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Chapter 943: Purposely Stepping on Her

But Lu Man did not do it on purpose.

There was no special meaning to her attack.

If Lu Man really wanted to make a move to target Qiao Luna, how could Qiao Luna have it as easy-going as she had it now

It was Qiao Luna herself who refused to let go and gave herself too much stress, ending up making a mistake on stage.

Yet she managed to blame even this on Lu Man.

Lu Man felt that Qiao Luna probably was sick in her head.

She only mildly glanced at her then did not look at her anymore.

Whod have guessed what Qiao Luna was thinking As if she were possessed, she suddenly stretched out her leg, planning on tripping Lu Man.

No one could have known that Qiao Luna would suddenly stretch out her leg perpendicular to Lu Mans foot while Lu Man was walking.

No one had expected it.

Lu Man herself expected it even less.

The good thing was that, because of the needs of her performance, Lu Man had changed into flat cloth shoes.

Being tripped by Qiao Luna, she stumbled and almost fell.

Lu Man herself did not understand.

What use was there for Qiao Luna to trip her

It was not like she could cause her to fall while tripping.

All she could do was cause her to stumble.

“Lu Man!” When Hu Zhonghui and He Mengmeng saw what happened, they hurriedly went up to support her.

It was just that the two of them had yet to reach her when Lu Man stabilized herself.

Her eyes flashed and just happened to meet Qiao Lunas hateful gaze.

She lowered her head and pretended to stumble backward.

Just now, the time she had taken to stabilize herself was actually very short.

It was barely a second, and no one saw that Lu Man had actually already stabilized herself.

At this time, Lu Man was retreating backward in a very coordinated way with her stumble just now.

Everyone thought that Lu Man was still not stable as she was swaying forward and backward.

Upvote to Lu Mans acting skills.

While Lu Man was stumbling backward, her right leg lifted up slightly.

Suddenly, her whole bodys weight was concentrated on her right leg, and then her whole body heavily landed.

“Ah!” Qiao Luna called out pitifully.

From how they looked, it seemed like Lu Mans cloth flats had no killing or hurting power.

Yet Lu Man had put all her strength at the heel of her leg and stepped on Qiao Lunas ankle joint.

And it just so happened that Qiao Luna was still wearing high heels from the last scene.

Her heels tilted, and Qiao Lunas heels and ankle practically turned at a 90-degree angle.

There was only a cracking sound.

Qiao Lunas ankle was totally stepped on by Lu Man until it was utterly bent.

He Mengmeng and Hu Zhonghui had rushed halfway when they suddenly stopped.

They saw that Lu Man was using her extremely great acting skills as she took her revenge on Qiao Luna.

The two of them were so shocked that their mouths were wide open, becoming an “O” shape.

It was because they were too innocent and could not keep up with Lu Mans actions.

Lu Mans head really worked too fast!

With just that bit of effort, she managed to think of how to take revenge on Qiao Luna already!

If it were them, they would have been stunned a long time ago!

Hu Zhonghui finally saw the live version of Lu Mans sentence: “Normally, when I feel a bit of hatred, I take revenge on the spot.”

Her revenge came too fast, causing people to feel unprepared.

Qiao Luna was in so much pain that her tears came out, wetting her eyelashes and her eyelids until it was all a dark mess, covering her face.

Lu Mans face was helpless as she helped hold Qiao Luna.

“Older Sister Luna, Im sorry! You… youre okay, right!”

“Get lost! What are you pretending for! You stepped on me on purpose!” Qiao Luna was extremely angry.

She wanted to trip Lu Man and make her fall, and instead, Lu Man stepped on her ankle and caused her to twist her ankle.

“No… I really wasnt doing it on purpose, Im sorry!” Lu Man said very anxiously, her face full of nervousness and totally red as she looked at Qiao Luna with worry.

Following Qiao Lunas loud shouting and screaming like she was crazy, her illogical look made the difference become very obvious and stark.

Qiao Luna was pulling on Lu Mans shirt and refusing to let go.

“What are you pretending for! Ah! You stepped on me on purpose! Ah, its so painful! Lu Man, Im telling you, you arent allowed to leave!”

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