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Lu Man realized that, just now, the girl who had confessed to Han Zhuoli was gone.

She had long ago left silently.

 It was quite good.

 She could not be polite to girls who dared to eye her man.

 After feeling that these two people have probably been intimate enough, Hu Zhonghui and He Mengmeng pulled their luggage along with Lu Mans and went over.

 “CEO!” the two of them politely called.

 Even after the normally aloof Mr.

CEO was not engaging in such a passionate kiss anymore, they found that the aloof image was no longer as strong.

 Han Zhuoli did not feel embarrassed at all being seen kissing Lu Man by other people.

 He wished for more and more people to see it.

 He took over Lu Mans luggage.

As for Hu Zhonghui and He Mengmengs, he let them pull it themselves.

 The two single people lowered their heads and felt that they really should find a boyfriend to pull their luggage for them.

It was too hurtful to people.

 The two of them naturally were too embarrassed to be in the same car as Lu Man, and they suggested that theyd go to the taxi stand to wait for a taxi.

 Han Zhuoli smiled lightly.

“Xiao Chen also drove a car over.

You two can sit in Xiao Chens car, hell send you back.”

 They did not think that this time, Han Zhuoli had even considered them.

Hu Zhonghui and He Mengmeng were instantly very touched.


CEO is quite good!

 Smiling, Xiao Chen came to help with Hu Zhonghui and He Mengmengs luggage.

Hu Zhonghui and He Mengmeng were happy again.

Single dogs also had someone to care for them.

This world was filled with love, warming humans all around.

 Lu Man did not know about these two peoples impressive imagination, and so she said goodbye to them and got into the car with Han Zhuoli.

 She had yet to even put on her seatbelt when, before she knew it, she was pulled by Han Zhuoli into his embrace.

 She then saw Han Zhuoli lower his head, wanting to kiss her lips, and Lu Man hurriedly covered them.

“Theyre already split!”

 “Then let me kiss you somewhere else,” Han Zhuoli said softly, his low voice having a bit of desperation to it.

 His thin and hot lips carefully landed on the corner of her lips, avoiding the areas that he had hurt after kissing.

 Although his movements were light, there was a strange desperation to them.

 Lu Mans face was full of his heated breaths, which had the light scent of mint.

 Every corner of her face was kissed by him, not just around her lips.

He did not let go of even her ears, the tip of her nose, or her eyelids.

 Although it was just one night that she was away, Han Zhuoli missed her a lot.

 She went to Dong Hua to film a show, but he could not be by her side and was very worried, scared that she would be bullied.

 In the end, he could not hold back and kissed her lips again.

 After their kiss, Lu Man was in so much pain that her lips were trembling.

 Lu Man refused to let him continue kissing her, and Han Zhuoli properly coaxed, “I wont touch it anymore.”

 Ultimately, in the next second, Lu Man found out that she was still too naive.

 He indeed did not touch her lips, but they were only separated by a millimeter, and he actually directly entered her mouth just like that.

 Lu Man really understood then that this man could come up with anything!

 In the end, because he was concerned about her lips, Han Zhuoli did not dare to insist anymore, yet he still hugged her and refused to let go.

 His two lips kissed from the corner of her lips to her delicate neck, and Lu Man could not help but tilt her neck and expose the side of her beautiful white neck.

 The green-colored veins could be seen under her thin and white neck.

 Han Zhuolis two lips pressed on her green blood vessels, and he smelled the sweet scent coming from her.

He could feel the throbbing of her vein from the side of her neck.

 Han Zhuoli could not help but suck at the side of her neck before going towards the curve of it.

 Lu Man bit on her lips, hugging Han Zhuoli tightly, not rejecting him.

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