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Another 9.5!

Everyones heart sank.

There were people in audience seats who shouted in shock, “The f*ck, Lu Man is going up the heavens!”

Huang Yilun: “9.5!”

Did these judges discuss it beforehand!

The audience was shocked.

Giving high marks was one thing, but the other three gave the same marks.

Then, they looked at Lian Fangs score: “9.6!”

So high!

Ma Xianghuan: “9.4.”

“Oh my gosh! When Teacher Ma Xianghuan was giving marks before, his maximum was 9.0, right!”

Giving a 9.4, that was a really high score!

“Lu Man deserves those marks.

Teacher Ma Xianghuan is already quite strict.

If it were me, I would have given her even higher marks.”

“Thats why youre not a judge!”

After that, they heard the emcee say, “May we invite CEO Han to show his marks”

Han Zhuolis face was calm as he showed his marks.

But the other people there were not calm.

The emcee was scared that her eyes were going blind.

She blinked and then looked again.

Ni Xue exhaled.

Why did Han Zhuoli give Lu Man such high marks!

Thinking about the time before the competition, how Han Zhuoli had walked with Lu Man backstage, Ni Xue suddenly came up with a thought that was right out of the Arabian Nights Did Lu Man and Han Zhuoli have a private relationship

But instantly, she threw away that thought.

She did not know why.

Perhaps it was that she did not want to think of that possibility inside her heart, not willing to believe that Lu Man would have a relationship with Han Zhuoli.

Then she heard the emcee say, exaggerated as she was in shock, “9.8! CEO Han gave Lu Man a score of 9.8!”

Before this, Han Zhuoli was like Ma Xianghuan.

The highest score he gave was only 9.0, and most of the other marks he gave were even lower than Ma Xianghuans.

And in the end, he gave Lu Man 9.8!

They thought about Manager Hao.

During the first round, he gave a 9.8, and during the second one, he gave a 10.

Was there something wrong with the people from the Han Corporation

All of them were giving Lu Man such high marks!

“For the National Film Academy student, Lu Man, the total score is 57.3!” the emcee said excitedly.

The full score was 60, and Lu Man was lacking just 2.7 points to get full marks!

“I saw that the teachers all gave Lu Man quite high marks, even Teacher Ma Xianghuan, who normally grades very strictly, gave a high mark of 9.4.

Compared to the marks Ma Xianghuan had been giving before, 9.4 was already considered very high.”

Compared to Sun Changfang, who purposely gave low marks and used the excuse of being strict to do so, Ma Xianghuan satisfied people with the marks he gave.

Which part was not good, which part was lacking, which part could be done better, and how to do it better, he stated it all very well.

He was different from Sun Changfang, who only knew how to say it was not good but not why it was not good.

And he was an old artist.

It was very understandable that he had strict expectations when it came to the performing arts.

“Haha, to tell you the truth, before the competition today, Comrade Xiao Huang kept praising Lu Man in front of me and Lian Fang.

He was saying that her acting skills are good, that its standards were not at all like the one someone her age should have.

Lian Fang was scared that Xiao Huang would raise her expectations too high and that it would not be fair to Lu Man.

She kept reminding me to keep a calm heart and not place too high an expectation on her.

To tell you the truth, I myself also felt that no matter how good Lu Mans acting skills were, she might not fit the high review Xiao Huang had given her.

Perhaps his expectations had been too low before, and thus, he was surprised that Lu Man actually acted quite well.

That might have led to his review of Lu Man being overly high.” Ma Xianghuan smiled and said to Lu Man, “Lu Man, my words, please dont be unhappy upon hearing them.”

“I wont.” Lu Man smiled mildly.

When they saw it, it caused people to feel that she really did not care.

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