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If it was really like what the screenshot of the chat says, that Lu Man wanted high fees and requested for the show to let her win, then why did Xu Yaojie say that she was acting aloof Whether it was fake or real, if she were aloof, she would not have had that sort of request.”

“The words of the production crew are contradictory.”

“Where are Lu Mans fans Did Lu Man say anything to you all”

On this side, Lu Man was chatting with Xu Ningxian, telling her not to have the fans show themselves for now.

Lu Man changed to her big account and reposted the Weibo post of the small account.

“Do you know why Im not participating in The Performer Ill see you guys in the next Weibo post.”

“Lu Man appeared!”

“She appeared, Lu Man appeared!”

“When is your next Weibo post”

“Tell us the time, were waiting!”

There were anti-fans of Lu Man who were picking at the fact that Lu Man was not speaking, and now that Lu Man had appeared and spoken, the anti-fans were also not happy.

“Why cant she reveal everything all at once Insisting on meeting in the next Weibo, so pretentious!”

“Lets leave it for now.

Lu Man cant say anything at all, and thats why she published thatlets meet in the next Weibo post. In her next Weibo post, she wont be able to post anything at all either.”

Lu Man ignored those comments.

Hu Zhonghui was not a stranger to Lu Man, and if there was something she did not understand, she would always directly ask.

“Lu Man, why didnt you directly publish it and instead insisted on waiting for the next Weibo post”

Lu Man took out her phone and connected it to the computer, then explained, “Because I wanted to attract the attention of the netizens.

That way, there would be more people to see it.”

“I found it,” Lu Man said and uploaded the voice recording in her phone onto her computer.

“What is this” Hu Zhonghui asked.

“Last time, when Xu Yaojie brought the contracts to our school for us to sign, I saw that the contract was not right, and when I was asking Xu Yaojie, I opened the voice recorder on the phone.” Lu Man brought out the recording and then converted it to a QR code because she could not send it out in the original format.

After converting it to a QR code, she then cut out a lot of the quiet parts at the start to prevent the netizens from getting too anxious and closing the voice recording after not hearing any sound for a long time.

After that, Lu Man published the voice recording, then added a sentence, “The reason Im not joining The Performer is here.”

The netizens who had been waiting for Lu Man to publish the next Weibo saw that Lu Man actually published it so quickly.

They were all shocked.

“Lu Man really did what she said she would!”

Lu Mans fans said, not polite at all, “Where are the anti-fans who were jumping around just now Come on out! We promise we wont laugh and mock you to death.”

“Haha, who said that Lu Man wont post anything Open your eyes that are sealed shut and take a look properly!”

The voice recording that Lu Man posted started from when Lu Man was asking Xu Yaojie about the contract.

“The contract talks about the tricks that the show use.

Does that include the actors pretending not to get along”

“Does it include the celebrities having to act in the role that the production group wishes them to, whether its likable or not”

“Does it include the production group already having internally decided who would win and lose and the celebrity having to perform according to the requirements”

“Then can I rephrase that and say that even if I can win, because my opponents are seniors who are talented in acting, I would still definitely lose” Lu Man said.

And Xu Yaojies voice was also very clear.


“To be on our program means to be famous and to trend.”

“Lets put it this way: we have Wei Feng Corporation as the one sponsoring the champion.

The naming fee of the champion is as high as 500 million yuan.”

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