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With Zhou Cheng around, Lu Qiyuan also didnt dare to make a move.

Just after theyd taken a couple of steps, Xia Qingyang shrieked sharply, “Wait!”

Lu Man didnt stop walking.

Lu Qiyuan wanted to grab Lu Man, but there was Xiao Chen and Zhou Cheng in the middle.

Lu Qiyuan could only speak to Lu Man past the two of them.

“You earned a lot of money from shooting Red Tiger, right! The familys company is faced with some difficulties.

Give us some of your salary to help the company tide over.”

Lu Man looked at Lu Qiyuan as if she was looking at a lunatic.

“Where did this shamelessness of yours come from”

“You have a part in the familys company! Whats wrong with getting you to chip in some money” Lu Qiyuan roared angrily.

“Your surname is Lu too! The family is facing problems, youre just not going to care”

“Of course Im not going to care.” Lu Man smiled coldly.

“When the company wasnt doing well as youd just started your business, it was my mother who was by your side.

When the company did better, Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi came along to enjoy the fortune.

When the company was doing well, my mother and I didnt reap any benefits from it, they were all given to Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi.

Now that its not doing well, you remember us again How shameless can you get You invested so much money in Lu Qi back then, so get her to return the money to you.

That money should be enough to help the company.”Read latest chapters at listnovel.com

Xia Qingyang became nervous immediately.

She was afraid that Lu Qiyuans would be easily swayed and really listen to Lu Man.

She hurriedly said, “Qi Qi was harmed by you so much that she doesnt even have any job right now! How could she have any money! Besides, she had already taken out all of her savings from all these years to help your father out.”

Lu Qiyuan was shocked.

“Qi Qi really took out her savings”

“Yes, that child is really responsible.

She was afraid that you wouldnt agree to it, but she told me about it secretly last night.

However, back when her career was doing well, she did earn quite a bit, but she also had to spend a lot of money.

There were expenses for all sorts of promotions, partnerships, and even participating in events.

She even gave Lu Man her pay and covered Lu Mans expenses when she had to go abroad for work back then, so she didnt save up much money.

Eventually, she didnt have anything to shoot, so she could only spend her savings, and now shes only left with two million.

Even though its not a lot, she still hoped that it could help you,” Xia Qingyang hurriedly explained.

Lu Qiyuan was extremely moved.

Even though two million was indeed not much and completely couldnt help him much, Lu Qi was still so thoughtful!

She was so much more filial than Lu Man!

“This child sure is understanding and responsible, but how could I ask her for money” Lu Qiyuan said, touched.

When he looked at Lu Man again, his face darkened once more.

“You should learn more from your younger sister! Your younger sister gave me all her money, but what about you Cant you give me your salary for me to use”

“No,” Lu Man said coldly.

Zheng Yuan and Pan Xue also overheard what Lu Qiyuan said.

Both of them looked at each other.

They felt that Lu Qiyuan was being extremely ridiculous.

Lu Qi gave him money, but he couldnt bear to use it and said he wouldnt use Lu Qis money.

But he could use Lu Mans money

What logic was that!

“You unfilial daughter!” Lu Qiyuan roared.

Lu Man scoffed coldly.

“You feel bad accepting Lu Qis money, but you dont mind accepting my money”

“Both of you are my daughters.

You are richer than Qi Qi, isnt it right of you to give me money” Lu Qiyuan said angrily.

“But in the past, when you had money, you never gave me any.

Why should I give you any money” Lu Man smiled.

“How about this From the time Lu Qi was young until now, sum up how much youve given to her and give that lump sum to me, and then Ill lend you money.”

“You started a management company for Lu Qi, you invested in the shows she acted in.

All of that has to be added in too.” Lu Man considered for a moment and came up with an idea.

She clapped her hands.

“How about this You transfer Yi Lu Culture to me, then Ill lend you money.

Ill just take it that youre using the company as mortgage.

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