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One student who was there in person started feeling unhappy.

“I was there live, so I know that Lu Mans performance was just that impressive.

Whether or not it really was a good performance, at least I did indeed saw it, so I have the right to speak about it.

But you havent even watched it yet and just choose not to believe it and say that she didnt act that well.

Thats too ridiculous!”

“Then show us a video! Let me see! If it really was that good, I would admit defeat on the spot!”

“They didnt allow any recording this time.” The student who watched it live had a bad expression.

The student who hadnt watched it yet smiled smugly.

“Ha! No video and your word is as good as rubbish!”

Therefore, right now in the class, there were students who were impressed by Lu Man, students who half-believed in her skills, and those who still questioned her ability.

Other than these people, there were two other people who were closely observing Lu Man.

They were Zhang Xiaoying and Lu Qi.

Zhang Xiaoying didnt expect that Lu Man could really win first place.

Ni Xue and Li Zeyu, as well as the National Drama Academys Chen Cong and Chang Yachen, were all the shoo-ins to win.

Especially those from the National Drama Academy.

That school had always been acclaimed to be filled with skilled actors, yet no one expected that they would take such an embarrassing blow.

All four people were beaten by Lu Man!

And to think that she used to believe that Ni Xue could teach Lu Man a lesson, particularly about how to be a proper human.

Yet, who knew that shed end up being schooled by Lu Man instead

Was there really no one who could stop Lu Man

Previously, she treated Lu Man as a competitor.

She felt that Lu Man was overestimating herself, dreaming of ever competing with her.

Yet, in the end, she lost to Lu Man.

The one who lost her right to compete became her instead.

When she angrily tried to chase after her, thinking of beating Lu Man to let others know that it was purely a coincidence that Lu Man won that one time, she realized that Lu Man had left her behind long ago.

Now, she couldnt even reach her no matter how hard she tried.

She was eliminated in the preliminaries of the Chinese Arts Championships, but Lu Man strode steadily and strongly straight into the finals, and she even won first place!

When she finally came to her senses, she realized that the distance between her and Lu Man had gotten wider and wider.


She couldnt even chase up to Lu Man anymore, how could she still compete with her

Zhang Xiaoying smiled bitterly.

Her heart was frustrated and heavy.

She clearly knew that she couldnt beat her, but was she resigned

Of course not!

She couldnt live with being unable to ever reach her, but this strong helplessness was the most painful feeling.

“Why is she being so smug She just got lucky this time.

Who knows if she pulled any connections for the judges to give her such a high score” Zhuang Tingting pursed her lips and mumbled strangely to herself.

“Enough! You! Shut up!” Zhang Xiaoying was already extremely annoyed, but Zhuang Tingting only poured salt over her wound.

“Lu Man indeed has nothing to be smug about, she only won the Chinese Arts Championships.

But what about you You havent won anything at all, you havent filmed any show, and youve never received any honors or awards in school.

Even your grades is stuck around the middle or lower rankings.

What are you whining about” Zhang Xiaoying said, annoyed.

“If youre so talented and looking down on Lu Man, then why dont you compete with her If you think that she cant make it, then say it to her straight in the face.

Whats the point of you whining and mumbling non-stop in front of me”

Zhuang Tingting never thought that Zhang Xiaoying would actually vent all her anger on her.

Her face flushed red in anger.

Zhang Xiaoying didnt have the ability to beat Lu Man, but why did she vent all her anger on her!

“Then youre fine with losing to her” Zhuang Tingting asked through gritted teeth.

“No, definitely not, I cant live it down.

But I did lose, Ill admit that I lost.” Zhang Xiaoyings face darkened.

“I still cant stand her, I dont like her.

As long as I have the chance, I will definitely fiercely stomp her under my feet.

Ill put my words here.

But dont think that if you behave like this, you are on par with me.”

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