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The audience was becoming more and more moved.

The sound of excited clapping did not disappear for a very long time.

They kept clapping and discussing the scene excitedly.

 That image made peoples face red and show excitement.

 The in-charge of broadcasting excitedly said, “Number one camera, quickly zoom in on Lu Man.

Two and three, hurry and film the audiences reaction!”

 Before the show started to film, they did indeed film some scenes of the audience clapping and yelling out.

 But those had been acted out.

How could it be compared to real clapping and yelling

 The clapping and yelling right now were the most real, the most effective.

 Even audiences who were sitting in front of the television would be able to see the excitement of the audience through the screen, as well as the praise the audience had towards Lu Mans performance.

 Qiao Luna sat on the seat.

Her face just now was only a bit black, but now, her expression was totally dark.

 What was the deal with those audience members!

 Just now, when she finished performing, they were only pacifying her, not really caring.

 Now Lu Man had finished performing, and they were all so excited.

 Was her performance really that bad

 Lu Mans performance was not much better!

 These audience members didnt know how to judge good acting at all!

 When the audiences emotions had mostly been expressed, Fan Yue said, “Alright, lets watch an advertisement, and our guests can go and rest for a bit.”

 Between every round, there would be an advertisement for ten minutes, which would also let the guests take the chance to rest.

 Lu Man and the rest returned backstage to rest, and each drank a bit of water and touched up their makeup.

 Chi Xingrui entered and said, “Its been tough on all of you.

Theres still a final round, so I have to trouble all of you to continue on.”

 “Lu Man, Luna, the two of you should be prepared.

It is your performance in the next scene.

Teacher Shen Xijun, Teacher Du Lin, and the other performing guests should all prepare a bit,” Chi Xingrui instructed.

“If there is anything you all need, please feel free to tell me.”

 Qiao Luna looked at Du Lin at that moment, then looked at Lu Man.

“Lu Man, you found only Teacher Du Lin as your guest Its not enough, right”


Lu Man definitely could not find guests.

 She inviting Du Lin over was already very shocking.

 Having Du Lin was shocking enough.

Could Lu Man still invite another big-shot


 It was probably that Lu Man already went thorugh a lot of trouble to be able to ask Du Lin, and she had used her greatest effort and could no longer invite anyone else.

 Lu Man had alrerady changed into her performing costume when she heard Qiao Lunas question.

She mildly said, “There are still two more.”

 “There are still more” Qiao Luna laughed coldly.

“Then why arent they here yet Were preparing to film the last segment already.

If they dont come any time soon, could it be that they want the whole production team to wait, to have us guests wait, to have the audience outside wait”

 Chi Xingruis face darkened.

 It was enough that Lu Man could bring one over.

What was Qiao Luna nagging for!

 It was just that Lu Man calling only one guest, Du Lin, was definitely not up to his expectations.

 Their head director wanted to take this episode to fight against The Performer, but looking at the people present, he found it was barely enough to be on par.

 Although Shen Xijun was very great, her audience range was limited.

It was all the generation of the mothers and fathers.

 Yet the audience among the mothers and fathers generation rarely watched variety shows.

The television station had investigated the data, and at 9 in the evening, most dads were watching current news or international news about who the country was fighting with again or what issues there were around the region.

 And the mothers would watch those kinds of family dramas.

 The main audience of variety shows was mostly all young people, and Shen Xijuns audience was not among them.

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