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“How big of a situation would it have to be before you would consider it a big situation” Seeing Lu Man so calm, Hu Zhonghui suddenly suspected that she was making a mountain out of a molehill, treating this problem as a bigger problem than it actually was.

“When it concerns my mom, when it concerns Zhuoli, when it concerns my family and friends, only then will I consider it a big problem,” Lu Man said.

“If its like that, Ill be very anxious.

But towards myself—”

Lu Man shook her head and smiled.

“Its no problem.”

Hu Zhonghui thought about it.

If it were like that, Lu Man was really treating herself a bit too lightly.

“What are you planning on doing about this situation” Hu Zhonghui put the phone in front of Lu Man.

“Look at the screenshot of these messages.

I was at the location at that time, so I naturally know that this is just bullsh*t.

But the netizens dont know.

This screenshot looks quite believable.”

Lu Man found a small Weibo account from the documents on her computer.

“What are these” Seeing that the file was full of accounts and passwords, Hu Zhonghui had asked in shock.

“These are all the small Weibo accounts I bought online back when I was working in the Han Corporation as a public relations officer,” Lu Man said.

“If I created an account myself, Id need to use my real name to verify it.

Thats too troublesome, so I directly bought a bunch online accounts.

It is convenient to use during work, and when its inconvenient for me to show myself and I need to use a small account, I can randomly find one from the file.”

“This… this…” Hu Zhonghui realized that she had really not seen enough of the world.

You could actually do this.

And after that, Lu Man directly used the computer version of WeChat to contact Dean He of the National Film Academys performing arts department.

“Dean He, its me, Lu Man.”

“Lu Man ah, how are you now I saw the situation online,” Dean He replied very fast.

“If you have something you need help for, you can feel free to ask.”

Lu Man was a student of the National Film Academy and had even been called a representative of the school by Principal Liu.

Dean He was a leader of the school.

Even if it wasnt for Principal Lius sake, just for the fact that Lu Man was a student of the National Film Academy, now that Lu Man was faced with trouble, if he could help her, he would.

And furthermore, Lu Man was the National Film Academys representative student, and Principal Liu was especially polite to Lu Man.

So, Dean He would have to help Lu Man even more.

“Thank you, Teacher,” Lu Man said.

“Im alright, I can deal with it, you do not need to worry.

But there is one thing that I have to ask you for help for.”

“What do you need help with Just say it,” Dean He instantly said.

“Its like this.

Do you have the WeChat contact of that Assistant Director Xu from The Performer”

“I do,” Dean He instantly said.

“Wait for a while, Ill forward it to you.”

When Dean He found Xu Yaojies WeChat number, he sent the contact to Lu Man.

“Are you going to look for Xu Yaojie to talk things out”

“Im not,” Lu Man said.

“The situation has already reached this stage.

How can we have any peaceful discussion Furthermore, that day when we were signing the contract, what kind of situation it was, you were present at that time too, and you were very clear on it. The Performer is slandering me right now.

I suspect that that so-called WeChat screenshot was a show put up by Xu Yaojie himself and the people in The Performer.

I need to check it out.”

“We cant discuss this peacefully.

If we could discuss it peacefully, The Performer would not have done this kind of thing,” Lu Man said.

“Dont worry, I know that Im not only representing myself.

Every word and action would implicate the National Film Academy that is behind me.

So I wont do anything that harms the National Film Academys reputation.”

“Its not just that.

The fact that The Performer is trying to slander me this time, it also implicates the National Film Academy behind me.

Im a student of the National Film Academy.

If my reputation is no good, the school will also be said to be bad by people.

I had yet to say anything about The Performer, but they actually tried to play the blame game with me.

Since they are looking for trouble, then I will definitely have them give our school, and me, justice.” Did they think that she was really willing to attack people

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