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Chapter 955: Handsome, Can I Pick You Up

Lu Dongliu hit the table instantly.

“Lets do it like that!”

After lunch was over, Lu Dongliu and Chi Xingrui hurried back to the television station to work.

The flight that Lu Man booked was in the afternoon.

After returning to the hotel and resting a while, seeing that it was about time, she followed Hu Zhonghui and He Mengmeng to go to the airport.

Xiao Guo once more drove his car to return to B City.


After the plane landed in B City, Lu Man got off the plane with Hu Zhonghui and He Mengmeng.

It was already 6:15 in the evening.

The three of them took their luggage and walked out.

He Mengmeng took out three masks to prevent them from breathing in the haze, one for herself, and one each for Lu Man and Hu Zhonghui.

“Come, wear a mask.

I checked B Citys PM2.5 before getting on the plane at Dong Hua, its mid-level pollution,” He Mengmeng said.

Lu Man remembered.

“I also have masks in my bag.”

“Wear this first, theyre all one-time-use,” He Mengmeng said.

Lu Man and Hu Zhonghui both put it on, and the three of them left the exit.

As they were walking, Lu Man suddenly stopped.

She looked at a certain tall man—it was actually Han Zhuoli!

He was just standing there, his tall figure especially outstanding among the group of people here to wait for the plane.

He had obviously just rushed over from the company, still wearing a suit that was following regulation.

Even by just standing there, he attracted the gaze of numerous women.

By looking for just a while, Lu Man already saw a lot.

Those who walked by Han Zhuoli could not help but turn their head back to look at him a few more times.

There were people whose face even turned red.

At that moment, there was a gutsy girl who walked over and stood right in front of Han Zhuoli, raising her head and saying shyly, “Handsome, can I pick you up”

The girl was quite beautiful, and it was probably because of this that she was so confident.

She even had two friends who were looking on from the side, covering their mouth and laughing secretly, making faces at each other.

Obviously, they did not feel that this girl would fail.

The girls figure was small, but she had a pair of long legs.

She was wearing the fashionable style of over-knee boots, revealing a small section of slender thighs, and her face looked quite like that of a popular celebrity online.

Han Zhuoli looked over coldly, and the girls friends were already so excitedly calling out in a low voice.

The girl was even more embarrassed.

Lu Man raised an eyebrow and looked at Han Zhuoli, her face expressionless, wanting to see what he would do.

Of course, she was not worried that Han Zhuoli would like that girl.

Furthermore, she was watching at the side.

Lu Man just wanted to watch the drama.

It was rare that she could see Han Zhuolis drama, so of course, she did not want to miss it.

Han Zhuoli looked away and did not say anything.

He walked past the girl and walked forward a few steps.

He left the girl behind.

That girl, obviously because of her looks, had yet to experience being treated that way.

Having just received such a strike to her ego, she was just about to give chase, unwilling to let go, when she saw that Han Zhuoli had suddenly extended both arms forward.

His low and nice-sounding voice had helplessness and doting emotions in it.

“Are you done looking Come over quickly!”

The girl and the surrounding passersby had yet to have time to be immersed in Han Zhuolis deep and great-sounding voice when they saw a girl wearing a face mask run over quickly.

The hair that she had tied into a ponytail behind her head was swishing about, especially active.

Although she was wearing a mask, they could see that her eyes were curved like crescent moons.

They saw how she looked running over, like a sparrow flying back into the forest as she directly jumped into Han Zhuolis embrace.

Han Zhuoli was both angry and helpless.

This girl!

Even though she saw him being bothered by the young girl, she did not bother to walk over!

Did she care so little about him

He needed to properly educate her, yet before he knew it, Lu Man had pulled down her mask and covered Han Zhuolis lips with hers.

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