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Everyone was shocked.

He was actually another one whod come to see Lu Man!

And Ji Cheng did not come alone.

He had even brought his family to support Lu Man!

Lu Man had acted in two movies in total, but she had such good relations with both directors!

And by Ji Cheng bringing his family along, one can see how close he was to Lu Man without any dirty things being involved.

They were really just proper friends.

It was very different from how a lot of things were in the entertainment industry!

They saw Ji Chengs wife, Liang Yuhan, smile and say, “I dont know what I should say about this person.

During the preliminaries, he told Lu Man that he would come to watch only the finals.

That meant that Lu Man could not not enter the finals.

I said that I wanted to come to take a look at the preliminaries and cheer Lu Man on, but he refused to come, insisting on waiting for the finals.”

Ji Cheng laughed and said, “I had confidence in Lu Man.

I knew back then that she would definitely be able to enter the finals.

If she were not able to enter the finals, wouldnt that have been embarrassing”

Ji Cheng and Liang Yuhans words indicated that they were full of confidence and very much close to Liang Yuhan.

This relationship probably could not be described simply as being “good.”

Actually, Ji Cheng would be embarrassed by what he said if Lu Man did not get first!

Towards Lu Man, he was just that confident!

Ji Chengs family was invited to sit.

Because Sun Yiwu and Ji Chengs family came one after another, the principals could not help but look towards the entrance again, with the wrong feeling that there might be someone coming at any time.

Of course, this was a wrong line of thought.

After a while, the competition officially started.

The emcee followed her normal routine and came up to introduce the six judges today.

After the emcee introduced the five teachers, Ma Xianghuan, Lian Fang, Huang Yilun, Zhang Guangtao, and He Shuxin, she said, “This time, well have a slight change in our judging panel.

Besides these five teachers, the seat of the Han Corporations artist department manager, Mr.

Hao Zhonghai, would be taken over by the CEO of the Han Corporation, Mr.

Han Zhuoli!”

Hearing this introduction, the audience exploded.

The CEO of the Han Corporation was actually personally being a judge!

It seemed that he really wanted to find talents to sign on to his company in the finals.

Upon hearing the emcees words on stage, the students backstage became all worked up.

Most of them had their own management company and could not sign a contract with the Han Corporation.

Also, the Han Corporation was unlikely to help pay the breach of contract fees for them.

Even so, the Han Corporation could still sign contracts with them to film shows, movies, or dramas.

This was what the Chinese Arts Championships had promised before.

And the two students from Donghua Academy of Drama and Donghua Film Academy did not belong to a management company right now.

Hence, the fact that Han Zhuoli was sitting on the judges seat was even more important for them.

Ni Xues gaze floated towards Lu Man again.

No wonder Han Zhuoli went backstage just now.

So he was going to be a judge today.

If he was coming to see the students competing today, it was even more understandable.

The Han Corporation did not pick people based just on their acting skills.

As Manager Hao said before, they had to consider many different criteria.

In front, Han Zhuoli stood up from his judges seat and slightly bowed to let the audience see him.

At that moment, the large screen behind the emcee lit up, showing how the backstage looked.

Lu Man was currently quietly sitting on the sofa, earphones in her ear, her eyes closed as she cultivated her own emotions.

The camera did not stay on Lu Man, but even when it was filming others, Lu Mans face would still appear at an inconspicuous corner.

Han Zhuolis eyes could not contain any other.

Even if the camera was focusing on another person, he could not see them.

His gaze kept following Lu Man, who kept appearing in the corner of the screen.

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