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Whod have known that Lu Man would attack The Performer until it was half-dead

 Right now, what Qiao Luna needed the least was negative headlines, and so she directly gave up on The Performer and chose Classic X Files instead.

 This was probably some kind of fate.

 She was meeting Lu Man wherever she went.

 When filming Fighting Hero, she met Lu Mans Red Tiger.

 She had appeared in the public eye again with much difficulty and wanted to participate in The Performer.

In the end, The Performer was made half-dead, once again by Lu Man.

 And so, Qiao Luna chose Classic X Files.

Whod have guessed that she would meet Lu Man once more on this show

 Huang Yawen could not help but come up with a conspiracy theory.

Did Lu Man hear about Qiao Lunas schedule and wanted to go against her!

 But even if she was going against her, the Lu Man right now was not Qiao Lunas match at all.

 Whether Lu Man was really purposely attacking Qiao Luna, it didnt matter.

Her coming to record the same episode and same show as Qiao Luna was her looking for death.

 Lu Man probably felt dizzy from her previous wins and really thought that she could challenge anyone.

 In some areas, Qiao Luna might not be as good as Lu Man, and the wins Lu Man had had in the past were all because she had the advantage of time, location, and connections.

If she had been lacking in anything, Lu Man would have not have been able to win.

 But on a variety show, popularity and status were very important.

 At least as of now, Qiao Lunas status compared to Lu Mans was a hard-to-overcome difference.

 Qiao Luna could not help but smile happily.

“Thats right, and thats why Im saying that the heavens are helping me.

I did not think that on my first reappearance in the public eye, Id meet Lu Man.

Thankfully, I can use this chance to take revenge and make Lu Man go through what she made me go through!”

 Xiao Zhao clapped her hand once.

“Sister Luna, I feel that your reemergence this time is really very lucky.

Youve just returned and youve already met Lu Man.

You can step on this kind of small character to get to a higher position, and you can even take the chance to take revenge.

Youve just reappeared in the public eye and its already so smooth-sailing for you.

This shows that you will definitely become very popular this time!”

 Xiao Zhaos words made Qiao Lunas mood very good.

 If one wanted to say that Xiao Zhao was very arrogant and would only manage to gain hate for Qiao Luna from others, why was it that Qiao Luna had not fired her

 Of course its because Xiao Zhao was good at currying favor with people.

She knew how to make Qiao Luna happy and what Qiao Luna wanted to hear.

 Every time, she could manage to curry favor with Qiao Luna about the correct things.

 And Xiao Zhaos arrogance had a certain range.

 People who were not as good as Qiao Luna, she looked down on.

 It just so happened that Qiao Luna had that kind of character as well.

She got along very well with Xiao Zhao, and so she kept using Xiao Zhao.

 “You can go and tell the driver, dont be in a rush to leave.

Wait until Lu Man has left first before also leaving,” Qiao Luna said.

 This was how common people schemes to compete.

They felt that if they arrived later, they had a higher standing.


 Lu Man and the other two were behind Qiao Luna for a few steps and were not planning on leaving with Qiao Luna either.

 He Mengmeng frowned slightly and stared at Qiao Lunas back.

She lowered her voice to ask Lu Man, “Lu Man, did you forget that during the time when Red Tiger and Fighting Hero were airing at the same time, Qiao Luna had insulted you You still asked her to take care of you, but why on earth would she do that”

 He Mengmengs lips twitched.

“Before this, when we met her in the VIP waiting room at the airport, we saw her arrogant temper.

She really doesnt seem like the kind who will take care of people.”

 Hu Zhonghui chuckled.

“You can even think of that, so how can Lu Man not think of that Shes just being polite.

If youre too serious, you lose.”

 “Anyway…” Hu Zhonghui smiled evilly.

“Haha, if Qiao Luna really believed what Lu Man said and is looking down on Lu Man, that would be very interesting.”

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