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Now that she was with him, other than when he left overseas for work, she could meet him every single day.

Even so, she still felt like she didnt see him enough.

Every day, when she saw him, it felt like that time when she just got to know him.

With one glance, her heart would start pounding, beating so quickly that it was abnormal.

Once she saw him, she felt like she lost herself.

And right now, after so long, Lu Man still hadnt changed.

Towards others, when was she ever so honest

When other people spoke a sentence, her mind would quickly start working hard, thinking many steps ahead, trying to figure out what the other person meant.

She was careful and cautious, afraid that she would fall into any trap, and was extremely sly.

However, towards Han Zhuoli, she completely didnt have to think before she spoke.

If Han Zhuoli asked her something, she would reply immediately, not hiding anything at all.

Her mind hadnt started thinking and working, but she had already blurted out the words.

Han Zhuoli just knew that in front of him, Lu Man would become a silly and dumb little woman.

Therefore, right now, he was smiling like an old fox.

“I was thinking that since I made you exceptionally satisfied today, you could give me some reward.”

Han Zhuoli lowered his head and moved closer to Lu Mans ear.

Before he even said anything, his scalding breath fell onto her ear, making her ear turn into a bright red patch.

“To prepare for your birthday, I did have a pretty hard time,” Han Zhuoli said gently.

His low and hoarse voice tickled her ear like that, and it tickled her heart too.

Lu Man mumbled to herself.

No wonder he would say that he had a hard time.

In the past, no matter how she asked, he would say it was fine and he wasnt tired.

When she was filming, after busying with his work, he would still rush over during the night to visit her, and he would still say he wasnt tired.

Lu Mans cheeks had already started flushing red.

How could she not know what Han Zhuoli meant

Honestly, she wasnt that tired either.

She could probably still survive one round.

Lu Mans gaze fell precisely right on the pajama shirt button at Han Zhuolis chest.

He pinched Han Zhuolis fingertip.

“So how do you want me to reward you”

The lust flashed past Lu Mans eyes.

She intentionally refused to say it out loud.

“Reward you Today is my birthday, you know”

Han Zhuolis charming eyebrows curled.

“Ive already given you a birthday present, but isnt there another present here too”

Lu Man laughed secretly.

Was this man talking about himself!

Eventually, Han Zhuoli took out a box.

It was slightly bigger than the size of two hands spread out.

“You really do have a present!” Lu Mans eyes widened in her surprise.

Han Zhuoli squinted at her.

“Since when have I ever lied to you”

Lu Man tugged onto the pajamas around his waist and shook it a little.

“I wasnt suspecting you.”

“Haha,” Han Zhuoli chuckled.

Clearly, he didnt believe her words.


Mainly because you have already given me a birthday present.” Speaking of birthday presents, Lu Mans heart was still trembling even until now.

His birthday present was really too big.

Who would give someone a castle as a birthday present!

Comparatively, when she celebrated his birthday for him, she gave him only a fountain pen.

It was really too pathetic.

She even felt embarrassed just thinking about it.

This was really the first time in Lu Mans life when she experienced what it felt like to lie in her own birthday present.

“Im giving you another two presents,” Han Zhuoli said.

She had always felt that his expression was a little mysterious and hard to decipher!

“Why… why are there still two more presents” Lu Man thought that this matter wasnt as simple as it seemed.

Han Zhuoli opened the box.

She saw that there were three chains inside.

One was long while the other two were short.

The two shorter chains didnt look like bracelets.

Lu Man measured her wrist a little.

Her wrist was thin.

If those were bracelets, it would fall off if she put them on, but it was still too short to go two rounds around her wrist.

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