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Chapter 995: The Most Awkward Performance in History

“Thats why, when you seek out a mystery guest, you need to first look at your own standard.

Otherwise, if you lose out totally compared to the guest, you become a joke instead.”

“Ah, Qiao Luna is finally done acting.

It really was a torture.”

“This is Classic X Filess most awkward performance in history.

There is no other competition.”

“Its time for Lu Man to come on.

I wonder who Lu Man invited.”

“Everyone thinks Guest D is Du Lin, and Du Lin and Lu Man indeed have some relations.

Now the most mysterious ones are Guest W and Guest C.

Until now, there have been no accurate guesses.

Everyone has their own guess, and there is no one most netizens agree on.”

Very quickly, in the show, Lu Man got on stage, and not long after, Du Lin also came on stage.

Du Lin came on and had yet to even open his mouth to speak.

But when the audience saw his face, they all started to laugh.

Even the audience in front of the television could not help but laugh.

“Hahahaha, even though I already guessed it would be Du Lin, when I saw him, I still really want to laugh!”

At the same time that Du Lin went on stage, the cutout of his figure lit up, and Du Lins picture was revealed.

After that, Guest Cs figure also lit up.

It was Ji Chengs picture.

“Ji Cheng! Its Ji Cheng! Its actually Ji Cheng! Lu Man managed to invite Ji Cheng! Impressive!”

When the netizens posted on Weibo, they even posted the picture of Ji Chengs figure.

“What Its actually Ji Cheng!” At that moment, the netizens who were not watching the television hurriedly went to switch it on.

“Mom, Dad! Quickly change the station, change it to Dong Hua Station! Classic X Files invited Ji Cheng, and they are performing now!”

Right after that, Guest Ws figure was also lighted up.

“F*ck! Who the h*ck did I just see!”

“Sun Yiwu!”

“Hes a director, and he came to act Awesome!”

“No matter how he acts, I want to see it! However bad he acts, I still want to see it!”

The netizens sent out Sun Yiwus photo.

The audience who was originally watching The Performer while they were on Weibo saw that and went f*ck, Sun Yiwu!

They instantly changed station.

There was nothing more to say!

“I just changed to Dong Hua Station.

Sun Yiwu just got on stage.

Thankfully, Im on time.”

“Ah, I did not see the front part.

After 12, I shall go on the website to watch the online broadcast.”

“I did not think that Lu Man could invite Sun Yiwu over!”

“Production team, you are a big trick! What W, what C, its not a WC! Which one has something to do with Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng”

They did not think that the person in charge of Classic X Filess official Weibo was online.

That person replied to this netizen, “Isnt Sun YiwusWu W Ji ChengsCheng is also C.”

The audience fainted.

Wasnt it supposed to be the first letter of the surname

The mystery guests had been announced, and The Performer lost a lot of audiences.

But as to how many they lost, it was not possible to calculate.

They had to wait for tomorrow to check the results.

There were also the netizens who did not watch The Performer originally and were also not watching Classic X Files.

When they saw Sun Yiwu and Ji Chengs photo, they could not help but go and switch on the television to watch it out of curiosity.

In the end, when they saw the conclusion, the netizens were shocked.

“The h*ck, 500-0.

What sort of thing was that!”

“Im totally amused by Lu Man, still asking the audience if there were any internal schemes, asking those who voted for her to raise their hand.

Lu Man, why are you so straightforward If there were really some internal schemes and there were audience members who did not vote for you, wouldnt it be very awkward”

Lu Man did not know whether to laugh or cry as she watched the television.

She did not think that the production team would also keep that part in.

She had thought that the production team would delete it.

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