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Chapter 876: Retribution Is Here

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Her attitude was condescending and belittling of others, as if she wasnt a good person.

“Miss Lu, she is a new employee in our company,” the old staff explained.

Lu Qi pursed her lips.

“Just because shes new, its fine that she doesnt know me Doesnt she go on the internet or watch any television”

After all, she was a B-list budding starlet in the past!

Jiang Yujie swallowed down her grievances and hurriedly said, “Miss Lu, since just now, Ive already felt like you looked rather familiar.

However, Ive only seen photographs of you or you in television shows.

Ive never seen you in person before, so I couldnt recognize you.”

Jiang Yujie hurriedly added, “You look much better in person than on television.”

Lu Qi scoffed.

“Since when has my father changed to a female assistant”

The old employee explained, “Assistant Liu from before has resigned.

According to the rules, once his resignation was approved, Assistant Liu had to continue working for another month until we find a new employee for an official handover.

However, its just that with only one months time, it was really very hard to find someone suitable.

The CEO needs an assistant too, so—”

When they were hiring, they couldnt specify that they were looking for a male employee only.

If they had, they could have been accused of gender discrimination.

During the interview, they could simply eliminate the female employees and leave only the male employees behind.

Yet there were honestly too few men working as an assistant, and Lu Qiyuan needed to have one.

Ultimately, they ended up choosing Jiang Yujie.

Lu Qi saw Jiang Yujies pitiful and sad look.

She really behaved so docilely, like she was a small white flower.

Suddenly, she realized that Jiang Yujie looked rather pretty.

Together with her young age, when she looked pitiful, she gave off an air where, when you saw her, you would feel like sympathizing with her.

At that moment, Lu Qiyuan walked out of his office.

When he saw Lu Qi, he called out in surprise, “Qi Qi What are you doing here”

Lu Qi immediately changed into a cute and adorable expression.

Pouting her lips, she ran over to Lu Qiyuans side and grabbed his arm.

Jiang Yujie stared at her in shock.

She really learned something today.

No wonder Lu Qi was an actress.

She was using her acting skills even in daily life.

But why then was her acting so terrible in television shows

“Dad, I came here early.

I have something to tell you, but she kept stopping me and refused to let me in.” Lu Qi pouted as she complained.

“Everyone in the company knows me, but why is she the only one who doesnt know me!”

Jiang Yujie intelligently decided not to try and explain for herself.

She lowered her head and admitted her fault.

“Miss Lu, Im sorry.”

Lu Qi gritted her teeth.

It frustrated her to no end, seeing Jiang Yujies pitiful look.

Who was Jiang Yujie pretending for!

In the past, it was always her and Xia Qingyang who used this tactic on Lu Man and Xia Qingwei.

She had never thought that one day, someone else would actually use it on her instead.

But this Jiang Yujie indeed met the wrong person!

Did she think that this little trick could fool her

She was the expert in pretending to be innocent and pitiful!

Lu Qi laughed silently and coldly.

However, just as she was about to speak, Lu Qiyuan said, “Alright alright, shes new here, thats why she couldnt recognize you.”

After that, Lu Qiyuan continued and said to Jiang Yujie, “Remember it now! In the future, if Qi Qi comes here again, dont stop her.”

“Yes, I understand,” Jiang Yujie hurriedly said.

“I recognize Miss Lu now, I definitely wont forget.

Miss Lu, Im sorry.”

Jiang Yujie lifted her head up.

Tears were welling up in her eyes and she looked pitifully at Lu Qi.

Lu Qi felt her anger rise up in her throat.

It got stuck in her chest, making her feel extremely frustrated.

Yet, right at this moment, Lu Qiyuan said, “Come into my office, then.”

Without waiting for Lu Qi to say anything to Jiang Yujie, he brought Lu Qi into the office.

Lu Qi turned around and glared coldly at Jiang Yujie.

Yet, Jiang Yujie surprisingly shivered a little.

She ducked her neck slightly and continued to lower her head, looking pitiful and helpless.

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