addition to the endless fire of good fortune and the water of the Nine Nether Yellow Springs… you also need a heart of reincarnation!”

“In this world, there is no monk more suitable for practicing the way of reincarnation than me!”

Fang Xian also put a little reincarnation thought into the void core, and even the invisible attribute bar seemed to be shaking slightly.

After putting this little thought into it, the illusory core immediately stabilized, black and white intertwined, constantly expanding and shrinking, and finally completely stabilized, condensing into a round golden core!

Peerless product – Nine Reincarnation Pills of Life and Death!

“The priest searched thoroughly up in the blue beyond, as well as down in the Yellow Springs below the earth, but did not spot her (Yang Guifei) in the vastness of either place.”

Fang Xian let out a long cry, and the electric snake danced wildly in the sky as if it was about to rain down infinite thunder.

But the next moment, a phantom of a roulette appeared.

Small reincarnation disk!

This cycle of reincarnation stretches across the sky and the earth, and with a slight rotation, it will completely eliminate the thunder and calamity in the sky.

Core formation anomaly – reincarnation disk appears!

“Golden elixir cultivation that already has a dharma phenomenon.

I achieved the nine-revolution samsara pill, and I even grasped fate with this innate spiritual treasure!”

Fang Xian smiled slightly and saw the samsara disk turning again, and a trace of samsara’s power fell on his golden core.

This is because his golden elixir is special, triggering the blessing of a trace of reincarnation, completely disrupting his own secrets.

Even Yuanshen Daojun can’t even get this! 


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