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Haha, Xiao Zhao did not believe that the guests Lu Man sought out were big-shots.

 She was just Lu Man.

Who could she ask

 It must be someone who was not well-known but pretending that their schedule was very full.

 Chi Xingrui was also a bit unhappy.

 Before this, he felt that Lu Man was quite reliable and was praising her in front of Lu Dongliu.

Why did she become so unreliable in a moment

Her guest had yet to arrive even now.

How could they arrange it!

 “Lu Man, are you sure they can come Its not just you and Qiao Luna today.

If it were just the two of you, it would have been fine.

Even if they came a bit later, we could have room for discussion and the production team could wait with you,” Chi Xingrui said.

“But there are a lot of teachers present.

We cant make them wait because of your personal problem, right”

 Lu Man believed that Du Lin, Sun Yiwu, and Ji Cheng would definitely be on time.

 So she said, “I can promise, they will definitely come on time.”

 Qiao Lunas hairstyle was also done, and so she stood up and said, “Lu Man, you can speak the truth.

Is it that you havent found anyone yet and youre going to look for someone until the last minute, so youre trying to delay things here”

 Chi Xingrui felt that what Qiao Luna was quite logical.

 Qiao Luna then said, “If you havent found anyone, you can tell us the truth.

We can think of a way together.

What youre doing is to puff oneself up at ones own cost.

Could it be that you want all of us to wait with you And waste time with you”

 Xiao Zhao muttered by the side in a low voice, “If you cant find anyone, then directly say it! Whats the use of pretending!”

 Hu Zhonghui said in a low voice, “Lu Man is talking to Assistant Director Chi, what are you doing, interrupting as an assistant! Just properly take care of your own celebrity!”

 She had long felt that Qiao Lunas assistant was very annoying.

 Xiao Zhao looked down on Lu Man, just a lowly celebrity, so even Hu Zhonghui, her manager, she did not treat as an obstacle.

 She was about to insult her when she was pulled on by Huang Yawen.

 Huang Yawen looked at her coldly, warning her to stop talking.

 “Lu Man, whether you found one or not, or whether the guest you found is not that ideal, you better say it out now.

Its no longer a situation concerning just you alone,” Huang Yawen said in a low voice.

“The situation is concerning your whole show today.

There are so many people coming to participate in our show.

Who did you invite as a guest Cant you at least tell us about that.”

 Chi Xingrui frowned.

He felt that there were so many people attacking Lu Man, a little lady, and that that was not very good.

 No matter how unsatisfied they were, or what they wanted to criticize, it was not good to do it in front of so many people.

 So, Chi Xingrui said, “Lu Man, come out with me for a while.”

 Qiao Luna and the others were gloatingly watching Lu Man and Chi Xingrui leave the dressing room.

 Chi Xingrui said in a low voice, “Lu Man, whats going on with you! I believed you so much, and in the end, youre causing such trouble for me today! I asked you before, if you cant find someone, tell me, dont be scared of being embarrassed! Our production group especially understands you, that youve just entered the entertainment industry and dont have many friends, much less to say guests that can cause a good effect.

So everyone already planned it for you.

If you cant find one, we can help you look.

This is to ensure that the show can film normally.”

 “But what about you You said that you dont need our help.

Xiao Hu also said that youve already found someone.

But now, where are they” Chi Xingrui said.

“You need to tell me the truth.

Is it that you havent found anyone and youre trying to delay the time”

 Lu Man said helplessly, “Why do you really believe Qiao Lunas schemes Am I that fake Am I dumb or not If I really have not found someone, it would be exposed sooner or later, so what would be the use of delaying now I would even be blacklisted by your production group and your television station.”

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