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Chapter 861 Dealing with I 

Ge Guangzhen and the other two all looked over and saw Assistant Director Wang sigh as he said, “The National Film Academy has already expressed their support for Lu Man publicly.”


The three of them were all shocked.

Although Team Leader Wu had said that the National Film Academy was very likely to support Lu Man, that was just a guess.

It was mostly to scare Xu Yaojie, to make him stop trying to make trouble.

Actually, in his heart, he was doubtful and felt that the National Film Academy would not support Lu Man easily.

Who knew that the National Film Academy would actually do just that!

Ge Guangzhen really did not think that at all, that the National Film Academy would protect Lu Man like that.

Xu Yaojie was totally stunned and stuck in a hard place now.

He was not able to advance or retreat.

“What did the National Film Academy say” Ge Guangzhen asked, taking out his phone to take a look.

He was not actually waiting for Assistant Director Wang to answer.

Upon finding the National Film Academys Weibo, he saw that the National Film Academy had reposted Dean Hes Weibo.

Before the National Film Academy posted on Weibo, Dean He first stood up to support Lu Man publicly, “The Performers Assistant Director, Mr.

Xu Yaojie, came to our school to sign the contract with the top five winners of the Chinese Arts Championships.

At that time, it was done in my office and I was there the whole time.

I can prove that the recording Lu Man provided is real.

The man in the recording is Assistant Director Xu.”

It turned out that there were a few netizens online who were interested in conspiracy theories and came up with the question, saying that the recording that Lu Man provided could be fake.

They had never heard Xu Yaojies voice before, after all.

Who would know if the recording was real or fake

Dean He: “Lu Mans recording had only her and Mr.

Xu Yaojies conversation.

After that conversation, there came the words of the other students, but Lu Man did not publish it to protect the other students.

On the day of the signing, Mr.

Xu Yaojie was 40 minutes later and I waited at the entrance of the school for 40 minutes.

The five students waiting for the contract signing had also been waiting for 40 minutes in the office.

Later on, obviously just trying to pacify me, Mr.

Xu Yaojie very arrogantly apologized.

As to why he was so late, why he was even late, he did not mention at all.”

“Upon reaching the office, he did not express an apology towards the students over them having waited for him for so long.

Instead, he kept looking down on the students.

Whether it was the National Drama Academys students or our National Film Academys students, they were in our school and we had a responsibility towards them.


Xu Yaojies attitude was extremely bad.”

Obviously, Dean He had come out to speak with the approval of the leaders of the National Film Academy.

Because right after that, the National Film Academys official Weibo also reposted Dean Hes words, “The National Film Academy has never encouraged students to trick people, and the National Film Academys teachers have always taught the students that performing has always been something to be serious about.

If its good, its good, if its bad, its bad.

We dont try to fake results.

As to the students choices, the school does not interfere with those, but towards Lu Mans actions, we are also very supportive.”

“Oh my, if it were one or two people standing out to prove the recording Lu Man provided was real, there is a possibility of the evidence being fake.

But the National Film Academy is a school, a big school, a famous school.

If it is actually standing up to prove for Lu Mans sake that her recording is true, then that cannot be fake.

A school would not bet their reputation to help fake evidence for a student.”

Because of the National Film Academys response, even if Xu Yaojie wanted to pretend it was fake, even if Ge Guangzhen really supported him, that would not be possible.

Ge Guangzhen was so angry that he was panting heavily.

After a while, he finally calmed down, but his anger was yet to be gone when he told Team Leader Wu, “Lao Wu, quickly, think of a way to counter this kind of situation.

Dont tell me that there is no way.

You must think of a proposal! If things were to carry on like this without us stopping it, I think that before we even start filming our show, we wont need to think about airing it anymore.”

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