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She had seen the name list of The Performer, but it was a pity that when they go on air, they would be met with those two people.

Hence, they were probably going to be a flop.

 Lu Man blinked and clapped her hands suddenly.

“Aiya, I forgot to ask Assistant Director Chi about which celebrities are in the same season as me.”

 “Thats easy to deal with, I can just ask for you,” Hu Zhonghui said.


 Dong Hua Satellite TV.

 Chi Xingrui had rushed back to Dong Hua overnight last night and went to work on time this morning.

 He entered the office of the head director of the Classic X Files, Lu Dongliu.

“Director Lu, everything has been settled.”

 Lu Dongliu nodded.

“You met Lu Man, how do you feel about her”

 “Shes not bad, and shes very very aware of what she can do.” Chi Xingrui had a very good impression of Lu Man.

“This time, there was an unexpected surprise.

Lu Man is totally standing on the same side as us.”

 “Oh” Lu Dongliu was surprised.

 “We are targetting The Performer‘s show, but Lu Man is targetting the current main sponsor of The Performer,” Chi Xingrui said as he smiled.

 Lu Dongliu could not recall who the main sponsor of The Performer was for a moment, and he managed to react only after a while.

 “The Lu Corporation.” That was Lu Mans fathers company.

 The grudge between Lu Man and Lu Qiyuan, Lu Dongliu had heard of it.

 “Thats good.

It looks like Lu Man wants to totally ruin the Lu Corporation, taking this opportunity against The Performer to have the Lu Corporation suffer a loss.” Lu Dongliu quickly understood.

 He even had a feeling that Lu Man was involved in the Lu Corporation becoming the main sponsor of The Performer.

 Otherwise, why was it that while many companies were all watching yet unwilling to be the main sponsor of The Performer, the Lu Corporation dare to do it

 By right, the Lu Corporation should be more careful right now.

 He did not know what Lu Man did.

 “However, Lu Man has a weakness,” Chi Xingrui said, feeling troubled.

 “What weakness” Lu Dongliu asked.

 “Director Lu, we all forgot that Lu Man has just entered the entertainment industry and does not have much of a foundation.

She doesnt know many celebrities.

The number of celebrities she knows can be counted with ten fingers: its just the actors in the Greedy Wolf Operation and Red Tiger.

Other than these two movies, she has not participated in any other activities and did not go for any variety shows.

Because of that, for the last part of the show, who can she ask to participate” Chi Xingrui shook his head.

“Lu Man said she could find one, but I feel that itll be quite tough.

She has just entered the entertainment industry and has not known the coldness of the relations between people in the industry.”

 Lu Dongliu felt that that might not be the case.

Lu Man had managed to deal with Zhang Lun, that wily old fox, as soon as she entered the entertainment industry.

 This kind of person, how could she not know the coldness of the relations between people in the industry

 Lu Dongliu felt that it was impossible.

 But he also felt the same as Chi Xingrui, that Lu Mans connections were not good enough and that she probably would not be able to find a suitable guest.

 She said that she could find one because she did not want to embarrass herself and wanted to puff oneself up at ones own cost.

 “I told Lu Man that on Wednesday, Ill contact her again.

At that time, if she has not found anyone, our production group will help her look for one.

We cant let her go on the show alone, right” Chi Xingrui said.

 “I think theres no need to wait for Wednesday.

If she can find someone, theres no need to wait for two more days.”

 “Go and contact her manager now to ask.

If she could not find anyone, then well help her look for someone now.

There isnt a great amount of time left, its better to find someone now.”

 “Alright.” Chi Xingrui nodded, then went out.


 Hu Zhonghui was still happily thinking about the great shock factor Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng would give when they appeared on the show.

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