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Chapter 816: You Only Have This One Chance

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“Other than creating conflicts to my face, egging me on to fight with Lu Man, what else can you do You envy her, youre jealous of her, then you fight with her instead! You just keep looking down and talking bad about Lu Man to my face, you really think that Im so f**king stupid”

It looked like Zhang Xiaoying was really extremely frustrated.

She was so annoyed by Zhuang Tingting that she actually cursed.

Zhuang Tingtings eyes widened.

She lost all face getting scolded by Zhang Xiaoying.

Furious, she turned around and ignored her.

Lu Qi gritted her teeth.

She always wanted to watch Lu Man fall, watch her fall hard on the ground.

The worse she fell, the better.

Yet, Lu Man only climbed higher and higher.

She walked in front of Lu Man.

“Older Sister.”

Lu Man ignored her.

Minding her own business, she continued chatting with Zheng Yuan and the other two.

Zheng Yuan and the rest heard it too but pretended that they didnt.

Who would bother talking to a b*tch!

Lu Qi saw that Lu Man intentionally ignored her and became extremely embarrassed and angry.

She directly reached out and pushed her.

“Older Sister!”

This time around, Lu Man couldnt even pretend that she didnt hear her.

She lifted her head up and looked at Lu Qis face, which was like a little white flower.

“You called me”

“Older Sister, why are you ignoring me” Lu Qi asked pitifully.

Lu Man raised her eyebrows.

“Who is your older sister”

“Older Sister, how could you say that You dont intend to acknowledge Dad anymore You want to lose all connections with me” Lu Qi suddenly raised her voice up.

The chatter in the class instantly stopped.

Everyone looked over.

How could Lu Man possibly fear her little tricks “Didnt you use to always just call me Lu Man Didnt you hurt someone and still tried to frame me to go to jail as your scapegoat When my mother was seriously ill and hospitalized, didnt you get Lu Qiyuan and your mother to bring people along to the hospital so you could use my mother to threaten me into becoming your scapegoat When I first received the offer for the role in Greedy Wolf Operation, didnt you get Lu Qiyuan and your mother to go to my place and lock me and my mother inside the house so that I couldnt head to the film set while you took advantage and joined the crew, telling Director Sun that I wont be going and got you to replace me”

As she spoke about the deeds Lu Qi had done, all the old and new hatred and vengeance from this lifetime and the previous life flooded up.

Lu Man spoke reasonably and logically.

She had nothing to be afraid of and spoke louder and louder.

She directly stood up, even forcing Lu Qi to be afraid of looking at her.

The students in the class heard Lu Mans words and were shocked.

Who knew that Lu Qi was so evil and crazy!

Just from what Lu Qi and her parents did, even if Lu Man didnt acknowledge Lu Qi as her younger sister or Lu Qiyuan as her father and even called them directly by their names, no one would think that Lu Man was at fault either.

They even empathized with her a little.

They realized that if those things had happened to them, they would have gone mad long ago and even died many times.

Yet Lu Man persevered through it all and even achieved such success today.

Not only was her acting skills amazing, but even her character was admirable!

Lu Qi was shocked and furious.

She completely didnt think that Lu Man would say those words right here right now.

“Older Sister!” Lu Qi steadied her heart and mind.

“These are all things in the past.

Let bygones be bygones, alright I made mistakes in the past, but now I havent! We are a family.

Cant you even forgive these little things”

Lu Man suddenly smiled.

“Could it be that you want me to bring you to The Performer You want me to bring you along when I compete so you can be the supporting actress”

Lu Qi said uncomfortably, “Older Sister, can we speak privately”

Lu Man laughed as she asked, “Just tell me, yes or no You only have this one chance.

If you tell me the truth, I might consider it.

If you dont say it, then I will just take it that you werent thinking of it.”

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