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Lu Man paused the movie and frowned slightly.

“I think I know what is going on.”

“What happened” Hu Zhonghui hurriedly asked.

“Just now, the team leader for the publicity team whose surname was Wu contacted me,” Lu Man said.

“Because Li Zeyu had publicly dispelled the rumors and said that he did not join The Performer because of personal matters, Team Leader Wu wanted me to say that as well.

But I rejected him.”

Lu Man smiled.

“Their reaction is quite fast.

I just rejected them, and they started to try to make my reputation bad not long after.”

“I wont say anymore, hurry and take a look,” Hu Zhonghui said.

“Are you at auntys house right now”

“Yeah.” Lu Man nodded.

“Then Ill go and find you now.

Its not very convenient to contact you over the phone.

Well talk about this when we two meet.” Hu Zhonghui hung up and rushed towards Xia Qingweis house.

Lu Man picked up her laptop and cleared up the place, then went to the study.

Aside from preventing the Lu Family from bothering them, another benefit of moving was that there were more rooms.

Lu Man also had her own study, and it was more convenient for her to work there.

Lu Man entered the study.

After closing the door, she logged on to Weibo to take a look.

She saw that The Performer‘s official Weibo directly posted something: “Recently, the netizens online have a lot of questions.

Our shows official Weibo will make it clear here.

The show has no internal decision making.

Lu Man is not participating in The Performer because of her personal reasons, and it has nothing to do with the production group.

Because Lu Man changed her mind at the last minute, the production group also took a bit of loss.”

These words could be interpreted in different ways, but the meaning in their words was that the responsibility was all on Lu Man.

The production group had worked very hard and was really welcoming towards Lu Man.

Everything had already been prepared, but Lu Man changed her mind at the last minute, causing the production group to take losses.

“Eh The Performer pointed out only Lu Man but did not mention Li Zeyu.

Could it be that Li Zeyu did not withdraw at the same time as Lu Man”

“The two of them withdrawing from The Performer, could it be a coincidence”

“Li Zeyu had already made a statement before, saying that his withdrawing from the show was due to his own personal reasons and had nothing to do with the production group.”

“That means that although Li Zeyu has left the show with Lu Man, the reason was different.

Li Zeyu is not in the same group as Lu Man, right”

When the netizens were all confused, The Performer‘s official Weibo reposted Li Zeyus statement on Weibo and said, “I understand, Xiao Li, rest up properly.

Resting for a while now is to allow you to go further in the future.

Although Im regretting that Im not able to work together with Xiao Li, we still anticipate being able to work together in the future.”

The netizens saw The Performer‘s official Weibos repost.

“Quickly, look, the official Weibo of The Performer reposted Li Zeyus Weibo post.”

“If you look at the attitude of the official Weibo of the show, it would seem that they have a very good relationship with Li Zeyu.”

“Of course thats the case.

Our Xiao Li is a good person with a high EQ and is famous for having good connections in the entertainment industry.”

“Looks like Li Zeyu really could not participate in the show because of his personal reasons, and he had discussed it with the production group very well.”

“Lu Man had not said anything yet, so she probably did not withdraw with Li Zeyu.

The reasons that the two of them did not participate in The Performer are not the same, and it was only a coincidence that they did not participate, causing people to feel that the reason the two of them were not participating is the same…”

“The Performer‘s official Weibo only interacted with Li Zeyu and did not bother with Lu Man.

Its probably that the reason Lu Man did not participate is not as happy.”

The fans of the people who had been harmed before by Lu Man, like Zhang Lun, Wang Shuyi, Bourbotte, and even Yu Xingzhou, instantly appeared to become anti-fans of Lu Man.

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