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Chapter 865 I Don“t Even Need to Do Anything

Lu Mans situation had already been solved.

What was left was The Performers production crews problem.

It had nothing to do with Lu Man.

So Hu Zhonghui went back home.

Xia Qingwei had originally wanted to have Hu Zhonghui stay to have dinner together, but how could Hu Zhonghui dare to do that!

Before this, she had heard with her own ears when Lu Man was on the phone with Han Zhuoli, and Han Zhuoli had expressed that he would come back earlier.

She did not dare to eat at the same table as Han Zhuoli, disturbing him and Lu Man.

That kind of pressure was too big.

After Hu Zhonghui left, she continued to watch the situation on the way back.

As expected, just like what Lu Man said, even though Xu Yaojie had taken all the responsibility on himself, the netizens did not buy it.

They still very strongly felt that The Performer was faking results and that Xu Yaojie was just a scapegoat.

“Xu Yaojie did not say that in the recording.”

“From his tone, it didnt seem like hes randomly guessing.”

“Previously, The Performer programs official Weibo posted about several guests who had accepted their invitation.

I hope they dont participate.

Otherwise, I dont know if the final result will be based on their real strength.

I really like them.

I dont want them to participate in this program full of suspicious parts.”

“Li Zeyu and Lu Man both rejected the invitation to participate and rejected people faking results, but the other three from the Chinese Arts Championships this time chose to sign the contract, tsk tsk.”

“I feel that even if there are no internal decisions on whos the winner, Ni Xue, Yang Ruitian, and Chang Yachen would all not be able to win.

Them doing this is really quite disappointing.”

“Its all Lu Mans fault for being too upright! Actually, not a lot of people can be like Lu Man.”

“But compared to really losing the competition and pretending to lose a competition, there is really quite a big difference.

Haha, if they act very realistically, should we praise their acting skills for being good”

“And Ni Xue was the second placer for the Chinese Arts Championships this time.”

“The original motive of the Chinese Arts Championships was good, but it was a pity they chose the wrong partner to work with.”

Before this, The Performer had already publicly revealed some guests that theyd already decided on.

And this group of guests who were already known by everyone was at a dangerous spot now.

Their reputations were at the risk of going down.

At around 6 at night, Han Zhuoli returned.

It could be seen that he really left his company early.

They had just finished eating dinner, and the bowls were thrown in the dishwasher, not needing people to wash it.

The three of them were sitting in the living room and were chatting, drinking tea, and snacking.

After that, Han Zhuoli went back to his villa with Lu Man.

Lu Man took a bath and comfortably came out.

She was just planning on telling Han Zhuoli about what happened during the day when Han Zhuolis phone rang.

Han Zhuoli took a look, then told Lu Man, “Its Wei Zhiqian.”

Han Zhuoli sat on the bed and lay against the headboard.

He pulled Lu Man over then picked up the phone in front of her, not hiding anything at all.

“Zhuoli.” Han Zhuoli had just picked up when he heard Wei Zhiqian call him.

“Why” Han Zhuoli heard Wei Zhiqians tone and knew that it was probably nothing urgent.

Lu Mans hand was pulled by Han Zhuoli.

She could not leave even if she wanted to, so she sat by his side and leaned on his wide shoulders.

As her hand was being held by Han Zhuoli, she pulled his hand over and carefully looked at it while pressing the tips of his fingers and playing with it.

“I saw that Xing Ke Stations show was trying to cause trouble for Lu Man,” Wei Zhiqian said.

“Yeah, but the situation is already solved.” Han Zhuoli tilted his head to look at Lu Man, who was so bored she was playing with his fingers, and smiled a bit proudly.

“There was no need for me to do anything, Lu Man already solved it by herself.”

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