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How should Qiao Luna act now

 No matter how she acted, it would not be good enough!

 Two actors and a popular celebrity, was there a need to compare

 There was no need to compare!

 Lu Dongliu turned his head to look towards Chi Xingrui.

Chi Xingrui gave Lu Dongliu an approving gaze.

 At that moment, there was a worker who came to remind them that it was time to go on stage and start filming.

 Lu Donglius gaze turned.

He smiled and said, “Director Sun and Director Ji just arrived.

They have yet to do their makeup or change into their performance clothes.

How about this: lets have the makeup artist first do makeup for Director Sun and Director Ji and get them cleaned up a bit.”

 “Its about time to get on stage.

They wont be on time, right” Lu Donglius assistant asked.

 “Then lets first have Qiao Luna perform,” Lu Dongliu schemed with a smile.

 Qiao Luna was stiff with extreme anger.

 Originally, when they were signing the contract, they had already decided to let Lu Man perform first while she would be the one to perform last as a grand finale.

 Because her status was higher than Lu Mans.

 And going on stage last, that represented that her status was higher than Lu Mans.

 Because the element of surprise was always left to the last performer.

 But now, Lu Dongliu actually wanted to let her go on stage first

 “Director Lu, when we were signing the contract, weve discussed this already.

Ill be the one going on stage second,” Qiao Luna said.

Although she did not have much hope left in her heart, she wanted to try to fight for it for a while.

 “Director Sun and Director Ji just arrived and have yet to clean up, right We cant let the audience wait for so long and think that weve encountered some incident already,” Lu Dongliu said with a chuckle.

“Who goes on first and who goes on second doesnt matter, anyway.

You both must go on stage, its all the same.

Luna, you must cooperate.

Perform first, and by the time you finish performing, Director Sun and Director Ji will probably have finished preparing already.”

 Qiao Luna smiled coldly.

Lu Dongliu really knew how to find excuses.

 He just wanted to have them perform last as the grand finale so that Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng could have a good impact on the production.

 Lu Dongliu was also smart.

He took the fact that they needed to do makeup as an excuse, so there was no one who could reject it.

 The employee rushed again.

“Then Luna, you hurry and go on stage.

The emcee is already waiting.”

 Qiao Luna stiffly told Shen Xijun and Li Youjun, “Then lets go.”

 Shen Xijun patted Qiao Lunas arm, as if trying to comfort her.

 Qiao Lunas manager Huang Yawen and assistant Xiao Zhao went out with them.

 Upon reaching the backstage, Huang Yawen looked at Qiao Luna and saw that her whole body was stiff.

 She knew that Qiao Luna was affected by the sudden situation.

 Huang Yawen told Qiao Luna in a low voice, “Try not to give yourself too much stress and perform normally.

Lu Man is obviously here today to snatch the spotlight.

Because of Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng, she would be sure to stand out and no one can win against her.

However, her inviting Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng might not be a totally good thing.”

 Huang Yawen lowered her voice even more.

There was music playing in front, and Qiao Luna could hear her only if she carefully listened.

 “Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng, any of the two could cause the audience to be worked up, and because of that, they could easily outshine her.

Lu Man was smart, but she might have been too smart and made a mistake, thinking that she could be in the limelight if she was able to attract the attention of the audience.

But she forgot, Sun Yiwu and Ji Chengs attractiveness is too great, it would be very simple for them to overwhelm the attention on her.

The audience members would all be concerned with watching Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng, so who would remember to watch her”

 Qiao Luna had some hope again.

Huang Yawen continued, “So this time, you can properly perform.

There is no need to be stressed, dont feel very burdened, perform at your most comfortable level.

Sometimes, the more you dont care, the more you can perform at the highest standard youre capable of.”

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