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Chapter 812: Lose Control for a Moment

Though she was tired and not really conscious, in her daze, she could still clearly hear the crisp ringing of the bells.

She couldnt even make any sound anymore.

All that was left was the ringing of the bells, getting louder then softer, but never stopping.

It had gotten more and more embarrassing the more she listened.

Now, when she wanted to kick Han Zhuoli to let off some steam, her leg moved only a little and the bells around her ankle started ringing again.

It instantly reminded her of everything that happened last night.

Lu Man gritted her teeth.

She was so bashful and so angry, her entire being was so unhappy.

This sound also reminded Han Zhuoli.

While Lu Man was in a bad mood, Han Zhuoli was in a great mood.

When he heard this crisp ringing, he recalled the beautiful images of last night.

Suddenly, he felt excited again.

“Hurts!” Lu Man finally managed to croak a sound out.

She was honestly feeling too uncomfortable and didnt want to say much.

Her voice made Han Zhuoli jump in shock.

Her tender, soft, and beautiful voice had suddenly become so dry and hoarse.

It shocked Han Zhuoli awake immediately.

He couldnt sleep anymore.

“What happened Whys your voice like this”

Lu Man glared at him.

He still had the cheek to ask!

Han Zhuoli instantly understood and immediately blamed himself, then tried to redeem himself for his mistakes.

“Ill go get you some water.”

On the desk in the room, there were crystal glasses of mineral water.

Han Zhuoli brought a glass over to Lu Man and fed it to her.

His hardworking behavior of busying about her only showed that he was genuinely afraid that Lu Man would get angry.

With water to moisten it, Lu Mans throat finally felt much more comfortable.

After she drank her water, she glared pitifully at Han Zhuoli again.

Han Zhuoli scratched his nose sheepishly.

With her state now, even if he wanted to, he also couldnt bear going one more round with her.

Looking at her again, at her neck, shoulders, chest, and back, he saw that they were all filled with traces and marks left behind by him.

They were purple and red, and even in her forbidden area, there were faint teeth marks.

It was obvious how passionate theyd been.

Han Zhuoli was really too excited last night.

He hurriedly coaxed Lu Man, “I lost control of myself for a moment and caused you to get hurt.

Its all my fault.”

Han Zhuoli hurriedly hugged her and coaxed her.

Lu Man couldnt help but grind her teeth.

When it came to other matters, Han Zhuoli would definitely stay true to his word.

However, regarding this, no matter how much he reassured her, she wouldnt believe him.

Lu Man pinched his waist angrily.

“If you do this to me again next time and not stop even if I shout at you to stop, then you will sleep in the study room for a month!”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

Looking at Lu Mans face, he saw that she couldnt be any more serious.

Thinking about the bitter loneliness of having to sleep in the study room for a month, Han Zhuoli shivered.

It was secondary that he couldnt have her, but if he was not hugging her when sleeping, he wouldnt be able to get a good sleep at all.

It always felt like he was missing something, and he couldnt sleep comfortably.

Therefore, every time he went abroad for work, the quality of his sleep was always really terrible.

“I swear!” Han Zhuoli hurriedly said.

He hugged Lu Man.

He had a really good attribute of knowing how to admit his mistakes.

Lu Man saw the way he was behaving and couldnt really let out any of the anger she was feeling.

She could only grind her teeth.

However, she still felt like all of her anger had not gone away yet.

She lowered her head and bit him on the shoulder.

A bite mark immediately appeared on Han Zhuolis shoulder.

However, Han Zhuoli didnt cry out in pain at all.

Lu Man cared for him and didnt bite him really hard.

However, Lu Man thought about it again.

Hed left so many marks on her body, though!

Leaving only one bite mark on his shoulder was really letting him off too easily.

Therefore, she turned her head and bit him again, this time at the side of his neck.

Lu Man looked satisfactorily at the mark she left behind.

Even if he wore a shirt, the collar wouldnt be able to cover it completely.

Lu Man huffed twice.

Shed finally let out all of her anger.

Han Zhuoli touched the spot she bit.

He understood clearly.

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