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Chapter 820: Not a Doormat

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Furthermore, Lu Man remembered every one of them and even thanked them so respectfully and formally.

Who wouldnt be happy listening to that

After the commending ceremony ended, if the schools wanted to, they could stay to look around the school or have free time to do what they wanted.

Lu Man and the other two, including the two people who were selected for the top five, all gathered at the staff room.

Each persons manager had also come.

In the end, when they arrived, the people from The Performer had yet to come.

“I heard that the one wholl be here to receive us is the assistant director of the show,” Yang Ruitian said.

“It looks like they are placing quite a heavy emphasis on us.”

“Then this time, Im lucky to be participating,” Chang Yachen said.

“To speak the truth, the five of us are just going to be side characters and help to advertise our own schools at the same time.

Its impossible to win.”

“I feel the same way.

The production group this time invited quite a lot of big-shots and talented actors to compete.

Well just be there to show our face,” Yang Ruitian said.

“Im quite satisfied just seeing the cast this time.

The popularity of the show will definitely explode.

Even if Im just showing my face for a bit, that can help to increase my own popularity.

I do not have any expectations to win this competition.”

Ni Xue looked at the time.

“Why hasnt the assistant director come yet I still have work on in a while.”

Li Zeyu looked at his phone and also frowned.

“Right, he said before that he would come at 10:30.

Its already 11, so why isnt he here yet”

“Being late for half an hour is really too much,” Chang Yachen said unhappily.

Yang Ruitian persuaded, “Bear with it for a bit.

We arent high status enough, so they dont really regard us as important.

If we were A-listers, see if theyd dare to be late or not.”

Although everyone here had quite a lot of fans, the truth was that they were still celebrities who were B- and C-listers.

Xing Ke Station was a big station, and everyone was begging to be on this kind of popular variety show.

Youre acting arrogant You want to be prideful

Alright, continue being prideful and they wont want you.

Other people who had around the same popularity as you were all rushing to take your place.

This was all to say that the production group was very impressive, and if your status was not high enough, they cant be bothered to care about you at all.

Ni Xue said angrily, “If they dont come soon, Ill leave now.

They are so arrogant!”

She had originally thought that Li Zeyu would try to convince her to stay, but after she said it, no one acknowledged her.

Lu Man raised her eyebrow, looking at her mockingly.

If you have the guts, you can really leave!

Ni Xue looked around again.

Li Zeyu was playing with his phone, not even looking at her.

If one wanted to act impressive, they had to have someone to cooperate with them.

Thankfully, her manager was there.

“Xiao Xue, wait for a while, wait for another ten minutes.”

Ni Xue gritted her teeth.

She finally had a way out, so she sat back down.

Lu Man looked at the time expressionlessly.

It was only after another ten minutes had passed that the assistant director was brought in with Dean He of the performing arts major.

Dean Hes expression was not good at all either.

They had originally set the meeting time at 10, and so he had arrived ten minutes earlier to wait.

And in the end, hed waited for an hour before the other party came.

When he arrived, he just simply apologized, showing not an ounce of sincerity, obviously just pacifying him.

But since hed already apologized, Dean He could not say anything else.

After all, his schools students were still entering the show.

If his students were within the school, they could protect them more, but when the students entered the production group, things would no longer be under the schools control.

If he offended the assistant director, though the assistant director would not say anything for now, when the students entered the production group, he would take revenge on the students.

From his first look at the assistant director and seeing his attitude, Dean He knew that he was not a doormat.

He was definitely not someone who was benevolent.

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