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Chi Xingrui thought about it.

Such a thing was really happening.

 He had really been muddled by how anxious he was.

 “Alright, then.

Before this, you refused to tell me which guests you invited, but now you can tell me, right” Chi Xingrui said in a low voice.

“The guests whom Qiao Luna invited have already arrived.

They are very well-known, and theres no time even if you want to switch guests now.”

 “Of course I can tell you now,” Lu Man said with a smile.

Towards Chi Xingruis attitude, she was not annoyed at all.

 It was quite understandable.

 Chi Xingrui was the assistant director of the show, and he was very worried that something bad would happen.

It was normal for him to be anxious.

 Furthermore, he was not being rude to her.

 “This time, I invited—”

 Lu Man was just about to say it when she was interrupted by a voice, “Sister-in-law.”

 Chi Xingrui heard it.

Why was this voice so familiar

 He turned his head to look.


It was Du Lin!

 Why did Du Lin come

 The variety shows in their station had not invited him recently.

 They wanted to invite him.

After all, having him in a variety show was like having an assurance that the variety show would have high viewership ratings!

 The episode that had him as a guest would normally have very high viewership ratings.

 But Du Lin was really too popular now, and his schedule was especially full.

Hence, though their Dong Hua Stations show wanted to invite him, they could not.

 So, why was this busy person here


 Did Du Lin call Lu Man “sister-in-law”

 Du Lin was familiar with Lu Man

 Back then, Lu Man had helped Du Lin with his reemergence, and everyone in the public relations industry knew that its success was because of Lu Man.

 And there was a portion of people in the entertainment industry who knew, but Chi Xingrui did not take notice of that at that time, and so he did not know about that.

 As for Du Lin knowing Lu Man, Chi Xingrui was also very shocked.

 He had thought that Lu Man did not know many people in the industry.

 He did not think that she would actually know Du Lin.

 Chi Xingrui was suddenly stunned.

Could it be that Du Lin was the guest whom Lu Man invited

 That would be great!

 Before this, Chi Xingrui had very low expectations of the guests that Lu Man was inviting.

With Du Lin suddenly appearing, Chi Xingrui was extremely surprised.

 “Du Lin!” Chi Xingrui hurriedly called.

“Youre the guest Lu Man invited”

 “Thats right,” Du Lin said as he smiled.

“So sorry I came a bit late.”

 “No, no, you made it on time.” Chi Xingrui let out a breath of relief.

As long as there was a guest here, that would be good.

 Chi Xingrui finally felt relaxed now and was in the mood to joke with Lu Man.

“Lu Man, you are really bad, keeping it a secret for me.

It really got me so anxious.”

 “There are still—” Lu Man wanted to say there were still two more.

 She was just about to say Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng out, but in the end, Chi Xingrui thought that Du Lin was the guest Lu Man found, and just that one.

 He did not listen to Lu Man finish talking and directly said, “Its good that he arrived, its good that he arrived.

Lets go in.”

 Lu Man: “…”

 Chi Xingrui did not give Lu Man an opportunity to speak anymore and pulled them back into the dressing room.

 Chi Xingrui even curiously asked Du Lin, “Why do you call Lu Mansister-in-law”

 “Although Lu Mans fiance is not my actual brother, he is a character whos like an older brother to me and who takes care of me very well.

I call her fianceolder brother, so naturally, I call Lu Mansister-in-law,\'” Du Lin explained with a smile.

 While they were talking, they had already reached the entrance of the dressing room.

 Chi Xingrui walked in first, and Qiao Luna found it strange.

Chi Xingrui had been so worried just now, it was as if the filming background was on fire.

Why was he smiling so brightly now

 Then she saw Lu Man following right behind Chi Xingrui, and then Du Lin, who walked in from behind Lu Man.

 Du Lin!

 Qiao Luna opened her eyes wide in shock.

 Could it be that Lu Man had invited Du Lin!

 Even Huang Yawen and Xiao Zhao were so shocked that they could not speak.

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