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Chapter 862 Apologize 

Team Leader Wu felt very bitter in his heart.

Back then, he reminded them not to go and offend Lu Man, but they refused to listen, and now that something had happened, they wanted him to come up with a method to deal with it.

Team Leader Wu even had the notion of quitting.

“Director Ge, you need to give me a baseline,” Team Leader Wu said.

“Its impossible to solve this until there are no remaining repercussions that would our production group.”

Ge Guangzhens face was dark.

After much difficulty, he said only, “Then just do it until youve reduced the harm to the production group as best as you can, and do your best.”

After Ge Guangzhen said that, the phone in the office rang.

Ge Guangzhen waved his hand to have the three of them go out.

Xu Yaojie took a look.

It seemed like they were not planning on dealing with him.

He let out a breath of relief but was still not at ease as he returned to his desk.

Ge Guangzhen picked up the phone.


“Its me.” The voice of Chief Hu of the Broadcasting Station rang out from the other side of the phone.

Ge Guangzhens face changed instantly.

The impatience on his face instantly went away, and he hurriedly and politely called, “Chief Hu of the Broadcasting Station, what can I help you with”

“How could you not know the answer to that” Chief Hu of the Broadcasting Station said.

“Its such a mess online, do you really think I cant see it”

Ge Guangzhen, of course, knew that this situation could not be kept hidden from the leaders of the broadcasting station.

It was just that it was such a mess right now, and he could not be bothered to think about it yet.

At that moment, Chief Hu of the Broadcasting Station was personally calling over, and Ge Guangzhen could only smile politely at him from the other side of the phone.

“No, Im already solving it now, and Ive already contacted the publicity team.

I can promise it wont affect the show.”

“You better solve it well,” Chief Hu of the Broadcasting Station said in a low voice.

“The station has planned this show with a lot of effort.

We have invested a lot in this and passed this show to you, yet before we even started to record, there is already such a huge mess.

Let me tell you, I wont let you destroy this show!”

“Yes yes yes,” Ge Guangzhen said continuously.

“Ill definitely solve this thing, it wont affect the show, Chief, dont worry.”

Because of this, he ordered all the office staff to work overtime.

Right when they were about to end work, Team Leader Wu brought the proposal over.

“Director Ge, this is my proposal.

Please take a look.”

While Ge Guangzhen was taking a look at it, Team Leader Wu said, “To protect our show totally, we must definitely find a scapegoat.

This whole situation was started because of Assistant Director Xu, so we can only have Assistant Director Xu take responsibility.

Otherwise, if it impacts our whole show, we would be taking a lot of losses.”

After Ge Guangzhen finished looking at the proposal, he nodded.

“Go and call Xu Yaojie in.”

“And call Assistant Director Wang in as well,” Ge Guangzhen said.

Not long after, Xu Yaojie came in with Assistant Director Wang.

“Director Ge,” Assistant Director Wang called.

Xu Yaojie was currently feeling very hesitant and did not speak.

“Sit,” Ge Guangzhen said.

After the two of them both sat down, Ge Guangzhen said, “Just now, Chief Hu of the Broadcasting Station called personally to ask about that situation.

The leaders of the station have taken notice.

We must solve this situation.”

“What do we need to do” Assistant Director Wang said in his heart, Please dont go and provoke Lu Man anymore.

“Lao Wu, Ill let you tell them,” Ge Guangzhen said.

Team Leader Wu was extremely angry.

This Ge Guangzhen, the one who came up with the idea to slander Lu Man was him.

Now that something had happened, he wanted to have his subordinates come up with ways to solve it.

There was a method, but it needed to offend people, and it was now his duty to say these words that would offend people.

Team Leader Wu looked troubled as he told Xu Yaojie, “Leader Xu, we can now only let you come out and apologize.

You can say that your words in the recording were all your own idea and they cannot represent our whole production team.

Our show does not have any internal workings.

You were aggravated by Lu Mans words, so you did not control your mouth.

Actually, whatever you said was meant to just randomly try to trick them.”

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