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“Look at whats on the watchstrap,” Sun Yiwu urged her.

Lu Man took a look.

On the strap, Lu Mans name was carved, as well as the two words, “Happy Birthday.”

Lu Man was so moved she was about to cry and hurriedly put on the watch on her left wrist.

It was like the metal watchstrap had been measured.

It was the perfect size for Lu Man.

The silver watchstrap on her fair and slender wrist appeared so clean and fresh.

“Coming, coming.” Ji Cheng and Liang Yuhan entered together with their daughter.

“Lu Man, congratulations!” Liang Yuhan came and immediately pulled Lu Man into her arms and hugged her.

“Happy birthday.”

Everyone in the lounge was extremely confused and shocked.

Not only was Sun Yiwu here, Ji Cheng even brought his entire family along!

Even Ji Chengs wife seemed to be so close to Lu Man!

Liang Yuhan released Lu Man from her arms.

The little princess of the Ji family struggled as she lifted up the cake box.

She was small and her arms were short.

She lifted the cake high up above her head, but it was only slightly higher than Lu Mans waist.

“Auntie Man Man, happy birthday!” Ji Simian said, her voice soft and sweet.

Lu Man hurriedly took the cake from her.

Ji Cheng smiled and said, “Your sister-in-law made this for you this morning.”

“Then you must have woken up so early,” Lu Man hurriedly said to Liang Yuhan.

The finals started very early in the morning.

In that case, Ji Cheng and his family would have had to leave their home early in the morning too.

Then how early would she have had to wake up to make the cake

“All this wasnt troublesome at all.

I just made a simple cake.

I didnt spend much time,” Liang Yuhan said as she smiled.

“Cut it quickly later.

Your sister-in-laws baking skills are extremely amazing,” Ji Cheng said.

“Thank you, sister-in-law.” Lu Man was so grateful she almost couldnt hold back her tears any longer.

Liang Yuhan quickly stretched her hand out and held onto Lu Mans.

“Hey, you cant cry.

Its such a joyful occasion.”

Liang Yuhan poked Ji Cheng.

“Hurry up and take out the present.”

“We didnt bring just a cake.”

Ji Cheng grinned widely as he said, “Lu Man, happy birthday.”

Lu Man received the present.

Ji Cheng sighed as he knew how difficult it had been for Lu Man to reach where she was today.

“In the future, you have to stay happy.

You have us, and you have your man too!”

“Thats right.” Ji Cheng couldnt ruffle Lu Mans hair like Sun Yiwu did.

After all, Sun Yiwu was Lu Mans senior, but at Ji Chengs age, it wasnt really appropriate.

It would be easy for someone to make a mountain out of a molehill over this.

Liang Yuhan didnt worry that much.

She hugged Lu Man.

“I know how you feel.

In the past, no one remembered your birthday.

But itll be different from now on.

You have so many of us here.”

“And us too, sister-in-law.

You cant forget about us too!” Liu Chuanhui and the others hadnt entered the room yet but their voices had already traveled in.

Liu Chuanhui walked in.

Behind him was Zhang Jians manager, Xiao Liu.

“Lu Man, happy birthday!”

“Why are you—” Lu Man couldnt believe it.

Her eyes were clouded over by a thick layer of tears.

“Your birthday is such an important occasion, how could we not come I had an event today, so I couldnt come to watch your competition.

But on my way here, I heard that you won the first place, and today was your birthday too.

Its great that these two joyful occasions happened together!”

Liu Chuanhui gave her his present.

Lu Man couldnt even hold all the presents now.

Thankfully, Hu Zhonghui and He Mengmeng were both there.

He Mengmeng found a bag from somewhere and placed all the presents inside.

Zhang Jians manager, Xiao Liu, quickly said, “Brother Zhang is filming on-site so he couldnt rush down.

But when he heard that it is your birthday today, he especially told me to bring your present over.”

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