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How could the three of them be in the mood to continue drinking tea together

They left the teahouse, expressions upset.


There was a break between the second round and the third round of the Chinese Arts Championships to let students prepare.

After 50 people were reduced into the top 10, there was no longer a drawing of lots for choosing groups.

But they would still draw lots to pick the script for the competition.

It was different from the first round, where they got the script right before the competition, and the second round, where they got the script a day before the competition.

The second day after the third round ended, the 10 students whod advanced all gathered at the National Drama Academy to draw lots for their scripts.

After theyd picked their scripts, there would be 10 days of rest and preparation time.

“In these 10 days, prepare well.

Whether its getting into the right mindset or practicing, that will depend on your own arrangements,” Manager Hao said.

“The rules of the third round are a bit different from the ones in the second round.

In the third round of competitions, as you all already know, the script is already in your hands this early, and the time given for you to prepare is even longer than that in the second round.”

“In the third round, youll also be allowed to have someone act alongside you to help you complete the scene, but this time, you yourself will have to find the actors assisting you.

Whether its your classmate or good friend in the industry, anyones fine, there are no restrictions,” Manager Hao said.

Among the 10 people whod entered the finals, there were some who were purely students, but most of them were people who had entered the entertainment industry a long time ago.

In the case of the National Film Academy and its rules, seniors like Li Zeyu and Ni Xue can feel free to accept shows and take up various activities.

Before they entered school, they had already become famous, but because of the rules of the National Film Academy, they could return to the entertainment industry and take on various jobs only when they were in year three.

Because of that, they did not lack for some good friends in the industry, and it would not be hard for them to invite them as guest actors.

Hence, the popularity of the guest actor and his or her acting skills would have a very big impact on how they do in the competition.

Everyone began to plan in their hearts.

Among the students whod entered the third round of competition, only Ni Xue, Li Zeyu, and Lu Man were from the National Film Academy.

Lu Man was different from Ni Xue and Li Zeyu.

She was still in school and had to go for lessons normally.

Ni Xue and Li Zeyu, on the other hand, did not really come to school often.

That day, Hu Zhonghui, who was Lu Mans manager, came to the National Film Academy to find Lu Man and also went to eat with her in the schools canteen.

Zheng Yuan and the other two also ate with them.

“Lu Man, about the third round of the competition, what are your plans” Zheng Yuan and the other two moved their heads together and made it seem like they were coming up with some secret plan.

“I havent thought about it yet.

The third round is different from the previous two rounds.

There was very little time for preparations during the first two rounds, and the difference in abilities between each person is not obvious.

But the third round has ten days of preparation, and after getting the script, we need to adjust some things and arrange the script, as well as find people to act alongside.

These are all very professional things, and Im not sure where to start yet.”

Lu Man looked at them and said, “Right, how about you guys act alongside me this time”

“I really admire you, you are really too generous.” Zheng Yuan held her forehead.

“This is an important competition! Everyone is scared of making small mistakes, and they practically want to prepare for the competition with all the advantages they can get.

You, on the other hand, are asking us to act alongside you.”

Han Leilei hurriedly shook her head.

“I cant act.

Im sure about my abilities.

Dont just look at how my grades are close to the top within the class, because when it comes to performing, Im still lacking.

Look at how I did not even qualify for the actual competition, much less the finals.

Acting opposite you, isnt that not helping you but instead making trouble for you I cant, I cant.”

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