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Chapter 790: Mr.

CEO, How Could You Look at Lu Man Like This

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“No wonder the scene had been arranged very professionally.

It was really delightful.” He Shuxin smiled and nodded.

“While it followed the script of the movie, there were very few traces of the movie.

It was more like I was watching a mature theater performance.

It was very suitable for this stage.”

Ni Xue and the others were all listening form behind and couldnt help but start feeling angry.

Lu Man invited all the best teachers from their schools performance major, so how could the scene not be good

“Lu Man, thank you for letting us watch such a satisfying performance,” He Shuxin said.

“And thank you to all the teachers.

Your performances just now were really on-point.

It was like everyone stayed within their square on the chessboard and didnt step out of place.

If someone had gone out of line, this performance would have been flawed, but none of you did, and you all had a really good grasp of your performance.”

Huang Yilun applauded for Lu Man once more.

“The previous time I worked with you, you acted as Wu Zetian.

Back then, I was already wondering, how could such a young lady of your age have such a good grasp of a female emperor Back then, I was already really shocked, but I also wondered if you would be tied down by that character.

In the end, today, you once again performed an almost-crazy Wan Rong so well.

You showed her helplessness, her hesitance.

You have captured in your bones the essence of how she mocked the puppet emperor who was being controlled and lied to by the Manchuria government.

Empress Wus self-confidence was high up in the clouds, but Wan Rong was sorrowful and trapped.

She didnt have any say in her life at all.

Her entire life was controlled, and under her frailty, she could only escape from reality.”

“Watching your performance, I couldnt even see you bringing in anything from your previous characterization of Empress Wu.

There was not a single trace.

You were exactly what you acted, and you werent tied down by the roles that youve played before.

This is something that many actors couldnt do.” Huang Yilun gave a thumbs-up to Lu Man.

“It was really impressive.

This was not only an extremely expressive and emotional performance, but it was also an especially high-class one.”

“Thats right, it was a high-class performance,” Teacher Lian Fang said.

“I was wondering what word to use to describe it.

After hearing what Xiao Huang said, I realized thathigh-class was an extremely apt word.

Not only Lu Man, but also the teachers, all of you had given us an extravagant performance!”

“It could even be considered as a textbook-level performance,” Teacher Ma Xianghuan praised.

“I was watching not only Lu Mans performance just now but also paying attention to the teachers performances.

All of you were right on-point and brought us all back to the scene of that time.

No wonder you are all teachers of the National Film Academy!”

“Alright, who wants to know what CEO Han has to say” the emcee asked.

Han Zhuoli smiled softly; his gaze that fell onto Lu Mans face was so gentle.

The emcee was standing right next to Lu Man and was also in the area where Han Zhuolis gentle look was being directed at.

Even though she only received a bit of it from the corner, she couldnt help but blush.


CEO, how could you look at Lu Man like this

She was already feeling a little uncomfortable from the corner.

What more Lu Man

The emcee looked at Lu Man hurriedly but realized that Lu Man was much calmer than she was.

It was as if Han Zhuolis look was only an illusion of the emcee.

However, in reality, Lu Man had curved her eyes slightly too and returned the same gentle look at Han Zhuoli.

“Lu Mans performance was really amazing.” He was proud of her.

“This was the best performance of the day!”

Such high praise.

That also meant that to Han Zhuoli, the previous nine performances couldnt compare to Lu Mans!

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