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Today, the results were finally out, and she instantly felt her entire being relax.

“Weve arrived” Lu Man was still in a daze.

Xiao Chen thought to himself, If Mr.

Han saw that Lu Man was this tired, he might feel so much heartache that he would just directly wave his hand and cancel the birthday surprise and let Lu Man rest first.

However, now that Han Zhuoli wasnt around, Xiao Chen said to Lu Man, “Were here.”

He got off the car first and went to open the door for Lu Man.

Lu Man had been asleep all along and didnt see it.

Now, she finally realized she was actually in front of a castle.

The tall and grand entrance stood before her.

She raised her neck up to look at it and realized that her neck was getting sore.


Xiao Chen smiled and said, “Please head in, Mr.

Han is waiting.”

Lu Man entered from the grand entrance that was open.

Inside was a huge garden, which was almost as big as a plaza.

It felt soft beneath her feet.

Unknowingly, she was already walking on a red carpet.

Lu Man followed the red carpet and finally walked to the huge door in front of the main hall.

In front of the door stood someone wearing a tailcoat who looked like a housekeeper.

He stood tall and straight and was smiling politely and warmly at Lu Man.

It was completely like a scene from a movie, where he looked like a butler working for a British aristocrat.

It made Lu Man feel like she was in a different place and time.

The butler who was wearing a black tailcoat gestured a “please” to Lu Man.

“Miss Lu Man, welcome.”

Confused and dazed, Lu Man smiled at the butler.

After she entered, right in front of her was a spiral staircase right in the middle, splitting the hall into two.

Han Zhuoli was standing right in the middle, wearing a tailored suit.

It wasnt as over-the-top as an evening suit.

It was just a suit that he would usually wear, but it was still charismatic and attractive, making her heart pound furiously.

Lu Man froze on the spot.

She didnt even know how to move forward.

Han Zhuoli saw it.

Hiding his smile and feeling resigned, he pulled her hand.

“Happy birthday, my princess.”

“You…” Lu Mans voice felt like it was stuck in her throat.

Han Zhuoli stood beside her.

The two of them were very close to each other.

Even though he wasnt hugging her, it still looked like he was already caging Lu Man in his arms.

His shadow fell across Lu Mans body, completely covering her.

It was like he had spread a pair of invisible wings, enveloping her with them tightly.

“They say that women should be treasured like a princess.

But you were born into the Lu family.

You should have been treated like a rich princess, but a certain scumbag didnt know how to treasure you,” Han Zhuoli said in a low voice.

“From now on, you are my princess.”

Lu Man looked at Han Zhuoli, not blinking at all.

She was afraid that if she blinked even just once, she would have one less second to look at him.

This man… How could this man be so perfect

Her eyes were covered by tears, foggy and hazy.

Through the thick layer of water, this handsome man stood.

Han Zhuoli couldnt stand to watch her cry, not even with tears of joy.

“Why are you crying”

Lu Man shook her head.

“If you keep doing this, Im scared that I will be spoiled to death by you,” she mumbled quietly.

Suddenly, with tears in her eyes, she smiled.

“But now that Im used to being spoiled by you, Im scared of nothing.”

Actually, she knew it herself too.

To dare to directly argue with someone, to be afraid of no one, wasnt it all because she had Han Zhuoli supporting her

“Then continue to be spoiled by me.” Han Zhuoli gently wiped away the tears clinging onto her eyelashes.

“Ill first spoil you like a princess, then Ill spoil you like a queen.”

Han Zhuoli thought about what he said, felt that it was a little weird, and broke into a smile first.

“Anyway, Im not afraid of spoiling and pampering you.

Whoever made you unhappy, just continue to fight with them.

You have me.”

The tears filling up Lu Mans eyes couldnt be held back any longer.

They all fell.

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